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Online Training - Learn Robotics - Project Based Courses for Kids - Brainy Toys


Robotics is an exciting and fastest growing field of technology as are now in the robotic age. Brainy Toys have been teaching robotics and electronics to kids, children and engineering college students since last 9 years and have trained many thousands children. Select your favorite topic and start online training according to your project of IoT project, animal bot project, wireless project, electronics project, robotics project, embedded project, python project, arduino project, science project, programming project, scratch project, electro dough project. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Online Training - Learn Robotics - Project Based Courses for Kids - Brainy Toys

  • Robotic Training Center
Online Training
  • Robotics is an exciting and fastest growing field
    of technology as are now in the robotic age.
    Therefore, it is very much essential that the new
    generation should have the knowledge of robotics,
    so that they are familiar with its applications.
     Now, we are launching online training of
    robotics and basic electronics for kids and
    children besides engineering college students. We
    have developed many curriculums and a child can
    learn gradually one by one. Since it is difficult
    for children to travel long distances to go to
    robotic training centers, we offer to provide
    complete training online through skype and video
    conferencing. Once a child chooses a particular
    course and places the order, he will get the
    complete DIY kit at home, along with complete
    study material and building instructions through
    courier. After that, the child can choose the
    time slot for online training. We are have a team
    of qualified robotic engineers, who will provide
    complete training step by step, so that the child
    can easily assemble his robot. The child can ask
    as many questions from our trainer to build his
    robot and increase his knowledge. Each child will
    be provided a course completion certificate for
    his/her record.

IoT Project
  • Are you looking for purchasing the most demanding
    exciting Internet of Things Projects in India,
    then Brainy Toys site is the best place to buy
    iOT projects online in India. Buy iOT Projects
    Online here, Select your iOT project start
    building learning instantly. Kits will be
    shipped all over India in 24 hours. Build amazing
    iOT projects using our online tutorials grow
    your kids while having fun with the latest iOT
    technology in India. Brainy Toys website provides
    Indias top online iOT projects here Start off
    your iOT career by purchasing Internet of Things
    projects for kids, students engineering
    students here at affordable prices with these
    cool advanced IoT project ideas to test kids
    adults strength weakness, then browse from here
    advance iOT project ideas like Bluetooth cars,
    Fire Alarms, 12 Electronics Projects (Level 5),
    Sound Based Activated Robots, Pathfinder robots,
    Firefighter Robots, Thief Detector Robots, Smoke
    Detector Robots, DIY iOT Based projects, etc.

Animal BotProject
  • Whether you are a kid or a school student, Does
    not matter, learning is most important nowadays.
    Have you ever thought of building an animal bot
    for your school or yourself but think that it's
    too difficult to build one. Buy Kids friendly
    Animal Projects Online in India here at best
    price Select your Animal bot project from the
    listed animal bot start building learning
    instantly using our simple online tutorials.
    Animal bot Kits will be shipped all over India in
    24 hours. BrainyToys, Indias best platform where
    you can buy animal projects online for your
    children, Build interesting Animal projects using
    our simple easy to understand online tutorials
    by our experts grow your kids knowledge without
    any limitation while having fun with the latest
    robotic technology in India.

Wireless Project
  • Best wireless based mini projects for engineering
    students, find buy here. Its never so easy to
    learn online about Robotics through practical
    projects online while doing online courses. Our
    Online Learning Portal gives you access to
    numerous tutorials and quizzes required to build
    your projects. Advanced Technology Wireless
    projects online courses in Wireless technology
    from top universities and industry leaders for
    kids students engineering college students in
    India. BrainyToys wireless communication projects
    are exclusively built designed for kids
    interested in Wireless technology engineering
    students who want to grow themselves in the
    wireless communication project research
    development in India. Wireless Autonomous
    Projects online Wireless Courses where you will
    learn how fully autonomous and intelligent
    machines can minimize human liability and extend
    automation to fields.

Electronics Project
  • At Brainy Toys, We have many School College
    based Electronic communication online courses
    with kits available, according to your
    electronics project requirements. Upon enrollment
    of your online courses, BrainyToys basic
    electronics learning Project Kits will be
    dispatched to you within 24 hours. Use these kits
    along with the online course to learn and
    complete the project based course. While
    completing the course, your project will also be
    completed easily sidealong. Electronics projects
    include Robotic online training for basic
    learning(to start with scratch), mini projects
    for electrical engineering students, projects
    in electronics technology, mini projects for ece
    students, simple electronics projects, mini
    projects for eee ece college students, eee
    projects, various mini to major electronics
    projects ranging from simple to high level for
    classes to college level projects in Electronics.

Robotics Project
  • Brainy Toys is the best online learning portal
    for you to checkout Enrol today Start
    Learning along with Team or alone. Buy robotics
    projects robotic engineering projects and kits
    online in India here. Most Demanding
    interesting Robotic Projects for kids, Science
    Students Engineering Students like Aqua racer
    bot with one motor, Baseball Batterprojects, RF
    controlled robot, Robotic Floor Cleaner, Football
    playing robots, Robotic Kickers, Lifting Robots,
    Warm Robots,, wired arm robots and much more.
    Find here for buying projects like Robotics
    Engineering Projects, Robotics Projects online,
    Educational Robots along with specific Robotic

Embedded Project
  • Find here for purchase Embedded final year
    projects, Embedded design projects, Embedded
    product design projects, Embedded Electronics
    Projects, final year engineering embedded
    projects along with kits. Find all types of
    Embedded Projects mini major projects with
    online courses. Embedded online courses with kits
    for students engineering students like Joystick
    Project, Line follower projects, light sensor
    projects, Obstacle censored projects, etc.
    BrainyToys is the best online learning site in
    India for you to checkout our various technology
    based online courses on embedded projects. Enrol
    today Start Learning along with Team or alone.
    We always believe learning is more important as
    well as to enjoy what you are doing.

Python Project
  • A complete python online tutorials for all types
    of students ranging from low to high level of
    understanding of python language projects along
    with kits available to be shipped as soon as you
    enrol in your python online tutorials. Best in
    quality highly competitive python projects
    available here for engineering students or
    students who want to grow themselves in python
    technology by getting exposure in python
    practical projects while learning online
    tutorials as well. Are you looking for a python
    project online for your kid? Then get it done
    quickly by enrolling them in the python online
    tutorials in BrainyToys website.The python kits
    provided along with the python online tutorials
    are very easy to install and can be made into a
    software Kit.

Arduino Project
  • Buy Make basic Arduino projects online in India
    from the comfort of your home, along with arduino
    kits online in India here. Most Demanding
    interesting Arduino Projects for students,
    Science Students Engineering Students like
    Joystick Project, Line follower projects, light
    sensor projects, Obstacle avoiding projects and
    much more. We know how students are very creative
    always willing to learn new things, would be
    happy to show off to their friends as well by
    learning new skills, so by making them learn
    Arduino online tutorials along with kits will
    give them an amazing exposure along with fun.
    Start your online learning experience for free at
    BrainyToys by signing up and trying our first few
    chapters for free of cost for your comfort and
    then you can purchase the online Arduino
    tutorials easily at an affordable cost! Pay only
    when you like it.

Science Project
  • Buy Science Projects online here Build Amazing
    Science Projects. Check out Brainy Toys listings
    in Science Projects for Engineering Students
    online and buy science online tutorials along
    with kits as per your science project
    requirements. Want to buy the latest Science
    projects online tutorials then explore from our
    science projects list which consists of Balancing
    Science Projects, DC Motor Projects, Light
    reflection Science Projects, Levitating Pencil
    online tutorials, Sound Projects with online
    tutorials, Satellite tutorials, Periscope
    tutorials, etc.BrainyToys offer high quality
    Science Projects. There are a lot of amazing
    exciting Science Projects available for students.
    Start your online learning experience for free at
    BrainyToys by signing up and try our first few
    chapters for free of cost for the comfort of your

Programing Project
  • BrainyToys have top trending Programming
    projects for all types of Ages. Getting bored
    from the lockdown time, Gift your children the
    most advanced robotic technology based
    programming projects for all ages. BrainyToys
    website provides Indias trending online Science
    robotic Programming projects with online
    tutorials to build projects at your own along
    with buildable kits, kits will be shipped within
    24 hours from the time of enrolment of your
    online project. Find latest trending
    Programming Projects for your kids, students,
    college students, final year students, etc to
    grow their mental ability as well while studying
    to gain practical knowledge is always profitable.

Scratch Project
  • BrainyToys is India's largest online toy store
    for kids schools. They have a variety of
    Projects which can be built from scratch and are
    very helpful for online training from experts.
    Online Certificate Courses from scratch for
    schools teachers, to build yourself in this
    robotic world, Try for Free, Learn yourself
    online and gain technology driven development
    skills through video lectures one to one with
    experts, working hands on-projects, build skills
    build career, Earn Certificate. Browse from our
    Online Courses today earn a Certificate and
    build your career. Discover a wide range of
    highly demanding popular learning content
    courses designed to help grow your kids or jump
    start their career early.

Dough Project
  • Brainy Toys is India's largest online project
    store for kids, students schools who are
    looking for electricity based projects. Electro
    Dough Projects which can be built from scratch
    and are very helpful with online training from
    experts. An immersive world of conductive dough
    where your kids children students will learn
    how to build electrical circuits while building
    circuits online with the help of online tutorials
    easily. Online Electrical Projects with online
    tutorial from scratch for schools, students,
    engineering students teachers, to build
    yourself in this advanced technology world.
    Experience here a new level of exciting
    Electrical projects start building today
    learn new skills using our online tutorials.

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