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How to Prepare for Apparel Product Photography?


Clothing items are taking significant places in e-commerce. And with that, the necessity of taking flawless apparel images is increasing as well. However, capturing clothing photos is much easier when you have the right settings in terms of your plan, studio, camera, model/mannequin, and especially post-production. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Prepare for Apparel Product Photography?

How to Prepare for Apparel Product Photography?
  • A to Z Product Photography Tips Tricks!

Clothing items are taking significant places in
e-commerce. And with that, the necessity of
taking flawless apparel images is increasing as
However, capturing clothing photos is much easier
when you have the right settings in terms of your
plan, studio, camera, model/mannequin, and
especially post-production. With the help of the
latest technology, you can even shoot apparel
product photos just using your smartphone.
But, taking flawless apparel photos requires a
series of actions executed harmoniously. If any
of the notes break you wont have a symphony. So,
maintaining an executable plan is something you
should depend on prior to capturing apparel
product photos. And with that, gathering ideas
from external resources can help you achieve what
your primary intention is capturing high-quality
apparel product photos that increase online sales.
However, in this guide, youll get a full insight
into how to prepare for apparel product
photography that generates high-quality clothing
product photos and converts customers instantly.
After making a proper plan to do things right,
dive into the following actions to generate
high-quality salable apparel images.
1. Prepare your clothing for the photography
Iron clothing This is a simple yet often
overlooked action of apparel product photography.
Clothing items are sensitive and even a simple
wrinkle can ruin the likability of the products.
So, iron your products before you start shooting.
It will save unnecessary costs of
Use a lint remover Most of the garment
products suffer from this problem. Some specific
types of clothes are highly affected by lint. Use
a lint remover to get rid of them. It also
removes minor spots, dust, and dirt from the
Use pins and clips You may have to use multiple
pins and clips to keep the curve sharp and
accurate. It also helps to keep the clothes right
in places when you shoot them. Keep an eye on the
products so that the pins and clips dont create
unnecessary wrinkles and damage the products.
2. Prepare your studio
Backdrop E-commerce products look great on
plain backdrops. So, use a plain background to
make your products convincing to the buyers. A
plain white or light grey backdrop can make the
colors focused when you take photos. So, use one
and minimize the background removal costs which
is, well, not too expensive if you outsource to
professional agencies.
Camera setting Keep the ISO between 600 to 640.
Higher ISO makes it noisy and cant snap details
perfectly. Use a camera, preferably high-end,
that takes standard shots and allows you to set
exposure and other relevant settings manually.
Lighting Natural light is always the best. It
minimizes production costs. You can get a sharp
detail when using a natural light source. But
make sure you use it in a controlled way. Dont
keep your products directly under the light. Use
a filter to avoid excessive lighting.
3. Focus on styles
Flat lay Apparel product photography is usually
of three types and flat lay is one of them. It
was quite popular until the idea of ghost
mannequin popped up in the head. In this style,
the clothing items are kept lying on the surface
and then taken through the lens. However, if your
product looks better in this style, go for it.
But the products look unnecessary wide when they
are taken in this way. To solve this problem, use
some tissues and cotton to make the shape right.
Mannequin/model If you want to provide a
lucrative look to your apparel products take
photos using a mannequin or model. Well, hiring a
model is expensive. But it ensures a life-style
vibe to your products.
Cloth hanger/fishing line Another popular and
cost-effective way of taking apparel product
photography is using a cloth hanger or fishing
line to hang clothes from the up. It is quite
effective for certain products and gives a crisp
4. Take clothing photos
Use a tripod Always use a tripod to take the
photos of your clothing items. It will stabilize
your hands and prevent taking blurry photos.
Dont zoom in digitally Zooming in digitally
harms the quality of the photos. Use a manual
zoom to prevent quality loss. Better not zooming
images as you can always fix this issue by moving
forward or backward.
Take multiple photos Take as many photos as you
think is okay. Buyers like it when you have 5-8
photos to offer them as samples. So, to please
your buyers, take multiple photos and use them in
your store.
  • Highlight unique features
  • Showcasing the uniqueness of your products will
    ensure additional sales. So, highlight the unique
    features you have and make better sales.

360-degree apparel photography Use a
360-degree clothing photography technique to
allow a full view of your products. You can use a
moving table to take 360-degree photos.
5. Focus on Post-Production
Alignment Maintaining an optimal alignment
level is crucial for convincing buyers. Maintain
a predetermined alignment for all of your photos
to ensure consistency. It is vital when you have
a target of impressing buyers
Background removal Noisy background distracts
clients. So, you need to remove the distracting
background and replace it with a suitable one. Do
it in post-production focusing on the demand of
the buyers.
Cropping Crop out unnecessary areas to make
the photos well-centered and subject-focused.
Make sure your subjects are centered when
Color correction Apparel product photography
is not all about getting things right through the
camera only. The products need to have proper
color variation as they need to be displayed on
the store to show availability. Take one photo of
a product and create multiple versions of it
using a photo color correction technique.
Ghost mannequin/neck joint It is very popular
in removing distracting mannequins from the
images. You can do it in post-production and
customize the products according to the trend
Apparel product photography begins with the
perfect plan and moves through the in-house
preparation for studio shooting and
post-production. However, business success
depends largely on the way you show creativity to
your buyers. A professional apparel product
photography editing company can help you in
generating vibrant photos and get more customers
to make big profits.
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