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How the Rental Marketplace industry will disrupt the future?


When comparing the rental industry with past, present, it has been clear that this industry is inspiring many digital startups and also kindles young minds to commence their own business with sharing concept. It is a great time to share with you the opportunities and also technologies that are going to play a major role in the future of the rental marketplace. Learn more at - – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How the Rental Marketplace industry will disrupt the future?

How the Rental Marketplace Industry will Disrupt
the Future?

  • The growth of the rental industry has been
    enormous and its building trust and also
    reducing transaction costs for the future of the
    rental marketplace.
  • In the future, the rental industry will continue
    to expand and evolve with newer technologies as
    we can never imagine. Experts predict that this
    industry will stand out when compared with other
  • It is a great time to share with you the
    opportunities and also technologies that are
    going to play a major role in the future of the
    rental marketplace.

Predicting the future of the rental marketplace
  • According to the report, this industry currently
    serves over 44.8 million individuals in various
    strata and is expected to rise above 86.5million
    people by 2021. Approximately It will reach
    40.2B in 2022 and also revenue will increase up
    to 18.6B. It is also expecting to grow from14
    billion in 2014 to 335 billion by 2025.
  • This estimate is based on the growth of the
    rental industry. Most importantly, we should see
    how technologies are going to disrupt the future
    of the rental marketplace.

  • The blockchain is one of the fast-growing
    technologies and also going to be the next step
    of the rental industry. This technology has taken
    quite a turn in the industry given its popularity
    in providing safe and also secure online
    transactions. Many industries are adopting
    blockchain because of its numerous benefits such
  • Increased time effectiveness due to real-time
  • Direct transactions eliminate the intermediary
  • Reduces risks related to fraudulent.
  • More transparent processes with a proper record
    creation and tracking
  • Highly secure due to cryptographic protocols.

2. Internet of things

  • With the enormous hype in the IoT, there are many
    opportunities available to create a myriad of
    sharing platforms. By utilizing IoT, we can also
    facilitate the sharing of our existing devices,
    vehicles, and buildings by embedding sensors and
    network connectivity that enable our things to
    collect and also exchange data. IoT is more
    familiar due to its some below important
  • Less human involvement
  • Continuous tracking
  • Endless monitoring
  • Handling secure direct payments

3. Big Data

  • The role of big data in the rental business is
    receiving the data from their users(such as name,
    location, data, and preferences), a giant
    database is accessed to filter results that will
    be relevant to the user. Without big data these
    platforms would not exist, they rely on the
    manipulation of data and algorithms to match
    customers and service providers. It contributes
    in many ways to the growth of these industries.
    Let us see how big data is fueling the rental
  • Meeting required needs
  • Improving businesses
  • Good for the consumer as well
  • Ensuring the survival of the fittest

4. Data processing with Edge computing

  • Edge computing plays a vital role in the rental
    business as it brings computing power, control,
    and storage and it makes easier to operate
    without any latency. It also helps in scaling up
    and generating revenue and providing faster
    response time. Heres how businesses can scale up
    by bringing edge computing to their fold,
  • Cost efficiency
  • Earning reputation
  • Performing without any lag
  • Reducing data latency
  • Protecting sensitive data

5. Cloud computing

  • It is most important in the rental business
    because it increases efficiency, helps improve
    cash flow and also offers many benefits as
  • Flexibility
  • Capital expenditure fee
  • Increasing Competitiveness
  • Environment-friendly
  • Provides security

6. Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial intelligence will be used in the
    rental business helping the host to set the best
    prices, enhance the user experience and also
    ensure security. The vast benefits of AI are as
  • Personalizing customer experience with AI
  • Setting smart prices
  • Preventing fraud
  • Improving internal operations

Winding Up

  • By seeing the above predictions and also the
    reason behind the success of the rental sharing,
    we came to conclude that it should be the way of
    the future. Whether it is a ride, stay, or even
    sharing working space, people are finding it
    cheaper and also more convenient.
  • Also, empowering the platform with the latest
    features and also functionalities will enrich
    your rental business. To get support for building
    your own rental sharing business, connect with
    RentALL Airbnb clone.
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