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Supercharge intelligence usage in your organization by personalizing competitive intelligence with an AI-enabled MCI platform


A piece of information can be actionable or not depending on the receiver of that information. Organization-wide intelligence, that is a one-size fit all, is usually just information, not intelligence. Here, we’ll discuss the best practices for personalizing competitive intelligence for different teams and individuals using an AI-enabled market intelligence platform. Using case studies, we’ll discuss the mapping of taxonomies with individual use-cases, personalizing intelligence outputs, incorporating feedback, user analytics, and more. Key Takeaways: 1. More than 50% of competitive intelligence professionals are unable to leverage the updates shared with them. 2. In the absence of a personalized market intelligence system, whether this information is actionable or not, is left to chance. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Supercharge intelligence usage in your organization by personalizing competitive intelligence with an AI-enabled MCI platform

Supercharge Intelligence Usage in Your
  • Mohit Bhakuni
  • Founder and CEO Contify

Disclaimer The information in this session is
based on more than 185 implementations of an
AI-enabled MCI platform (Contify) in B2B
organisations across industries and geographies
for secondary monitoring.
Corporations spend a fortune studying aspects of
employees behaviour, organizational learning,
assessing performance, but spend almost nothing
trying to understand and overcome obstacles for
using intelligence inside the organization. This
is not another HR job.
The Right Way to Use Competitive
IntelligenceHarvard Business Review Benjamin
Gilad and Magnus Hoppe
More Than Half of MCI Users do Not Actively
Consume Competitive Intelligence
ProcessMarket and Competitive Intelligence
The MCI process ends at the distribution.
Adoptionis missing. Adoption is usually an
after thought.
Reasons for Low Intelligence Usage
  • Competitive Intelligence is a Decision Support
  • Different functions and teams need to take
    different kinds of decisions, therefore, need
    different kind of intelligence.
  • What business outcomes they are trying to
    achieve. What are their primary challenges in
    achieving those outcomes?

Adoption Framework Jobs-to-be-Done (JTD)
  • People buy products and services to get a job
  • People dont want to buy a quarter-inch drill.
    They want a quarter-inch hole!

ExpectedMCI Users
Leadership/ Corp Strategy
  • Jobs-to-be-Done
  • Taxonomy Key elements
  • High level strategic updates
  • New launches, Market entry, Whats changing in
    market and competitive landscape
  • High/ Mid-level strategic impact
  • Leadership changes
  • Business partnerships
  • Fundraising
  • Negative News
  • Organized by business segments
  • By Products, Services, Geography
  • Must include Why is it important?

  • News, PR Agencies, Earning Calls, Regulatory
    Changes, Analyst Reports

  • Monthly/ Quarterly Updates
  • Weekly Intelligence Newsletter
  • Instant Alerts

SampleLeadership Intelligence Newsletter
Executive summary with strategic impact
What happened and why is it important
  • Jobs-to-be-Done
  • Taxonomy Key elements
  • How to position the product, services, and the
  • How competitors are communicating to the
    customers, analysts, etc.
  • Website changes
  • Positioning, Pricing, FAQs, Customer Support,
  • Thought leadership
  • New offerings
  • Events participation/ Sponsorship
  • Reviews
  • Sentiment

  • Company website, News, PR agencies, Social media,
    Review forums, Analyst reports

  • Monthly Reports
  • Daily Intelligence Newsletter

SampleInsights for Marketing Teams
Competitors Thought Leadership Analysis
Change in Product Positioning
  • Jobs-to-be-Done
  • Taxonomy Key elements
  • How to get new customers. Up-sell and cross-sell
    to existing customers.
  • Sales triggers, battle cards, account
  • Sales triggers (business specific)
  • Cost cutting, industrial accidents, etc.
  • Management changes
  • Fundraising
  • Business expansion
  • Business partnerships
  • Negative news
  • Organized by territory/ segments
  • By Products, Services, Geography

  • News, PR agencies, Social media, job postings,

  • Daily/ Weekly intelligence newsletter
  • Instant alerts

SampleInsights for Sales Teams
Actionable Intelligence
  • Jobs-to-be-Done
  • Taxonomy Key elements
  • Monitor all kinds of supplier risks financial
    health, management stability, etc.
  • Threats to the supply chain
  • Negative News
  • Financial Business performance
  • Management changes
  • Business Partnerships
  • Organized by business segments
  • By Products, Services, Geography
  • Supply chain disruptions
  • Natural catastrophe or man-made disasters,
    terrorism, political stability, etc.

  • Registrar of companies, Company websites, News,
    PR agencies, Regulatory websites, Credit rating
    agencies, Analyst report

  • Monthly/ Quarterly Updates
  • Weekly intelligence newsletter

ChallengesPersonalizing Intelligence
  • Dynamic Competitive Environment
  • Business environment is changing fast with urgent
    and conflicting priorities
  • New launches, market entry, sales transaction,
    marketing execution, etc.
  • Information Overload
  • Too much information available to sift through
  • Limited time and resources for MCI teams
  • Lack of Trust
  • Difficult to get feedback from the users
  • Users dont have skin in the game

Best PracticesDynamic Competitive Environment
  • Take time to understand the users priorities
  • What are expected business outcomes?
  • Challenges in achieving them?
  • Whats not important?
  • Set realistic expectations
  • Help users to understand the MCI products
  • How to get the most out of them
  • Flexible system that can be easily re-configured
    to adapt to the changing business environment
  • Taxonomy changes to reflect priority changes
    (KITs, KIQs)
  • Custom reporting templates according the teams,
    individuals, or use-cases

Best PracticesInformation Overload
  • Automation AI-based technology
  • Automated aggregation of information
  • Automated information processing (remove
    irrelevant and duplicate articles)
  • Structuring (tagging) of information based on
  • Automated reports based on custom taxonomy and
    predefined templates
  • Hybrid system with analyst workflows
  • Curate intelligence based on subjective context
    of business
  • Surface relevant insights why it matters?
  • Identify hidden patterns and connect the dots

Best PracticesLack of Trust
  • Collaboration/ Comments
  • Users trust views and comments from their
  • Increase user engagement. Get the skin in the game
  • Feedback
  • It should be extremely easy for users to give the
  • Incorporate the feedback and communicate how it
  • Usage Analytics
  • Analyze the right metrics to gain insight into
    your users preferences.
  • Critical for personalizing the MCI output
  • White-labelled platform
  • White-labelled platform that is configured and
    personalized with your brands logo and custom

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Case-study74 Improvement in Newsletter
  • Client A global firm that provides sales and
    marketing consulting, outsourcing, technology and
    software companies
  • Challenge Decreasing engagement of intelligence
    newsletters that were going out to its clients
  • Contify Solutions
  • Granular level of analytics helped in identify
    the disconnect
  • Detailed subscriber level analytics kind of
    stories, themes, companies, business segment they
  • Based on the analytics, personalized newsletters
    with different companies and themes were sent to
    individual subscribers
  • Sourcing of information was updated, and the
    design of newsletter was also changed.

  • Please contact Mohit Bhakuni at
    for more information.
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