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How to install a membrane switch in 6 steps?


This simple guide will explain to both the engineers and other people to install the membrane switch without damaging the switch with the unit. Visit our website for more details: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to install a membrane switch in 6 steps?

How to install a membrane switch in 6 steps?
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  • Melrose Systems
  • What is a membrane switch?
  • A membrane switch is a common component of
    applications used across many sectors, from
    consumer electronics and industrial environments
    to medical and military applications.
  • Installing a membrane switch correctly is
    critical to make the most out of your investment.
  • In this presentation, we go over every single
    installation step to ensure that your engineers
    dont accidentally damage the switch while
    installing it in your unit.
Step 1
  • Carefully cut remove 1/8 of the adhesive
    layers you can find this layer at the bottom
    side of the membrane switch.
Step 2
  • Pass the flex cable through the tail exit slot
    position it on the back support recess. You may
    find the tail exit slot by turning the switch
    over. Adhere your switch to the units surface
    with the exposed adhesive.
Step 3
  • Position the membrane switch at 30 peel the
    rest of the adhesive liner. Make sure to keep the
    setup exactly as in step 2.
Step 4
  • Laminate the switch from the side, where you've
    removed the adhesive liner. For best results, it
    is recommended to use a soft roller by applying
    slight pressure while rolling it on the top
    surface of the switch.
Step 5
  • Gradually, lower the angle of the membrane switch
    while rolling on its surface. Continue this step
    until the lamination is completed.
Important Note (Step 5)
  1. At this point, don't bend the circuit or the
  2. Make sure that you keep a minimal angle in front
    of your roller, which will help to complete the
    lamination by avoiding the air bubbles from
    forming in between the switch layers.
Step 6
  • Lamination is over and can bend the circuit
    carefully without damaging the switch. However,
    you need to be careful while doing so. Make sure
    the metal domes aren't inverted or else it will
    no longer be functional.
  • If it is in place, dont lift or reposition the
    membrane switch. By doing that, you might invert
    the domes/buttons and render them nonfunctional.
Important Note (Step 6)
  1. Avoid creasing the cable when positioning the
    flex tail to create the final electrical
  2. This might change the resistance or in the
    worst-case scenario, break the electrical contact
Final Thoughts
  • That's it, membrane switch installation is
    completed in just 6 steps. Make sure, the
    membrane switch is supreme quality quality
    matters, kid! Search around both offline and
    online to find the best membrane switch
    manufacturers and suppliers.
  • If you need extra assistance or clarification
    regarding any of the above instructions, comment
    below, if available, or contact the experts.
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