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Why Sun Protection is Important in Winter


We all must protect ourselves from the sun's harmful rays because it can cause many skin problems. Although the sun is sometimes less visible in winter, it is still present. Sun protection is therefore always in order if you step outside! Sunscreen gel SPF 50 is the best option to protect our skin from harmful rays. Read This PPT to Know More – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Why Sun Protection is Important in Winter

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The impacts of the sun in winter Although the
presence of the sun usually enchants us, everyone
knows that exposure to it can have negative
impacts. Indeed, the sun emits so-called
ultraviolet (UV) rays, the two most famous types
of which are UVA and UVB. While UVB rays are
responsible for the classic sunburn, UVA rays are
more responsible for the immediate tan obtained
during sun exposure. Both are involved in the
premature ageing of the skin.  Also, it has been
shown that sun exposure can lead to various more
serious health problems, including the
development of skin cancer. Fortunately, adequate
sun protection helps minimize the risks
associated with sun rays.
Winter is no exception Contrary to what one might
think, the sun rays are no less dangerous during
winter. Up to 80 of the sun rays are reflected
off the snow. Your skin is therefore exposed not
only to rays coming from the sky but in addition
to those reflected by the ground. This is also
true on cloudy days since a large part of UV rays
pass through clouds. On the other hand, people
who practice winter sports in the mountains also
increase their exposure to UV rays. Indeed, the
higher you go, the greater the exposure. 300
meters above sea level, exposure to UV rays
increases by 4 to 5. Finally, the winter cold
tends to camouflage the sensation of heat that
the sun causes skin, thus preventing us from
feeling the burning effect it produces. We then
have the impression of being protected, when it
is not
The basis of protection the use of sunscreen
gel Fortunately, there are some simple ways to
protect yourself from the effects of the sun, in
winter and summer. Whatever the season, the first
step is to get good sunscreen. This should
ideally have the following characteristics SPF
- sun protection factor must be at least SPF
50 Be broad-spectrum, that is to say, protect
against both UVA and UVB rays take into account
the specific characteristics of your skin (eg dry
skin vs. oily skin) Contain safe and effective
ingredients. For more information on the optimal
choice of sunscreen, refer to the text "What to
look for in a gel based sunscreen?". When it
comes to choosing an over the counter product
from a wide range, such as sunscreen gel, it can
be difficult to navigate
The benefit of Sunscreen Gel Avoiding
sunburn Limiting the risk of cancer Delay Aging
of the Skin Moisturize your skin Enhance your
figure Applying Ease of application Smell
Good Instant protective effect
Which is the best Sunscreen Gel for Oily
Skin? There are many brands and many sunscreen
gel for oily skin, but which is the best for use.
According to ingredients that they contain,
according to price, and most important according
to the protection that a sunscreen offers here is
Derma Essentia's Sunscreen Gel for oily skin that
gives the best protection for oily skin by giving
a fresh and non-oily look in your face.
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