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Uncovering 7 React JS Development Ideas For High Performing App


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Title: Uncovering 7 React JS Development Ideas For High Performing App

7 Ultimate React JS Development Ideas For High
Performing App Write Excellent Code In Less Time!
  • React an effective solution for web developers
    has led large companies like PayPal, Netflix and
    Apple to use it as their JS framework.
    Surprisingly, there are more than 30,000 websites
    built with the React JS framework.
  • If you have chosen React JS development for your
    next web project and are looking for a better
    solution using it, you have come to the right

1. Use React DevTools
  • If you use React, you should consider React Dev
    Tools. the tool exists for major platforms such
    as Chrome and Firefox.
  • In addition, the tool brings other benefits to
    developers, such as.
  • Allowing you to perform real-time checks on a
    component's hooks, state, and props.
  • Analyze which component implementation is
  • Debugging becomes easier and less stressful.

2. Use Error Boundaries
  • As a developer, it may happen that you have
    problems rendering a component. But you can't
    avoid this situation because it can cause an
    error in the application. Such errors usually
    affect the component and leave a blank HTML page.
    Moreover, they can confuse you about the exact

3. Use React Typescript
  • The combination of ReactTypescript becomes a
    more powerful combination for developers when
    coding applications. It brings great benefits to
    the React ecosystem
  • Faster development of applications
  • Robust interface
  • Multiple declaration files

4. Use Jest Enzyme For Testing
  • With the combination of Jest and Enzyme,
    developers can improve their development testing
    for a particular application. Moreover, it is an
    excellent combination of two different testing
    tools, so we can imagine how well it will work
    for you.
  • This is an amazing React JS development concept
    that the company is leaning towards incorporating
    into the testing process. Developers have the
    opportunity to find bugs faster, leading to
    faster bug-free applications.

5. Use Code Splitting
  • There is something called code splitting that is
    popular among web developers who use React. It's
    a technique that helps them improve the
    performance of their applications.
  • For example, when you build a React app, it takes
    all your React code and puts it into a JavaScript
    file called a JS bundle.

6. Use React Hooks In Functional
  • With the introduction of Hooks in React v16.8,
    functional programming has become more advanced
    in React development. Here, instead of using
    class components, you should try to use
    functional components.

7. Use Higher-Order Components
  • The higher-order components in React are
    somewhere inspired by the concept of higher-order
    functions in JavaScript.
  • You can use it to reduce the complexity and
    redundancy of your code.
  • It will help you reduce the complexity of the
    structure of your project.
  • Instead of writing a piece of code everywhere,
    you can use reusable logic within your project.

Wrapping Up
  • With React JS development, handling routing,
    managing application state, speeding up the
    development process becomes better, and most
    importantly, there is a larger community to
    decide and fix bugs.
  • So, developers have the best chance to make
    applications that work better.

  • Thank you

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