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Quality Bean Bag Chair


The search for a quality bean bag chair. Shopping For The Right Bean Bag Chair. Behind the bean bag chair. What Makes A Bean Bag Chair? The size of a bean bag chair What is inside a bean bag chair? Considerations for Finding a Quality Bean Bag Chair. What to consider when finding a quality bean bag chair Can Bean Bag Chairs be used in Office Settings? Can You Use Bean Bag Chairs in the Office? Why Use Bean Bag Chairs in the Office? Where Can You Use Bean Bag Chairs? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Quality Bean Bag Chair

Quality Bean Bag Chair
  • Looking for a comfortable chair for sitting while
    lounging at home? How about a chair that is both
    comfortable and safe for children to lounge
    around? If the popular bean bag chair comes to
    mind, the trendy seating option is certainly
    adored for that reason and more. Today, people
    who are interested in purchasing a bean bag chair
    have plenty of options to browse in department
    stores and even online. But how is it possible to
    search for a quality bean bag chair? The
    searching process is actually easier than some
    might expect.

Table of Contents
  • The search for a quality bean bag chair
  • Shopping For The Right Bean Bag Chair
  • Behind the bean bag chair
  • What Makes A Bean Bag Chair?
  • The size of a bean bag chair
  • What is inside a bean bag chair?
  • Considerations for Finding a Quality Bean Bag
  • What to consider when finding a quality bean bag
  • Can Bean Bag Chairs be used in Office Settings?
  • Can You Use Bean Bag Chairs in the Office?
  • Why Use Bean Bag Chairs in the Office?
  • Where Can You Use Bean Bag Chairs?

The Search for a Quality Bean Bag Chair
  • It is easy to say that finding a bean bag chair
    is simple. Some people, however, might be
    intimidated by the process. To start, how does
    one even begin to find a quality bean bag chair?
    The process simply starts by identifying what
    exactly makes a quality bean bag chair.
  • The make
  • What is the overall make of a bean bag chair? It
    is simply a combination of what the bean bag
    chair is made of, in addition to the quality of
    the materials used to create the soft and squishy
    seat. For example, inexpensive bean bag chairs
    tend to be easy to acquire at department stores
    and even online. However, pricier bean bag chairs
    cost more, but they stand up to anything
    including roughhousing children and teens.

  • The materials
  • Bean bag chairs last a long time if they are made
    from high quality and resilient materials.
    Fortunately, a number of bean bag chair
    manufacturers recognize this and always ensure
    their products meet the standards of their
    consumers. For example, modern bean bag chair
    manufacturers generally use strong and
    high-quality fabrics that last a long time. These
    resilient fabrics are also highly resistant to
    stains, which is important for preserving the
    longevity of many bean bag chairs.
  • Washable or not?
  • One of the important things about casual seating
    like bean bag chairs is whether the seat is easy
    to clean. The special thing about modern bean bag
    chairs is the fact that they can be hand washed.
    Some bean bag chairs have covers that can be
    removed and hand washed. Others have outer
    layers made from washable and waterproof material
    like vinyl, which can get wiped down after dirt
    and other stains accumulate.

  • The filling
  • What goes inside a bean bag chair is another
    factor that prospective buyers should consider.
    The filling of a bean bag chair determines how
    soft and squishy the bag is to the touch.
    However, prospective buyers should keep the
    filling of a bean bag chair in mind when buying
    for a few reasons. For example, bean bag filling
    made from polystyrene beads or other plastic
    beads are more suited for teens and adults.
    Parents who want to buy bean bag chairs for
    younger children should consider those with wood
    shavings or other recyclable fillings.
  • The comfort
  • If possible, prospective buyers of bean bag
    chairs should always go and test out the product
    in person. After all, it is important that the
    materials and make of the bean bag chair
    ultimately feel comfortable to whoever sits

Shopping For The Right Bean Bag Chair
  • Bean bag chairs are popular for a good reason.
    They are comfortable, versatile, and they are a
    great seating option for people of all ages. Bean
    bag chairs work as seating options in situations
    where someone just wants a different kind of
    seating option for their home. They also make
    great alternative seating for outdoor settings,
    such as on a patio or a large front porch. Many
    types of bean bag chairs can even be used as
    seating for pets, especially if a pet owner wants
    a more comfortable and affordable bedding option
    for their loved one. Bean bag chairs have a
    unique history of creation and use throughout the
    ages. Why not learn about the bean bag chair
    before heading out to buy one?

Behind the bean bag chair
  • No one knows the exact origin of the bean bag
    chair. Even though the bean bag chair has many
    known uses, the origin of this type of
    comfortable seating is not exactly clear. Some
    believe bean bag chairs first came to life just
    decades ago. Others, however, believe there is
    enough evidence behind the history of bean bag
    chairs dating to hundreds of years in the past.
  • The earliest known appearance of bean bag chairs
    dates back to thousands of years ago when bean
    bags were mostly small and made of leather. These
    tiny bean bags were often filled with pebbles or
    dried beans. Most ancient people used these bean
    bags in recreational activities, such as
    juggling. Native Americans notably used bean bags
    in recreational games. Made from a combination of
    dried beans and cured pig bladders, the Native
    Americans played a game known as an early version
    of a bean bag toss. Bean bags were also used as
    training dummies in ancient training programs,
    such as those in Ancient China.

  • The bean bag found life in many practical uses
    for many years. However, the use of bean bag
    chairs came to life just decades ago. The first
    bean bag chair is known to have been invented by
    the end of the 1960s the Sacco. Three Italian
    designers (Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini, and
    Franco Teodoro) were commissioned by Zanotta
    Design to create the chair. The resulting design
    became a staple in the Italian modernism
  • By the 1970s, the bean bag chair traveled to
    other parts of the world as they grew popular. A
    large number of manufacturers began producing the
    seat from many different materials. The modern
    bean bag chair is said to have come into
    prominence during this era since many
    manufacturers began using materials like
    polystyrene beads and resilient outer materials
    like furniture grade fabrics to construct the
    familiar shape of the chair.

  • Today, the bean bag chair is experiencing a
    resurgence in popularity. This affordable seating
    option is now completely safe for both children
    and pets to use as a comfortable place to rest.
    Prospective buyers can find all sorts of bean bag
    chairs available in different styles, shapes, and
    colors for their homes. Why not start your search
    for a comfortable and affordable set of bean bag
    chairs today?

What Makes A Bean Bag Chair?
  • The bean bag chair is far more diverse than some
    people might expect. This casual seating option
    comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. For
    example, most people associate bean bag chairs
    with the common adult size bean bag, but there
    are far larger options on the market today. Sofa
    bed bean bag seats, as well as couch size bean
    bags, are some of the diverse options that
    prospective buyers of bean bag chairs have to
  • Bean bag chairs are also not just for indoor
    anymore, too. A number of bean bag chairs are
    made with resilient materials that allow the seat
    to be taken anywhere outdoors. A number of
    materials used to create bean bag chairs also
    help the seat last for years even if kept
    indoors. Some of these materials include cotton,
    real leather, synthetic leather, corduroy, and
    real or faux fur.

The size of a bean bag chair
  • Once a bean bag chair is filled with bean
    filling, the dimensions of the chair changes.
    Instead of being a flat object, it becomes a
    three-dimensional object that can sit in whatever
    place a person desires. For this reason, it is
    important for prospective buyers of bean bag
    chairs to know how they plan to situate bean bag
    chairs on their premises. To find that out, it
    is important for buyers of bean bag chairs to
    learn more about the size of this seating option.
  • Today, bean bag chairs come in a variety of
    different sizes. The size of a bean bag chair
    depends on what it may be used for, such as if
    the seat will be used for kids or adults.

  • Some common bean bag chair sizes include
  • 36 cm wide/14 in wide. These bean bag chairs are
    small enough to seat smaller children or their
    toys. Due to their size, they can easily be
    stored away inside a closet when not in use.
  • 60 cm wide/23 in wide. Another small type of bean
    bag chair, these comfortable seats are also
    suited for smaller children like toddlers. They
    are also big enough to seat small pets like cats.
    Some people even use these bean bag chairs as
    footrests. The bean bag chairs are also easy to
    store away when not in use.
  • 80 cm wide/32 in wide. These bean bag chairs are
    medium sized and better suited for children and
    pets. They are also a good size to keep in
    smaller housing situations like condos and
  • 96 cm to 120 cm/38 in to 48 in wide. This size
    range of bean bag chairs is best for teenagers
    and adults, as well as larger pets like dogs. The
    largest measure as wide as 120 cm/48 inches, so
    they are best suited for prospective buyers of
    bean bag chairs with enough space in their home,
    condo, or apartment.

What is inside a bean bag chair?
  • A bean bag chair is actually filled with more
    than just beans. The most common filling inside
    bean bag chairs is polystyrene beans or other
    types of plastic based beans. In some cases, bean
    bag chairs hold two or more layers of polystyrene
    beans inside an inner liner or bag, which helps
    reinforce the strength of the design elements of
    the bean bag chair. Some bean bag chairs have a
    removable inner liner, while most have one or
    several inner liners that are prefilled and
    stitched to the outer material. A removable inner
    liner for a bean bag chair allows people to
    actually add or take out as much filling as they

Considerations for Finding a Quality Bean Bag
  • Some of the most comfortable casual seating
    options for the home is the bean bag chair.
    Although associated with children and teenagers,
    bean bag chairs are also considered comfortable
    seating options for adults. The relatively
    inexpensive nature of bean bag chairs also makes
    this seating option a favorite of people who want
    a cheaper alternative to buying a couch. Before
    buying a bean bag chair, it is important to learn
    more about what types of bean bag chairs might be
    on the market today. Researching the many bean
    bag chair options on the market is a key part of
    the shopping process.

  • The ease of cleaning
  • Fortunately, prospective buyers have plenty of
    choices on the market if they desire to buy a
    bean bag chair that is easy to clean. Like other
    types of seating, bean bag chairs can be wiped
    down when they get dirty. Others have removable
    covers that can get cleaned separately if they
    accumulate lots of grime and dirt. Some removable
    bean bag chair covers are machine washable,
    meaning they can be put into a washing machine
    for thorough cleaning.
  • The future location
  • Where will the bean bag chair go? Anyone who
    plans to buy a bean bag chair should answer this
    question before placing their order. Bean bag
    chairs have a lot of uses and they can be placed
    wherever a prospective buyer may want. The size
    of a bean bag chair should fit with its eventual
    location, allowing the seat to comfortably reside
    in the area without taking up too much space.

  • The cost and hardiness
  • The cost of a bean bag chair does relate to the
    quality and overall hardiness of the product. In
    other words, prospective buyers should expect to
    pay a little more to get a higher quality bean
    bag chair that will last a long time. Well made,
    quality bean bag chairs typically cost as little
    as 50 per chair. The absolute best bean bag
    chairs cost as much as 200 or more. When
    spending a little more on a bean bag chair,
    prospective buyers can expect a seat that will
    withstand the wear and tear that bean bag chairs
    often undergo. Many people typically use bean bag
    chairs as casual seating, which often sees the
    chairs undergoing regular use every week.
    Depending on what a prospective buyer may want
    out of their bean bag chairs, it is just as
    important for them to research what is available
    to figure out their budget for bean bag chairs.

What to consider when finding a quality bean bag
  • Whether planning to purchase a bean bag chair
    online or inside a store, it is important for a
    prospective buyer to know what they might want
    out of a bean bag chair. A bean bag chair
    purchase is more than a typical furniture
    purchase. Due to the nature of this type of
    seating, prospective buyers should learn what
    they might want out of a bean bag chair before
    buying. For example, bean bag chairs require
    enough space to house the seat inside a home, so
    a buyer should not get a bean bag chair larger
    than they need.
  • Some of the things that a prospective buyer
    should know before they buy include where they
    will place the chair, the size of the chair, the
    cost, and if the chair will last for a long time.

Can Bean Bag Chairs be used in Office Settings?
  • Gone are the days when offices were strictly
    professional environments with overly formal
    décor and somber atmospheres. Today, both offices
    are taking on a more informal look by
    incorporating fun colors, open layouts, and
    furniture that you would normally not find in
    such a space. One of the items that are quickly
    gaining popularity in the office setting today is
    the bean bag chair.
  • Bean bag chairs have long been associated with
    residential homes. However, more and more
    business owners are embracing them in their
    workspaces today.

Can You Use Bean Bag Chairs in the Office?
  • The answer is yes! Bean bag chairs are ideal
    pieces of furniture for the office. As
    aforementioned, offices today are taking on a
    more contemporary look as compared to the
    traditional design and setting. Business owners
    are looking to create an appealing environment
    that boosts the morale of workers and interests
    clients. These needs can be met by including
    comfy furniture in the space.
  • Bean bag chairs come in numerous styles and
    designs, and this increases their versatility.
    You wont lack a style that would be well suited
    for your office space. Whats more, they come in
    an array of colors which can complement or blend
    seamlessly with the existing office décor. They
    are practical options for any professional
    setting and can make space feel livelier.

Why Use Bean Bag Chairs in the Office?
  • You may wonder Why would someone go to the
    trouble of investing in bean bag chairs for the
    office? Why not get the conventional chairs?
  • Bean bag chairs have numerous perks for the
    office, including
  • The chairs are extremely comfortable and
    relaxing. Individuals who spend hours on the
    computer can benefit from bean bag chairs that
    offer high back support. These can prevent back
    and shoulder tension after long hours of sitting.
  • Bean bag chairs spruce up the reception. Ditching
    the traditional office chairs for bean bag chairs
    at the reception area or lobby is an excellent
    way of sprucing up the room. You can be sure that
    your visitors will be comfortable as they wait to
    be served.

  • The chairs encourage conversation. Adding these
    chairs to your conference or meeting room is an
    excellent way to encourage meaningful
    conversation. The relaxing and informal feel
    encourages employees to open up, and they may
    just come up with excellent ideas for your
  • Every office needs a bean bag chair. If not for
    the above reasons, the chair allows employees to
    relax after a long day at work. One can also
    chill on the chair over the lunch hour and
    re-energize for the remaining part of the day

Where Can You Use Bean Bag Chairs?
  • You can use a bean bag chair anywhere in the
    office, including the conference or meeting room
    and the lobby. Since they come in various
    designs, you can choose a style that resonates
    with the room that you want it in. For example, a
    bean bag that youd sit on to work on your
    computer during the day would not be the same
    kind you need for the meeting room.
  • Final Thoughts
  • Offices are quickly transforming to take on a fun
    and visually appealing look, and there is no
    better way to achieve this than by adding bean
    bag chairs. These chairs are no longer restricted
    to homesthey have made their way into
    professional settings as well. Research the
    various styles available so that you can find one
    thats best suited for your office.
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