What if Australian Student Visa application is rejected? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What if Australian Student Visa application is rejected?


What if Australian Student Visa application is rejected? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What if Australian Student Visa application is rejected?


What if Australian Student Visa
application is rejected?

Factors that can affect Student Visa Australia -
Accepted or Rejected?
  • To study in Australia obviously you need to get
    the Student visa Australia and we will see what
    all factors can affect your visa processing and
    the reason for VISA REJECTION.
  • Regarding Visa rejection, if we can avoid these
    mistakes definitely your visa will be accepted
    and you will be able to study in Australia.

Exact Information
  • While filing the application all the details that
    you are providing should be true.
  • Convince them you are financially well to afford
    all the expenses.
  • If you are taking a loan , you have to mention
    that as well.
  • Also how we are going to pay back the loan.
  • A detailed report has to be submitted regarding
  • Any false information is provided then the visa
    rejection possibility is very high.

Visa History
  • If your visa was rejected you can re-apply for
    the same.
  • Mention if you are reapplying for the student
    visa also the reason why you got rejected early.
  • In most cases when you apply for the second time,
    the chances are more that you are accepted.
  • The key to visa approval is providing all the
    information correctly and don't dare to lie to
    check your luck.

What if your Student visa Australia is rejected?
  • Understand the cause of rejection
  • Overcome the problem
  • Apply Visa on Time

Understand the cause of rejection
  • Check and find the cause of your visa rejection.
    Common list of reasons is mentioned below
  • False documents (Incorrect information submission
    for visa processing)
  • Not enough English fluency
  • Financial support documents not provided
  • Not able to convince the visa officers during the
    interview the necessity of returning to India
    after studies etc.

Overcome the problem
  • To get your visa approved during the second
    submission, make sure you avoid all the mistakes
    you did last time.
  • Make the necessary changes to avoid the visa
    rejection again.
  • Usually during the second approach the visa gets
    approved. But make sure you do the needful.

Apply Visa on Time
  • Early applicants have more chances to get
  • You can apply almost 120 days prior to the
  • And you can enter the country 90 days prior to
    the start of the course.
  • During the last minute, lots of applications pile
    up and obviously the chance of getting rejected
    is high.

Best Australian Immigration Agency
  • In order to take proper measures to avoid your
    visa rejection, consider contacting ,with the
    best Australian immigration agency and seek their
    advice to file the Student Visa Australia.

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