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How robotic is changing joint replacement surgery!


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Title: How robotic is changing joint replacement surgery!

Head of Department Apollo Institute of
Orthopaedics, Apollo Hospitals, Indore M.S
Orthopedics, Specialization Joint Replacement
How robotic is changing joint replacement surgery!
Robotics and artificial intelligence was a thing
of the sci-fi movies which seemed to be
futuristic impossible in our lifetime. Today it
is a reality, with robots and artificial
intelligence making their way up to the operation
tables of complicated and delicate surgeries. The
thing of the future is a reality today, robotics
have started assisting doctors at operation
procedures with improving precision and accuracy.
Robotics in surgery has now become the in-thing,
with it being tested and approved by medics all
over the globe. 
Dr. Sunil Rajan, the leading Orthopaedic surgeon
in Central India, is of the view that robotics
will bring about an overwhelming impact on the
way surgeries are done, from now on. He also said
that robotics will prove to be a highly
successful aid in the field of surgery by giving
higher success rates, faster rehabilitation and
better performance in delicate procedures with
Joint Replacements will see faster development
with the incorporation of Robotics into the
surgery methodology. Robotics is all ready to be
introduced as the newest arsenal for hospitals,
in surgery. The apprehension of the patients in
being operated on by robots is quite exaggerated
and baseless. The fact is that Robotics-aided
surgeries are not dependent on Robots for
surgery. They are just tools with better
precision and accurate maneuverability that aids
delicate and complicated surgeries. All the
procedures are still controlled by the surgeon
and robotics only cuts down on the human error
Robotic Joint Replacement is a recent
technological advancement in the field of
orthopedic. This surgery is conducted by the
surgeon with assistance from the robotic system
to improve the implant positioning and
soft-tissue balance. This improvement is achieved
by enhanced preoperative planning by computer and
a detailed 3-Dimensional intraoperative data
collection about the patient anatomy. The data
collected is then used during the operation for
better postoperative alignment, balance and
restoration of the part with the combined
deftness of the surgeon and accuracy of the
Advantages of this enhanced surgery technique are
seen in the high success rate of the surgery and
accurate surgical procedures. The system controls
and minimizes errors by restricting bone saw to
be moved in an inappropriate position. The
robotic arm operated by the surgeon allows
accurate bone preparation through hepatic
control. The burr is also computer-controlled to
prepare the bone surface and automatically cuts
burring if it moves into areas not predetermined
by the surgeon and does not need to be removed.
All these controls and predetermined functions of
the system minimizes the error factor drastically
and helps in improving precise and accurate
surgery of the joint.
Robotic guided knee replacements have shown a
considerable decrease in postoperative pain,
analgesic requirement and hospital stay compared
to conventional knee replacement.
As compared to conventional methods of joint
replacement robotic guided surgery has proved to
be better at implant positioning in hip
replacement surgeries. These advanced methods of
surgery also have shown lesser unwanted soft
tissue injury. This has emphatically brought
better surgical experience pre, post and during
surgeries in comparison to conventional methods.
Hip and knee replacement surgeries have shown
tremendous improvement in recent days with the
introduction of robotics-guided surgery. 
Dr. Sunil Rajan, the top joint replacement
surgeon, is of the view that this will also
eventually cut down on the cost factor in the
long run for the patients. Every reduced positive
factor like a decreased analgesic requirement,
lesser rehabilitation period, shorter
hospitalization, fewer scans and high success
rates of surgeries will eventually cut down the
cost burden on patients. 

Dr. Sunil Rajan has always been a foresighted,
proactive and savvy surgeon in terms of bringing
in new technology to the aid of his patients for
a better medical experience for them. This
Robotic guided joint replacement surgery has been
introduced into Central India for the first time
by the foresightedness of Dr. Sunil Rajan. He
wants the best for his patients and nothing less.
Technologies and advancements will only improve
our quality of life. Think positive and think
progressive. Trust your doctor.
For any knee-related discomfort or pain it is
very important to consult a Doctor for knee pain
in Indore like Dr. Sunil Rajan, the best Knee
specialist in Indore. Dr. Sunil Ranjan is not
only an expert in Knee pain but also an
established Orthopaedic surgeon in Indore. Book
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more informatoin.
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