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How To Optimize Cloudways For A Faster WordPress Website?


On the web, where growing competition is the new talking point, no doubt why people are coming up with powerful strategies to attract visitors. You may be knowing one or two ways to draw in more eyes to your site, still there are many that people are unknown about. Out of all tactics you know to grab the attention of users, it’s the loading speed of your website that’s most impactful. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Optimize Cloudways For A Faster WordPress Website?

How To Optimize Cloudways For A Faster WordPress
On the web, where growing competition is the new
talking point, no doubt why people are coming up
with powerful strategies to attract visitors. You
may be knowing one or two ways to draw in more
eyes to your site, still there are many that
people are unknown about. Out of all tactics you
know to grab the attention of users, its the
loading speed of your website thats most
No matter what you have done to reduce the
loading time of your site, if youve implemented
it correctly you will start receiving high
traffic real soon. An easy way most webmasters
are familiar with to speed up WordPress websites
is reducing the files size of media content. They
optimize images, videos, and other sort of
content that makes the site heavier. This results
in quick loading of the site, so garners the
attention of a lot of users. Now, lets be frank
here - did you know that web hosts also affect
your website speed? Actually, it does, if you
dont rely on the reliable ones and never check
how it performs. In this blog, well have a
discussion about one of the premium web hosts on
the online market - Cloudways. After you finish
reading the article you will come to know how to
optimize Cloudways to make your WordPress
website run faster. But before you enter the
heart of content, I would like to let you know
about an industry-leading web design company in
Los Angeles - SFWP E xperts. Under the brand
name, it offers a wide array of IT and marketing
services that sounds like WordPress web design,
web development, SEO, PPC, and online promotion.
If this didnt blow you away, I must inform you
that they have expertise in driving a large chunk
of visitors to your site and boosting
conversions as well. Over to tips to make
Cloudways faster for your WordPress website Top
5 Tips For Cloudways Users To Increase Website
Speed 1. Select The Right Cloud Host One of the
best advantages of being a Cloudways user is that
it allows you to pick desired servers among
Digital Ocean, Vultr, Linode, and many more. Now
if you have already made the selection of the
needed web host
  • and got your site up and running, switching
    between the available choices wont be a wiser
    decision. However, if you havent done that there
    are a few things to follow to enhance your
    website performance
  • Choose a cloud host that's better from the
    performance perspective - Vultr is the optimal
    choice if you see from the angle of price to
    performance ratio.
  • Scale your server resources depending on your
    needs - For example if your site gets high
    traffic you should have a proper system in place
    to manage that.
  • Determine the right location for your server - A
    tried-and-true method to decide that is choosing
    a location that is near your target audience.
    For instance, if your target audience is in the
    USA, look for the server most close to it.
  • In case you want an experts advice over cloud
    host selection, get in touch with our Wordpress
    developer experts team at earliest. For over a
    decade we have been offering web hosting
    services to brands worldwide, so have in-depth
    knowledge of whats good and whats bad.
  • 2. Expand Your Server Resources
  • Ok, so if you are already hosting your site with
    Cloudways and you are noticing a surge in
    traffic, you should consider increasing your
    server resources in order to enhance the
    performance of your site. The major areas you
    need to focus on includes RAM, storage,
    bandwidth, and a lot more.

Whats nice about Cloudways is that it lets you
raise your server resources through vertical
scaling. All it takes is clicking on your server,
heading to Server Management, and then selecting
Vertical Scaling. Once you get there, move the
slider to the right and it will show you the new
cost of server resources you want to opt for.
When you are ready for the payment, click on the
Scale Now button and enjoy the increased
everything. Need help deciding your server
requirements? Connect with our Los Angeles web
design company using your preferred communication
channel and share the concern you have. Post the
process, we will tell you our opinions and if
needed host your site on the most trusted
platform too. 3. Update MariaDB To The Preceding
Version For better database management,
Cloudways uses one of the most popular
relational database management systems - MariaDB.
What it is well-recognized for is the faster and
efficient performance of WordPress websites.
Since MariaDB may have compatibility issues with
other elements within a website, Cloudways
doesnt upgrade it automatically. However, you
can do that clicking the pen icon just below the
PHP version and selecting the newer version from
the dropdown menu. Then click on Save, and you
are now shifted to the recent version of
MariaDB. Take note that once you upgrade MariaDB
there is no way you can undo the changes. So, if
you are not sure about its compatibility, we
recommend avoiding updation. But if you have
made up your mind for the upgradation, switch to
just one version higher and run a check on
website issues.
  • Despite taking necessary precautions, if you run
    into unexpected issues thats not easy to
    resolve, remember we are available 24/7 to bring
    your site back to normal state. In a shorter
    span, our Los Angeles web design company has
    helped more than hundreds of websites to run back
    smoothly after it crashed.
  • Increase The Memory Capacity
  • Its important because your memory limit is the
    max file size to allocate a PHP task. The higher
    it is, the better for you. So, I strongly
    recommend you to increase your memory limit to
    256 MB and expect the optimal results. All you
    need to do to extend your memory capacity is head
    over Server Management gt Settings Packages gt
  • To know other settings you can do on the server
    level for your website performance improvement,
    get into conversation with the representative of
    our Los Angeles web design company. We will
    review the status of your website first and then
    make necessary changes to help it deliver the
    best possible user experience.
  • Install A CDN
  • Another way you can speed up your website is by
    installing a CDN, short for Content Delivery
    Network. It lets your visitors experience fast
    loading speed when they access your site from
    the location closest to your network point.
    However, what you cant let go unnoticed is that
    there will always be some visitors who will use
    your site from a huge distance from your server.
    In that case, you should look for a CDN service
    that offers the highest number of network points
    in the world.
  • As far as Cloudways goes, they use StackPath to
    let users avail the CDN service. We show you how
    to bring it into play

Go to Application Management gt CloudwaysCDN
- Enter your website URL and then you will be
subscribed for their service. Once you have done
that, you will see various options on the page
including your CDN URL. Next, Cloudways will
install a caching plugin by default named Breeze.
Now click on the Apply button to bring your CDN
into function and see the difference in your
website performance. Conclusion So, these are
top 5 ways to make your website quicker on
Cloudways without having to do anything with
caching plugins. When you are putting all these
steps into actions, dont forget to test your
websites functionality completely and check if
still there is something you can do to fine-tune
its performance. However, I bet if you carefully
follow at least steps outlined above, you will
experience a fast-loading website receiving heavy
traffic. Do you have any question about
Cloudways optimization? Ask us the moment you
are free and we will respond to you promptly. In
the years recently gone, our innovative
Wordpress website design company has succeeded
to grab the top rank within the industry for
delivering highest customer satisfaction. Whats
more, we have been recognized for offering
quality work to clients all around the world
on-time and on-budget. If you also want to grow
your online business in a short time, a good
starting point is to leverage our services like
SEO-friendly web design, web development, UI
design, UX design, PPC, SEO, digital marketing,
and whatnot.
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