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Use Personal Protective Equipment


Personal Protective Equipment’s became a stable gear for the world in an effort to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic. PPE can be classified as Eye and face protection, Hand protection, Body protection, Respiratory protection and Hearing protection. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Use Personal Protective Equipment

Use Personal Protective Equipment in Right Way
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  • Personal Protective Equipment's (PPEs) are
    protective gears designed to safe guard the
    health of workers by minimizing the exposure to
    a biological agent.
  • PPE can be classified into categories
  • Eye and face protection
  • Hand protection
  • Body protection
  • Respiratory protection
  • Hearing protection.
Eye and Face Protection
  • Eye protection is achieved by wearing eyewear
    specifically designed to reduce the risk of
    exposure to dangerous viruses.
  • Safety eye glasses Face shields are required to
    protect eye.
  • Full face protection is achieved by wearing face
Hand Protection
  • Appropriate selection of gloves is essential to
    protecting hands.
  • Gloves degrade over time, so they should be
    replaced as necessary to ensure adequate
  • Gloves can be categories as Light latex, vinyl or
    nitrile gloves, Natural rubber latex, Light to
    heavy chemical resistant gloves, Insulated gloves
    and Wire mesh gloves.
Body Protection
  • Cotton-polyester blend protects skin and clothing
    from dirt, inks, non-hazardous chemicals,
    biological, radiation and physical hazards.
  • Barrier coats must be worn when working with
    infectious materials. Barrier coats can be
    autoclaved by placing the coats in a pan and
    placing an additional pan of water in the
Respiratory Protection
  • Respiratory protective equipment is only used as
    a last line of defense, Proper fitting and use
    is key to respirator efficacy.
  • Protection against large droplets and splashes is
    easy with
  • Surgical masks
  • FFP2/N95 respirators
  • FFP3/N99 respirators
PPE for COVID-19
  • PPE does reduce rates of disease transmission and
    protects you from getting infected.
  • It is essential that medical staff understand the
    purpose of PPE and its role as part of a system
    to reduce disease transmission from patients to
    staff and other patients.
  • It is equally important that staff use it
    appropriately to preserve what may be limited
    stocks to ensure there is sufficient supply for
    necessary use throughout the epidemic surge.
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