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Why Sunscreen Gel is Important in Winters (1)


Its time where our skin gets dry, rough and tanned. Although the sun is less to visible in winter, it is still present. Therefore, sun protection with Best Sunscreen Gel for Oily Skin remains important if you go outdoors. So Take care of your skin by protecting it from the sun’s harmful effects by Dema Essentia's Best Sunscreen Gel and get one for yourself on  – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Why Sunscreen Gel is Important in Winters (1)

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Its winter time in India and as we all its time
where our skin gets dry, rough and tanned.
Although the sun is less to visible in winter, it
is still present. UVA and UVB can easily permeate
through clouds easily and that can harm our
skin.  You all will agree that you can never
miss a chance to get a warm sensation of sun rays
in clod withers. Therefore, sun protection
with best Sunscreen Gel for Oily Skin remains
important if you go outdoors.
Sun Rays Impact on Our Skin without Sunscreen
Gel Although the suns presence usually delights
us, everyone knows that exposure to the sun can
have negative impacts. In fact, the sun releases
ultraviolet (UV) rays, UVA and UVB rays being the
most well-known. While UVB rays are responsible
for the classic sunburn, UVA rays are mostly
responsible for the appearance of a suntan during
sun exposure. Both contribute to the premature
aging of the sensitive skin.  Moreover, it has
been shown that sun exposure can lead to various
serious health problems, including the
development of skin cancers. Fortunately,
adequate sun protection reduces the risks
associated with UV rays.
Must important, in Winter is No Exception In
fact, up to 80 of UV rays are reflected on the
snow. Therefore, your skin is not only exposed to
the UV rays which emanate from the sky, but also
to those reflected on the ground. This is also
true during cloudy days since a large portion of
UV rays get through the clouds. Moreover,
individuals who practice mountain sports in
winter increase their exposure to UV rays. In
fact, the higher the altitude, the greater the
exposure to UV rays. It is estimated that for
every 300 meters above sea level, exposure to UV
rays increases by 4 to 5. Finally, the winter
cold tends to mask the feeling of warmth by the
sun on the skin, preventing us from feeling the
burning effect that it produces. Thus, we have to
protect our skin especially in winters for all
kinds of skin type with oil free Sunscreen Gel
for Oily Skin or Sunscreen Gel for dry skin. The
impression that we are protected from the sun,
when in fact, we are not.
Basis of Protection Fortunately, there are
simple, and many ways of protecting ourselves
from the suns effects in winter as in summer.
Whatever the season, the first step is to have an
adequate sunscreen. Ideally, sunscreen should
have the following characteristics 1) Have a
sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 50
with Sunscreen SPF 50 Gel 2) Your Sunscreen
Gel must have a broad spectrum, in other words,
protect against both UVA and UVB rays with PA
with Triple plus/PA (SPF 50 PA) 3) Take into
account the personal characteristics of your skin
type (i.e. Best Sunscreen Gel for Oily
Skin or Sunscreen Gel for dry skin) 4) Best
Sunscreen Gel must contain best, safe and
effective ingredients For additional information
about how to choose the Best Sunscreen Gel for
Oily Skin, you can check out our other article by
clicking here.  (Broad spectrum, fast-absorbing,
and nutrient-rich. The densest of the lot, and
thus the Sunscreen Gel.)
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