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Strategies Used in Wafer Front End Process


The wafer front end semiconductors offer great compatibility for high-temperature applications. When it comes to taking care of the transparent substrate through beams, the semiconductor wafer front end-effectors help in achieving a lot in all sorts of needs. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Strategies Used in Wafer Front End Process

Strategies Used in Wafer Front End Process

  • The wafer handling automation is not a new field
    it is known for many years, but several years
    ago, only the manual strategies were used to
    increase the performance of the semiconductors.
    Due to the latest technologies and new
    innovations, the leading manufacturer of wafer
    handling robots, Kensington Labs, has shown
    considerable interest in providing the customized
    services of automated and unique products such as
    SCARA Robots, pre-aligners, precision control
    motion stages, ADOs.

Semiconductor Front End
  • There are 300mm edge grips in the semiconductor
    front end system and the beam technology to
    eliminate dust particles and contamination from
    the machine. They are also called as the single
    integrated circuits that take charge of the
    robots wrist installation and also manage the
    wafer placement.

Benefits of Using Taiko-style Wafer Front
  • The Taiko process boosts the machines strength
    due to the present hole formation and
    distribution of bumps. 
  • It comes with a complete integrated structure and
    a simple shape to eliminate the inside
  • There is no edge chipping ensured by the
    Taiko-made semiconductor front end systems.

Techniques of Wafer Front End Robotics
  • There are several types of robotics available
    from the manufacturer, like single wafer robots
    and Multi-Link SCARA wafer Robot. A business
    needs to select the robotic model because work
    processes change as per the size and the kind of
    systems used. 
  • In the next step, the selected wafer front end is
    coupled with the chemical and mechanical forces
    for clearing the machines dust elements. 
  • It is crucial to select the quality-made robot
    end-effectors as some products hold the critical
    risks of electric current leakage. It needs to be
    purchased accurately so that you get the desired
    services. The wafer front-end-of-line, which is
    capable of performing the box isolation
    technique, is considered as one of the stunning
  • In order to maintain the flow of current, gate
    modules and the drain are used to complete the
    first portion of IC fabrication.

What is Wafer Cassette Mapping?
  • The process of transferring and storing the
    semiconductor wafers in the cassette is
    called wafer cassette mapping. Wafer cassette is
    also called a wafer carrier as it gives the
    maximum protection to wafer against the dust,
    gaseous elements, nanoparticles, etc. 

What are the Different Kinds of Wafer Cassettes
  • The 6" and 8" wafer carriers are widely
    available, but they may vary as per the location
    and brand that one finalizes.

  • It is not easy to find a wafer front
    end manufacturing as there is a wide range of
    robotics that are present online that look
    different in appearance but offer similar
    functionalities. You can choose one of the finest
    in the race- Kensington Labs.

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