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Best Healthcare App Ideas for a Successful Business Launch in 2021


The answer is YES. A top healthcare app development company can help you in resolving this issue with a few of the best mHealth applications ideas. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Healthcare App Ideas for a Successful Business Launch in 2021

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  • Do people prefer using a mobile application for
    their health-related issues?
  • The deadly wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has made
    people averse to step out of their homes and go
    to the hospitals for consulting doctors. Thats
    why they now prefer the tech-savvy way of
    approaching doctors and have become reliant on
    various mobile applications for solving their
    health-related issues. Therefore, the online
    healthcare industry has become a new investment
    opportunity for many ambitious entrepreneurs in
  • As per a report by Statistica, the global mHealth
    business has seen a fivefold growth making it a
    100 billion dollar industry in 2021. The online
    health industry in the USA held just a 6.7
    billion market share in 2012, which increased to
    21 billion in 2016 and 25.39 billion in 2017.
    However, by the end of 2020, the mHealth business
    has seen substantial growth by acquiring a market
    share of 58.8 billion as compared to 33.59
    billion in 2018.
  • Did you know?
  • In the US, the healthcare industry contributes to
    one-third of the overall GDP yet it lacks in
    providing exceptional healthcare services. This
    implies that people are spending more money than
    the quality of health services provided to them.
  • Can we resolve this issue?

  • The answer is YES. A top healthcare app
    development company can help you in resolving
    this issue with a few of the best mHealth
    applications ideas. These are as follows
  • 1. Diet Planner App with AI-based Personal
  • COVID-19 has brought a very sedentary lifestyle
    into everyones life. People now want to get back
    into shape and focus on holistic living. This can
    be achieved either by dieting or by training. As
    per Polaris Market research, the global fitness
    app market predicts growth of becoming a 14.7
    billion industry by 2026. Through your app, you
    can build a platform where people can track
    personal diet plans, research various available
    diet plans, and talk to dietitians. This app can
    also have an added feature of AI-based training,
    which will help users save money on buying
    expensive gym memberships. In addition, they can
    hire a personal trainer through the app and can
    achieve their fitness goals.
  • 2. Medical Record App with On-Demand Expert Help
  • This app will be a journal where users can keep a
    record of their personal medical history. This
    record-keeping will allow the patients to compile
    their previous and ongoing treatments, doctors
    prescriptions, medical tests, and other
    health-related details like blood group,
    allergies, diabetes, blood pressure, etc., in one
    place. This app can be very beneficial in
    emergencies as the doctor can quickly go through
    the patients records and start appropriate
    treatment without wasting time. You can also add
    a separate section of on-demand assistance where
    people can virtually connect with a healthcare
    specialist as per their profile, rating, and

  • 3. Medicine Reminder App with Personal Health
    Goals and Water Intake
  • This application can remind the users to take
    medicines, especially for senior citizens, as it
    gets hard for them to track the multiple drugs
    prescribed to them. You can help them set
    medicine reminders with the app, monitor pill
    intake, and particular medicine dosage. This app
    can also have water intake reminders, track
    personal health goals, and schedule doctor
    appointments as additional features. The best
    healthcare app development company in Austin can
    help you develop a medicine reminder app to serve
    your audience.
  • 4. Mental Health App with Guided Meditation
  • The hectic and deskbound lifestyle due to the
    lockdown has made people face many mental health
    issues like lack of sleep, depression, anxiety,
    stress, PTSD, fear, isolation, and more. Every
    year 16 million individuals in the USA suffer
    from mental health issues that are increasing
    every day. Hence, you can create a mobile
    application for those who are suffering from such
    psychological illness. Apart from professional
    consultations, your app can also have features
    that can track a persons mood and mental state
    and offer benefits like guided meditation, music
    therapy, mindfulness coach, anxiety healer,
    mood-boosting, and more.

  • 5. Medicine Delivery App with Medicine Price
  • After the COVID-19 widespread, the demand for
    online pharmacy apps has increased manifold.
    Through this application, people can order
    over-the-counter and prescribed medicines. This
    app will also benefit the users by providing them
    with medicine-related information like usage,
    side effects, and dosage, etc. To prevent any
    misuse of the drugs, you can also add the upload
    prescription tab as some medicines cant be sold
    without a doctors prescription. Your app can
    also have a feature for price comparison as the
    cost of a particular drug may differ from brand
    to brand. This attribute will help the users to
    compare the prices and order the medicine with
    the lowest value.
  • Conclusion
  • Here comes an end to the best healthcare apps
    ideas of 2021 however, there is no end to
    creativity and conceptualizing. The second wave
    of COVID-19 has raised a huge demand for mHealth
    applications. So now, its the time for you to
    make the most of this opportunity and earn huge
    profits. If you are searching for top mobile app
    developers in Austin who can add multiple
    features and functionalities to your healthcare
    app, look for a leading healthcare app
    development company. This article will help you
    select the best app development company that can
    handle sensitive medical data and ensure its
    safety throughout the process.
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