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Parenting tips on surviving COVID-19


Nalanda School gives you some parenting tips on how parents should keep themselves and their children positive during COVID-19. Help children stay positive! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Parenting tips on surviving COVID-19

Parenting tips on surviving COVID-19
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The coronavirus outbreak has created a lot of
anxiety and distress for all of us, including
parents and children. With schools and workplaces
shut down, we all are dealing with a new
stressful situation. Parents are having a hard
time juggling between household chores, remote
working, and handling their childs virtual
school schedules. This strain may seem
unrelenting but try to stay calm and find ways to
combat this issue as one family. Its time you
strengthen your parenting skills and strive hard
to keep your children safe and secure. Parenting
during this pandemic may be challenging but focus
on managing your childs behaviour and building
resilience. Disclaimer for parents Dont burn
yourself out while trying to maintain physical
and mental balance. Anyway, you are doing a
fantastic job! We have jotted down some
parenting tips to help you and your family
sustain the crisis.
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1. Communicate to address your childs fears The
good thing about the pandemic is that you have
had enough time with your family. Talk to your
children and try to understand whats going
inside them. Unlike you, your children are also
going through a rough patch. Theyre all
confused, frustrated and stressed. Speak with
them about the current situation or ask them to
sit with you and watch the news. Educate them
about hygiene habits, social distancing
practices, etc. and reassure them that youre
there for them no matter what!
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  • Parenting should also include the following
  • Talk to them every day
  • Answer them honestly
  • Understand your childs feeling
  • Stay in touch
  • Show some more love
  • Empathise with them
  • Allow them to set their own norms
  • Meditate to encourage mindfulness

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  • 2. Self care is a priority not a luxury
  • Take time to do what makes your soul happy!
  • This one is for all the busy parents who are
    struggling hard to manage the entire family. Make
    sure you maintain your bedtime routines and other
    routines as you help your family in doing the
  • The simple fact is that you wouldn't be able to
    support your family unless you're fine both
    physically and emotionally.
  • Structure your schedule
  • Maintain your health
  • Indulge in old hobbies

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  • 3. Inculcate positive discipline
  • Younger children may not know how to describe
    their feelings. You need to monitor their
    behaviour and work carefully. Your children are
    more likely to release their stress, anxiety and
    fear through disobedience or mischievousness.
  • It isnt a very pleasant situation for them to
    miss school and friends all of a sudden.
    Considering all this, you need to be a bit more
    patient and calmer.
  • Never use physical punishment
  • Divert bad behaviour
  • Let their creative juices flow
  • Reward them frequently
  • Use time outs
  • Spend quality time

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No-one can be a super parent, so dont push
yourself beyond your limits. Your goal should be
to inherit good parenting practices to be known
as a great parent. Also remember one thing
Perfect parenting is a myth. Just follow your
heart and give the best you can. Youre a human
being, and its fine if you make mistakes. Just
stay resilient and continue being the most
fantastic parent you already are! The thumb rule
is to enjoy and give your best in fulfilling your
parenting roles. Take care and stay
positive! Are you looking for a school that
focuses on holistic development and developing
skills of your child? Nalanda International
School (NIS) is the right choice and one of the
good schools in Vadodara
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