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FAQ: Why PPE Kits (Personal Protective Equipment) is Essential for Employees?


Now it's our responsibility to take care of ourselves and our workers with proper accessories like PPE Kits and sanitizer. Because PPE Kit can stop the direct contact between people and stop the risk of getting infected with the virus. Read this PPT to know more – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: FAQ: Why PPE Kits (Personal Protective Equipment) is Essential for Employees?

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Purpose of Wearing PPE Kits The objective of
wearing PPE Kits is to prevent injuries and
damage to health. The introduction of PPE
Kits into a company must always be preceded by an
assessment of the possibilities of preventing
risks through substitute measures or measures of
a technical or organizational nature. Check the
eligibility of Personal Protective
Equipment Employees must have Personal Protective
Equipment if they are working in a populated
place, the use of which can be reasonably
required.  It is essential to take into
consideration the health problems and physical
handicaps that some of them may present. People
with heart or lung problems, for example, may not
be able to perform certain jobs that require
respiratory protection.  Protective glasses and
full respiratory masks with optical correction
are essential in case of vision problems a
deformity of the feet requires orthopedic
protective shoes, etc.
Must wear if it is needed In some
situations, PPE Kits should be preferred. In an
emergency, PPE Kits are often the only way to
protect those present, eg. If a fault occurs
leading to a leak of dangerous substances within
an installation and it is not possible to take
the necessary technical measures in good time. In
other cases, the wearing of Personal Protective
Equipment is even required by law.  construction
work on buildings or bridges until the completion
of the shell work carried out near cranes,
earthmoving machinery, or special machines used
in civil engineering digging of excavations and
wells and earthworks work in quarries underground
work mining work deconstruction or demolition
work construction work in wood or metal work in
and out of pipes Personal Protective Equipment is
also essential in the event of rare or occasional
Constraints related to PPE PPE such as gloves or
protective suits against heat is likely to
inconvenience their users or greatly alter their
perception. The center of gravity can, for
example, change when wearing a respiratory
protection device, while unfavorable conditions
such as heat can increase the arduousness of the
work. Set up the affected workstations taking
these factors into account. It may be necessary
to modify the configuration of the workstations
or to reduce the duration of the interventions.
Also, assess the possibilities of leakage or
evacuation available to wearers of PPE Kits.
Make sure adjustments are possible PPE Kits must
be adapted to the morphology of the users. It is
therefore important that the right sizes are
available and that the equipment can be properly
adjusted. Take into account the personal wishes
of employees as much as possible, in particular
about clothing as well as protective equipment
for the eyes, hearing, feet, and respiratory
tract. If possible, do not use Personal
Protective Equipment that must be used by more
than one person, as this must then be adjusted
before each use. This option is also not
recommended for hygiene reasons.
Embrace the new normal and stay safe
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