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A Look at Rapid Antigen Testing for Detecting COVID-19


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Title: A Look at Rapid Antigen Testing for Detecting COVID-19

A Look at Rapid Antigen Testing for Detecting
How it Works
The rapid antigen test is similar to the
molecular (RT-PCR) test because it is diagnostic
and determines if one has an active coronavirus
infection, but it differs in its mechanism of
While the faster processing time is a great
advantage, there are still some disadvantages to
antigen testing. A big drawback is its
sensitivity or rate of detecting coronavirus
infections correctly. A typical PCR test can
detect a single molecule of RNA in a microlitre
of solution Antigen tests need a sample to
contain thousands to tens of thousands of virus
particles per microlitre to produce a positive
result. These disadvantages mean that those with
lower amounts of the virus in their bodies may go
undetected, or that inadequate specimen
collection may also result in false negatives.
Basically, the test could say that someone
doesnt have the virus when they actually do have
The Private Sector
In the private sector, many organizations are
working to protect their employees across a wide
array of public responses. Rapid antigen testing
could prove to be the most cost-effective and
impactful solution available for this group if
used appropriately. Antigen testing is one of the
many tools available. The gold standard for high
sensitivity and accurate results is still PCR
testing. This is why PCR testing is still common
even though antigen testing is more
cost-effective and timely.
Ongoing Debate
Despite the rapid antigen tests comparatively
lower sensitivity, some have argued that it may
be advantageous in the context of a global
pandemic. Researchers have found that the viral
load peaks early in COVID-19 infections and then
gradually declines, with only tiny amounts of the
virus remaining in someones nose or throat. And
although there is not enough data to equate
different viral levels with how infectious people
are, there is evidence that individuals are
unlikely to spread the virus about eight to ten
days after showing symptoms. So this type of
test could detect the virus early in the cycle,
potentially when people are the most likely to
spread the disease. From an epidemiological
standpoint, antigen testing could be a good tool.
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