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Top 10 Easy and Effective Ways to Speed up Your WordPress Site


Website loading time is important in the online business. If your site loads after 3 seconds, then use these effective ways to speed up your WordPress site and get a good SERPs position. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 10 Easy and Effective Ways to Speed up Your WordPress Site

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Increasing the speed of a website
  • Increasing the speed of a website is a difficult
    task however speeding a website, decreasing its
    load time, making website performance fast, etc.
    nowadays is a hot topic. You might have
    researched and studied several blogs, and would
    have found many ways to speed up your website.
    Did you hear about the WordPress optimization
  • If you have your business's website, personal
    blog, or a QA forum portal and it is running
    slow, sluggish, then here we have easy and
    effective ways to speed up your WordPress site.
    The techniques discussed here arent limited to
    WordPress but can be used for any website built
    on any website builder or content management
  • In the case of WordPress CMS, it has around 35
    of websites on the internet, competition is high
    among WordPress sites. Hence, speeding a
    WordPress website is important!

Test Your Website, Find The Load Time
  • If a website doesnt load within 3 seconds, then
    chances of a high bounce rate increases because
    on a slowly loading website, the online visitor
    easily bounces off. This results in loss of
    traffic at the website, business loss, revenue
    generation loss, and market loss.
  • Therefore, it is important to find the load time
    of your website. Next is to focus on those
    factors which are increasing the load time,
    making your website speed slow, and slugging the
    performance of your website.
  • Once you are done checking the website and its
    all factors, the speed optimizations techniques
    can be applied and all the negatively affecting
    factors can be corrected soon. Let's discuss the
    general techniques used by the top WordPress
    development services company in USA.

What Slows Down Your WordPress Website?
  • The primary causes behind a slow WordPress
    website are given below
  • Web Hosting If the web hosting server isn't
    configured as per the demand of the website, then
    it will slow your website speed.
  • WordPress Configuration Not only the server but
    if the WordPress pages arent configured, then it
    causes overload thus, slow or crash down your
  • Page Size If web pages aren't optimized.
  • Bad Plugins An unwanted plugin can slow your
    website in the future.
  • External Scripts External scripts such as ads,
    font loaders, etc. shouldnt be used at large
    quantity as it impacts your website performance.
  • These are the factors that slow down your
    WordPress website. You have to make these factors
    good if you want to run your website fast.

5 WordPress Website Optimization Ways
  • You very well know the importance of your website
    speed, but you dont know how to check website
    speed, then the tricks we have shown here are
    enough to help you with speed optimization.
  • Below are the tips to test the load time of your
    website. Take note of your sites load time and
    follow our WordPress performance optimization
    guide to correct your speed!
  • Use A Better Hosting Provider
  • Use A Lightweight Theme For Creating WordPress
  • Compress The Images Before Putting It Live On The
  • Minify JS (JavaScript) and CSS Files
  • Fix HTTPS/SSL Errors Inside The Coding

5 WordPress Website Optimization Ways
  • Cleanup Your Website Database Optimize Your
  • Use Advance Caching Mechanism Plugins
  • Use Popular CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Deactivate All Unwanted Things Over Your Website
  • Keep External Scripts To A Minimum
  • Disable Pingbacks And Trackbacks
  • Keep Your WordPress Site Updated
  • Use Excerpts on Homepage and Archives
  • Reduce External HTTP Requests
  • Disable Hotlinking and Leaching of Your Content
  • Use DNS Level Website Firewall

  • The only advantage we get by lowering our
    websites loading time is that microseconds of
    load time help tremendously in improving the
    digital experience of the website visitors
    whatever device the visitor uses either PC or
  • Furthermore, speeding up your website improves
    your rankings in the SERPs. A faster hosting,
    reduced usage of bandwidth, faster site-loading
    speed, etc. for a long purpose.
  • Go ahead and try out these techniques or hire
    WordPress Developers in USA and optimize your
    website effectively for fast speed and

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