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How to Choose the Right Toys for Your Cat


Learn about the different types of cat toys available and how to choose ones your dog will enjoy. Call us now @ 404-783-0848. For more information visit @ – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Choose the Right Toys for Your Cat

How to Choose the Right Toys for Your Cat
Use this list as a guide to choosing the best
toys for your dog.
  • A dog's toy preference depends on her personal
    style of playing and chewing. Try a few different
    types of toys for your dog and learn how she
    likes to play and chew.
  • If you seem to end up with too many toys, try
    putting several of them away for a while, then
    reintroduce them in the future. Months later,
    your dog will think they are brand new.
  • It's important to remember that all toys can pose
    a risk if your dog swallows parts of them (or the
    whole toy). In addition, sharp or frayed edges
    can cause injuries to your dog. Play should be
    supervised, especially with aggressive chewers.
    No matter how durable a toy seems, there is still
    a possibility that pieces can be chewed off and
    swallowed. Damaged toys should be discarded.

  • Make Your Pets Happy
  • We provide beds, beddings, toys, clothes,
    exercise products, and other things for your
    favorite pets and pet lovers to enjoy.

toys and treats for cats
  • Lets start with the first set of slides

Wooden Cat Whack Toy
  • Or wooden cat whack effectively excites natural
    instincts and curiosity.
  • A good toy helps a cat maintain its good body
    shape and health. Plus, it also helps to hone
    hunting skills by sharpening mental alertness in
    pets. That's enough reason to add this toy to the
    cart check out.
  • Don't have a cat?
  • Get this as a gift for all the cat lovers in your

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Intelligent Escaping Toy
  • Keep your pet engaged in a fun activity with this
    awesome toy!
  • When it comes to playing, it isn't just about fun
    and games. For pets that love exploring, the act
    of play is a serious business as it helps them
    learn important survival skills and it provides
    them the necessary exercise to stay healthy.
  • With our intelligent escaping toy, you no longer
    have to worry about your pet getting the proper
    exercise ever again. This toy simulates the
    catch-me-if-you-can gameplay to stimulate your
    pet's attention. It comes with unpredictable and
    random movements as well as a remote control
    option for you to join in and play with your pet.

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Pet Massager
  • Thinking of booking a spa/massage session?
    Imagine your fur-buddies thinking the same thing!
    But instead of going to a spa, you can easily
    treat them to a special massage using our pet
  • This pet massager has the following key features
  • Deep Scalp Massage - The scalp head massager
    comes with 76 pcs, 3D deep-kneading nodes. It can
    fully massage your fur buddy's head to help
    increase blood circulation, boost hair growth,
    release stress and relieve sore, etc.
  • High Quality - The electric head massager nodes
    made of high-quality silicone, soft and
    comfortable. It will not hurt your pet's head. It
    is detachable and easy to clean.
  • 3. Electric Massager- Built in 850mAH lithium
    battery, quickly recharge by power bank or

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Pet Drinking Water Dispenser
  • The continuous water circulation ensures fresh
    and oxygen-rich water quality like those found in
    a natural spring.
  • Spare your pets from the burden of tilting their
    head way low just to rehydrate themselves. Unlike
    conventional drinking pet bowls, our LED drinking
    water fountain is designed to a height that is
    comfortably within your cat or even your small
    dogs reach. It features 360-degree
    multi-directional streams that come out of a
    pretty flower spout which attracts your pets to
    drink more water. The fountains wide tray and
    2.4-liter water volume capacity allows for
    unlimited water breaks and even sharing with
    multiple pets. At night, your pets can still
    easily spot the drinking water fountain with its
    integrated blue LED light. Make your pets
    drinking habit even more enjoyable with varying
    water flow modes gentle water (without the
    flower spout), free-fall stream, and bubbling

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Food and Water Bowl
  • This orange unique cat love bowl is perfect for
    feeding or providing your canine fresh water. It
    features fish and love cut out alongside the
    outer edges, providing a small touch of style.
    With the bright color, your cat will love it.
  • Features
  • Specifically designed for cats and kittens
  • Bright and colorful
  • With an attractive, stylish, fish and heart
    cut-out design
  • Anti-slip feature, ensuring the bowl stays in
    place during feeding and watering
  • Perfect for filling with both food and water
  • Suitable for any home
  • Tough and durable design
  • Made with non-toxic, premium materials for
    lasting use

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  • As anyone who has ever been around a cat for any
    length of time well knows, cats have enormous
    patience with the limitations of the humankind.
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