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Promote your bussiness online by getting best web design in Kingston at Web graphic design, interface design, authoring, standardized code, and proprietary software, and search engine optimization together make an effective website that gives a brief about your business or product. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Website Design Kingston Ontario

Digital Marketing
For The Future.
At Imperium, we help you create wealth with these
assets through industry leading digital
marketing solutions.
Need Convincing? At Imperium, we believe in
full transparency. We help brands harness the
power of their most valuable digital assets
through implementation and education. Imperium
is a new age digital marketing company located
in Kingston, Ontario.
3 Our Story
4 Our Philosophy
5 Behind The Brand
6 Committed To The Community
7 Solutions For Businesses
9 Business Development To Grow Your Business
11 Exceptional Content Designed To Drive Interest
13 Digital Advertising Built For Any Industry
43 What Is A PPC Consultant?
46 Why Your Small Business Needs Local SEO
49 Contact Us To Get Started
Our Story
Imperium is a new age digital marketing company
located in Kingston, Ontario. We help brands
harness the power of their most valuable digital
assets through implementation and
education. Founded in 2018, Imperium was created
with the goal to provide new solutions to
existing problems that businesses face on a daily
Your most valuable digital assets are your
website and social media accounts
Our Philosophy
A New Approach To Digital Marketing
Our philosophy is simple, we offer custom digital
marketing solutions for businesses that are
backed by data, include incredible customer
service and evolve as you do.
Behind The Brand
  • The word Imperium has Latin origins and can be
    defined as absolute power. Common synonyms
    associated with Imperium are empire, command, and
  • The elements of our logo carefully incorporate
    our core values
  • The Circle - A symbol of infinity, representing
    infinite possibilities The Crown - Our Alma
    Mater, Queen's University
  • The Digitization - Constant innovation and our

Committed To The Community
Solutions For Businesses
Solving complex marketing problems has never been
easier than with Imperiums unique digital
marketing solutions. We create a custom solution
because no two problems are exactly the same.
Business Development Complete internal external
business analysis that identifies inefficiencies
and is used to build a growth plan for the
Digital Advertising
Google Adwords and Facebook/Instagram advertising
campaigns designed around your business goals
and optimized for success.
Website Management
Dedicating hosting that includes content,
security, and speed updates. As well as daily
backups and advanced malware protection.
Content Creation
Stunning videos, graphics and copy designed to
peak curiosity, increase click-through- rates
and comply with all advertising requirements.
Search Engine Optimization
Thousands of relevant high quality backlinks
paired with advanced ranking methods for all
your digital assets. 1st page is waiting for you.
Business Development To Grow Your Business.
With years of business and marketing experience,
we have helped grow companies in a wide range of
industries across the globe
Internal Business Analysis
A deep dive into the operations, processes and
goals that build the foundation of your
business. Day to Day Operations Data Management
Client Communication Employee Management
External Business Analysis
A keen focus on your the external threats,
opportunities, and strategy that lead to your
businesses Leads and growth Competitor analysis
Market Analysis Marketing Strategy Sales
A Winning Growth Strategy
Combining the knowledge of the Internal
External Analysis we develop a plan to harness
your companys strengths and improve on your
weaknesses resulting in sustainable
growth. Improve Operational efficiency Better
understand your market and business Marketing
Plan tailored to your goals Overall Brand Growth
Exceptional Content Designed To Drive Interest.
We turn your vision into reality with custom
content creation graphics, videos and copy for
any audience, niche, or industry.
Promotional Videos That Bring Big Business.
Stunning videos for social media advertising,
brand awareness, concept explainers and more.
The possibilities are endless with our stock
video library. All Aspect Ratios Horizontal
(169), Vertical (916), Square (11) The
Highest Resolutions HD (1280x720), Full HD
(1920x1080), Ultra HD (4K)
Social Media Graphics That Grab Your Attention.
Graphics that comply with all advertising
platform regulations and use proven strategies
to peak curiosity and convert your audience. Any
Dimension Dimensions optimized for advertising,
large posters and anything in between. Industry
Standard File Formats PDF (Standard or Print),
Creative Copywriting That Converts Customers
Highly educated, experienced and knowledgeable
writers for all niches. Increase Organic
Traffic Data-driven content writing solutions
with strong on-page SEO properties. Generate
More Engagement Content tailored to your target
audience with strong Call to Actions.
Digital Advertising Built For Any Industry.
Get More Customers With Facebook Advertising,
Instagram Advertising Google Advertising.
Get More Customers With Google Advertising
Performance Driven PPC Campaigns Catch your
customers at the moment of intent with highly
targeted PPC Campaigns Large Scale Brand
Awareness Become a household name with targeted
campaigns that spread your message to the masses.
Your Business Needs Digital Advertising Strategy
95 of businesses are using digital marketing.
Dont get left behind. Advanced Targeting
Options Target based on interests, behaviors,
demographics, keywords, website traffic much
more. ROI Based Strategies Using Lifetime Value
of a customer (LTV) we calculate your exact
return on ad spend (ROAS).
Two Platforms To Drive Your Business
We Use Google Facebook To Drive More Web
Traffic Increase Sales Generate Leads Acquire
Customers, experienced and knowledgeable writers
for all niches.
Drive Conversions With Google Imperium deploys
highly targeted PPC campaigns over Googles
search network to drive traffic and customers to
your website. Always be top of mind for
customers Drive targeted traffic to your website
Generate leads and sales on autopilot
Boost Awareness With Facebook With over 2.7
Billion Monthy Active Users we use Facebook and
Instagram Advertising to build your brand image
with consumers. Retarget your website
traffic Build your brands in the community
Create a loyal customer base
Data Driven Marketing
We work with the industries the best analytics
companies to bring powerful data tools to power
your marketing campaigns Google Analytics
Powerful reporting user discovery Google
Optimize Testing optimizing digital creatives
google-data-studio-icon Google Data Studio
Turning data into decisions Google Tag Managers
Organizing multiple data sources
165_Hotjar_logo_logos-512 HotJar Analytics Heat
mapping user behavior icon-256256
(1) Facebook Pixel Social media tracking
One-Stop-Shop Marketing. We've Got You Covered.
Starting from only 500/month, our Ad Management
packages include everything from creatives, and
landing pages, to in-depth market research.
Research Market Analysis Audience and keyword
research that ensures we target the right people.
Graphics, Videos Landing Pages We use
high-quality creatives landing pages to
increase ad quality. A/B Spit Testing We split
test at the Campaign, Ad set, and Ad level to
ensure the best results.
Get More Customers
With Advanced Local SEO
Rank 1st Page On Google For Plumbers, Roofers,
Investors Dentists.
Outrank your competitors and be the first company
your customer sees while browsing the web. Our
local SEO services bring real, targeted customers
to your business.
Local SEO Is A Must Have For Businesses in 2020
Over 92 of google searchers will choose
businesses on the first page of local search
results. Your business needs to be there.
Drive Organic Traffic To Your Website Capture
customers at the moment of intent when they
search Google for a company in your
industry. Outrank Your Competitors 88 of
consumers do research before making a purchase
online or in-store. You need SEO to be in the
Why Choose Imperium Outrank Your Competition
Take an insider look at how we rank our clients
to drive traffic customers to their business
Research Phase Complete Keyword Research
Analysis of the top searched keywords in your
industry Find the best keywords that your
customers are searching for Selection of the top
search terms to drive traffic to your website
Analysis Phase Detailed Site Analysis
Analysis of current site metrics, rankings, and
potential issues Competition analysis to see SEO
competition in the area Additional reporting for
broken links and Google penalties
Optimization Phase On-Page SEO
Hyper-targeted on-page optimization for selected
search terms Vital site addons such as google
analytics, sitemaps much more Google My
Business optimization to improve
rankings Execution Phase Link Building
Content Strategic implementation of local
citations data aggregators Various social
media creation with link submissions Extensive
content marketing with submissions to top
content sites 20
Reporting Phase Watch Your Business Rank
Monthly detailed ranking reports Monthly link
building reports Strategic action plan for the
following month
Technical Details. Imperium Covers
Everything Starting from just 1000/month, we
provide a sustainable solution to skyrocket your
rankings on Google and Bing search networks.
Outrank your competitors now. Website
Optimization Hyper-Local Citations Social Media
Links Local Optimization Niche Citations Video
Marketing Data Aggregators Unstructured
Citations Mobile Optimizations
(No Transcript)
Website Design
That Drives Visitor Action.
Convert visitors into leads.sales.customers and
clients. We transform your most important
digital asset into a lead generation machine with
UX design techniques.
Performance Driven Design Built For Any Industry.
We've worked across countless industries niches
to implement intuitive, creative designs that
bring consistent results for our clients.
Demand More From Your Website
Imperium consistently uses the industries leading
technology to power your website. Weve designed
web applications for customers ranging from local
small businesses, up to companies 40M in size.
So no matter the size, we will provide you with a
scalable digital solution that grows with you.
Don't Settle For Less. Make The Investment.
Your most important digital asset to generate
sales and generate leads. Over 75 of consumers
judge business's credibility based on their
website. What image does your website give
potential clients right now? With fully
comprehensive websites starting from 1,499
theres no excuse not to have the best website
in your industry. Book a Website Strategy Call
Performance Driven Design Built For Any Industry.
We've worked across countless industries niches
to implement intuitive, creative designs that
bring consistent results for our clients.
Demand More From Your Website
Imperium consistently uses the industries leading
technology to power your website. Weve designed
web applications for customers ranging from local
small businesses, up to companies 40M in size.
So no matter the size, we will provide you with a
scalable digital solution that grows with you.
Website Management That Makes Sense.
Lightning-Fast Hosting Web Care For
Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, Enterprises and
Start-Ups. Experience stress-free website
hosting with Imperium. We perform daily backups,
optimize site speed, monitor site security and
perform content updates so you dont have to.
Stress-Free Maintenance To Propel Your Website.
We offer everything you need in a web hosting
company. Enjoy super-fast speeds and the best
security with no work on your end. Leave all the
technical details to us
  1. Daily Backups
  2. Free SSL
  3. Malware Scans
  4. DDos Protection
  5. Blazing Speeds
  6. Custom CDN
  7. Fully Managed
  8. 99.95 Uptime
  9. 24hr Support

Green Business Solutions With Digital Advertising
The shift towards environmentally friendly and
sustainable business practices is at its peak.
The movement from Traditional Advertising to
Digital Advertising, is also on the rise. In
August 2018, top marketers increased their
Digital Ad spend by 12.3. At the same time,
they decreased their Traditional Ad spend by 1.2
according to the CMO Survey. This divergence of
ad spend has been almost constant since 2011,
which is essential for environmental
sustainability. Traditional advertisements such
as billboards and print ads are responsible for
large amounts of waste every year. When was the
last time you walked through a city and did not
see a newspaper on the ground? Exactly. The
production and distribution required for these
types of advertisements also release immense
amounts of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere on
a daily basis. This is why its essential to
implement green business solutions and
Eco-friendly advertising/marketing practices for
your business. Shifting towards digital
advertising and marketing will help to decrease
your carbon footprint and your overall company
image. It will be a respected decision by your
employees and loyal customers. But only if your
costs can remain the same or decrease, and your
prices dont increase. The good thing ROI for
Digital Ads is much higher than Traditional
Ads. Its not all perfect though, like any
internet usage, digital advertising uses large
data centers that are not 100 environmentally
friendly. But platforms like Google and Facebook
(Instagram) are doing their parts to make sure it
is a green business solution moving forward.
In 2017, Google reached 100 renewable energy for
its global operations. Their data centers also
use 50 less energy than a typical one. So you
can be sure that your advertising through google
is Eco-friendly. Facebook is also making changes
for sustainability. They have goals to reduce
their greenhouse gas emissions by 75 and use
100 renewable energy by 2020. In 2018, they
recorded 75 renewable energy for global
operations, and some of the most efficient data
centers in the world. So its safe to say they
are on the right track. Making Facebook and
Instagram advertising both green business
solutions. Although not perfect, Digital
Advertising is far more sustainable than certain
types of Traditional Advertising. This is
because major advertising companies such as
Google and Facebook recognized a change needed
to be made and have found solutions. Imperium is
also committed to being a paperless company and
reducing our Carbon Footprint as much as
possible. We only offer digital advertising
solutions from Google and Facebook, and use a
carbon-neutral online payment provider,
Stripe. Stripe also announced last Thursday that
they will be investing in carbon-capture
technologies. This new technology takes pollution
out of the air and sequesters it in the
ground. Its time for everyone to start doing
their part and help save our planet. If you
currently use Traditional Advertisements such as
print ads or billboards, consider making the
switch to a more sustainable future with Imperium!
How A Marketing Consultant Can Help Your
Have you ever seen an advertisement that made you
laugh like crazy? Of course, you have, and I am
sure you can think of one right now. Well behind
that advertisement was an agency who created it
based on the guidelines set by a skilled
marketing consultant. The role of a marketing
consultant is to understand the goals of a
business and its ideal consumer. They then use
this knowledge to implement the perfect marketing
strategy. Marketing consultants are the
tactician behind any great marketing scheme and
the reason you sit in front of your TV laughing
at Doritos commercials.They can turn a mom and
pop shop into a household brand and your small
business could likely use one. Heres how a
Marketing Consultant can help your
Business. First off, what exactly is Marketing??
(No it is not the same as Advertising) Marketing
refers to the activities that a business uses to
promote the buying or selling of a product and
its brand. This includes, you guessed it,
Advertising. Its the marketing consultant's
role to use everything under the broad scope of
marketing that is applicable to help you meet
your business goals. Marketing consultants also
use business principals, psychology,
communication skills, and marketing expertise to
develop the marketing strategy for your
company. They use creative problem solving to
find new and engaging ways to show your brand
and products to the world.
Additionally, a good marketing consultant will
have a strong background in analytics and data
sets. This is essential for the assessment of the
strategies effectiveness. It also helps find
the shortcomings of a plan and tweak them to
achieve the desired result. Basically, these
people can do it all. Now for the Marketing
Strategy. A quality marketing consultant will
develop a marketing strategy based on your
brand's core values. If your brand is all about
helping save the environment, they will make this
clear and present it in an engaging way. They
understand what you do, why you do it and then
use that to build your brand image. Once they
understand your brand, they begin to understand
your ideal consumer and the market your
businesses are in. This is essential to maximize
conversions and your return on investment from
your marketing campaigns. If you know someone
only likes apples, then why try to sell them
oranges? Its just a waste of time and money.
Marketing consultants will ensure you are
targeting potential customers with relevant
The consultant will then take this information
and build a detailed plan that will
include What your message to consumers is The
mediums of advertisement you will use How to
implement them or how they will How it all works
together to meet a specific business goal The
results you should see As you can, its the
total package and 100 worth it for businesses of
all sizes. The best part about it is that it's
based on your business goals. Sales, brand
awareness, phone calls, foot traffic and much
more can all be achieved with the help of a
marketing consultant. Dont get lost in
internet forums finding the ultimate get rich
quick marketing scheme, use a Marketing
Consultant. If you have any questions about your
current marketing strategy, reach out, and we
would be happy to help you out! You can also
take a look at what we offer! Good luck
achieving those business goals!!
5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Digital
If youre a small business owner in todays
technologically advanced society, you need to
have an online presence. With over 4.1 Billion
internet users around the globe, there is
someone out there who wants whatever it is youre
selling. So where should you start? Youll need
to create a website and social media pages. Now
instead of patting yourself on the back, grabbing
a cold one and calling it a day, you have a
little more work to do. Ask yourself this, how
will potential customer notice my Facebook and
Instagram pages, or my website? and, how can I
use these pages to convince consumers to complete
actions that result in big for my
business? Dont worry, we have the answer. Say
hello to the wonderful world of Digital
  • This is the process of advertising through the
    internet with emails, photos, videos, text and
    much more. In 2019, global digital ad spend is
    forecasted to reach 333.25 Billion dollars.
    Thats an increase of 17.6 from 2018.
  • So why is it growing in popularity with top
    marketers and businesses so much? Because the
    benefits are too good to ignore. Thats why we
    have comprised a list of 5 reasons why your
    small business needs to use Digital Advertising.
  • Lets begin.
  • It's Cost-Effective
  • Compared to traditional advertising, it is cheap,
    very cheap. Costs for traditional advertising
    such as TV commercials and Print ads, can cost an
    absolute fortune. As a small business owner, you
    know every penny counts, so this is often not an
  • With DA you can pick a weekly, daily or monthly
    budget that is as little or as big as youd
    like. Cost per Click (CPC) Ads on Facebook and
    Google have an average cost of 1.72 and 2.32
    respectively. So, you dont need to break the
    bank to get some online exposure.
  • It's Flexible
  • Want to sign up and get started in less than 10
    minutes? Go for it! Need to change your budget?
  • How about changing the wording of an Ad? You bet.
  • Want to take advantage of a new Ad format or
    update? Edit and post.
  • Want to customize your dashboard to see only the
    most important metrics? I think you get the

  • Let me tell you, clicking on a Google Search Ad
    is much easier than scrambling for the phone to
    call the 1-800 number on your TV shopping
  • It's Targeted
  • Choose to target consumers by Age
  • Location Gender Interests
  • Whether they have visited your site before
  • And much more!
  • Track Performance Indicators
  • Tracking your Return on Investment (ROI) on a
    Billboard advertisement can be a little bit of a
    hassle. Actually, its pretty much impossible.
    With Digital Ads you can install a tracking
    pixel on your website and see exactly what Ads
    are performing well and which ones arent.
    Simply open your Ad Dashboard and pick from loads
    of metrics like Impressions, Return on Ad Spend
    (ROAS), conversions, Click Through Rate (CTR) and
  • There you have it, the 5 reasons why your small
    business needs to take advantage of Digital
    Advertising. It really is a tool that can
    complement every business, in all industries. So
    give it a try, and if you have any questions
    dont hesitate to ask us, or take a look at what
    we offer!

What Is Eco Marketing?
The importance of a marketing campaign is
undeniable when it comes to expanding your
business. However, many of the traditional modes
of advertising affect the environment in
negative ways. Traditional methods involve large
amounts of paper, electricity and other
materials that can be more damaging to the
environment. Luckily for your business, there is
Eco Marketing.
Theres no need to stop advertising altogether
and in fact making the switch can be much more
effective if done right. Eco Marketing involves
marketing over popular platforms like Facebook,
and Google. The possibilities are far greater
than with traditional methods and you can do your
part to have a smaller carbon footprint.
How does Eco Marketing Work? Internet
advertising has incorporated new platforms and
business opportunities for companies and brands
around the world. The most used by brands is
search advertising through Google and Bing, but
it is growing in popularity over social media
networks as well. This is because the business
models of social platforms in recent years have
focused on decreasing the presence of organic
content. While simultaneously favoring paid
advertisements. This helps businesses and
influencers who invest in paid advertising to
get a greater reach for their audience. It
doesnt have negative effects for users who
dont choose to advertise, but their reach
opportunities are limited. Essentially Eco
Marketing gives you a leg up on the competition.
With proper planning and strategy, your
advertising efforts can be made far less costly,
stressful and more effective.
As the name suggests, it is also far better for
the environment. In our blog post Green
Business Solutions with Digital Advertising, we
talked about the changes Google and Facebook
have made to their data centers. This has made
them far more energy-efficient and Eco-friendly.
Which in turn, results in a more Eco-friendly
advertising experience on their platforms. Did
you Know? 80 of marketing professionals
consider social networks as a crucial source of
sales You can Boost your social media posts to
attract more users based on certain goals You
can target specific groups based on Behaviors,
interests, and demographics with digital
advertising Tracking conversions, the website
traffic and much more is seamless with
digital/Eco marketing You can accurately define
your cost per customer acquisition The Main
Players of Eco Marketing Google With little
investment, you can leave a great impact on your
audience with Google Ads. The cost per click is
very low compared to other advertising formats
and it can capture leads at the moment of
intent. There is also a wide variety of Ad
formats you can take advantage of with Search,
Display, In-App and much more. You also have
more means to segment and find your target
audience. You can create specific campaigns
depending on demographics, interests,
behaviors, business experiences,
etc. Marketing with Google provides you with
detailed reports on how your advertising
campaigns are progressing. This will help you in
evaluating results and to target your most loyal
followers. Naturally, this will help you make
adjustments or improvements with future
Facebook Instagram Social networks like
Facebook and Instagram offer us greater
flexibility of ad formats than Google. Ads can
be images, text, videos, responsive, and much
more. Most of them are also displayed in the
same space where users interact with regular
content, making it more integrated and
accepted. This form of Eco marketing awards you
with great targeting options and of course better
overall performance than traditional methods. It
is really just about understanding your target
audience and then being able to use the platforms
to accurately target them. Which can be more
difficult than you think. Facebook and Instagram
share a platform for advertising and some ad
formats are also shared. Although the strategy
can be very different since the audience can
vary. With different types of users on each
platform and different ways of engaging with one
another, it leads to different user experiences.
So some advertising methods that work on
Facebook, may not work on Instagram. (and Vice
Versa) Social networks offer us different types
of ads according to the objectives we seek in our
strategy and broad audience segmentation
options. This makes it a very fun experience,
but also a stressful one.
Social networks should not only be seen as
entertainment, but also as a business
opportunity for the majority of industries. If
you havent started advertising on social media
yet or even put a plan in place, its not too
late. You will soon see how this method of
advertising allows you to carry out better
analysis of your target market and past
campaigns. Others Apart from Google and
Facebook, you can also use other platforms like
LinkedIn, Bing, Amazon, and Twitter to promote
your business. They are cost-efficient and
effective with individuals benefits that make
them unique. The Impact Although Eco Marketing
involves using large corporations that have been
known in the past to hurt the environment, they
are progressing for change. These businesses have
acknowledged wrongdoing and made changes for the
better. It is now time for the small to
medium-sized enterprises of the world to follow
suit. Not only will use Eco Marketing to help
the environment, but it also helps your companys
social image. More and more people are becoming
aware of damaging business activities and choose
to work with businesses that do not take part in
them. It doesnt have to be an overnight change,
but any step in the right direction is a good
one. Lets help make our planet a sustainable one
with green business solutions like Eco
Marketing! If you need any advice on the
potential steps to becoming a green business,
then dont hesitate to reach out. You can also
view our green business services.
What Is A PPC Consultant?
Do you not have the time to run your PPC
campaigns or simply lack the knowledge? Maybe a
PPC Consultant is right for you. Facebook and
Google are relatively easy to navigate when doing
casual browsing. However, thats not the case
when it comes to Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising
through the same platforms. There are hundreds
of metrics, customization options, automation
methods, ad formats and much more to choose from.
So whats a business owner to do? In walks the
PPC consultant. This is your knight in shining
Armour. They can answer all your questions,
provide you with simple tips and tricks or run
your ad campaigns. The Basics of PPC
Advertising Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a
media cost model where advertisers are charged a
fee when their ad is clicked. This is one of the
many types of media cost models an advertiser
can choose from. The goal of a PPC ad campaign
is to drive traffic to your website or to a
landing page. At Imperium, we recommend using a
landing page with a strong call to action (CTA).
It makes the customers purchasing decisions
easier and is less overwhelming then landing on
your home page.
The price of the click depends on several factors
like the competitiveness of the keyword
associated with the Ad and the search volume. But
there is much more that goes into what ad is
shown in the SERPs and how an ad auction
works. Lets take Google for example. Here is
their explanation of what takes place every time
a Google search happens. We combine the
auction-time ad quality (including expected
click-through rate, ad relevance, and landing
page experience), the max CPC bid, the Ad Rank
thresholds, the context of the persons search,
and the expected impact of extensions and other
ad formats to determine Ad Rank. When
estimating the expected impact of extensions and
ad formats, we consider such factors as the
relevance, expected click-through rates, and the
prominence of the extensions or formats on the
search results page. Each advertisers Ad Rank is
then used to determine where the ad appears and
what types of extensions and other ad formats
will show with the ad (or whether the ad or ad
format will appear at all). Thats a lot to
take in, right? Which brings us to our next
section. What is a PPC Consultant and why do
you need one. Well for starters, you need a
consultant if you didnt understand that last
paragraph from the Googles Support
page. Although it may seem like a lot, the terms
are very straight forward. They can be found on
the Google training platform. Anyways, a PPC
Consultant is an expert with Google and Facebook
Ad Manager programs. They have extensive
experience running ad campaigns for different
organizations in a range of industries. Most
importantly, they understand what platform,
strategy, ad format, and other elements to focus
on depending on business goals. Whether your
business is in need of brand awareness, more
traffic (online or in-person), or conversions,
your consultant is there to help.
A consultant can be especially helpful with
bidding strategy and keyword research. These are
two of the most complicated tasks associated with
digital advertising and require a large amount
of knowledge. A consultant is employed full time
to completely manage campaigns or part-time as
an advisor providing guidance when
necessary. Who needs an external
consultant? This is for the inexperienced
advertiser or one with time constraints. Running
a business can be difficult enough ensuring
operations run smoothly. So if you dont have the
time to invest in properly learning how to run
PPC campaigns its best to stay away from them.
Please do not waste money investing in them if
you lack the necessary knowledge. Many
businesses run into the mistake of thinking they
must start advertising online, so they
carelessly spend hoping for results. The only
result this guarantees is that your bank account
will eventually start to decrease with no
advertising results. Be smart with your money
and save it until you have the time to learn
digital advertising or invest in a PPC
consultant. There you have it, what PPC
advertising is, what a PPC consultant can do for
you and who needs one. If you are struggling
running your PPC campaigns or are looking to get
started, we are happy to help! Take a look at our
digital advertising services or shoot us an
email with any questions you may have. All the
best with your next PPC Campaign!
Why Your Small Business Needs Local SEO
A brief overview of what local SEO is, how it
works and why your small business needs to start
using it in todays digital age. In the age of
digitization, it has become necessary to have a
strong local SEO strategy to drive more people to
your store. According to Think with Google, 4 in
5 consumers use search engines to find local
information. Can they find your business? What
is SEO To start off, we gotta know what SEO even
is. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an
awesome tool to increase the quantity and quality
of traffic to your website via organic search
engine results. SEO helps your website rank
higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) by
optimizing specific features such as website
pages, keywords, or inbound links, to name a
few. If your business wants to attract the right
kind of visitors from search engines, SEO will be
a significant aspect of your digital marketing
What is Local SEO Local search engine
optimization (local SEO) is like regular SEO but
specifically through location-based search
engine results. Local SEO helps locals discover
your business. Searches include niffy terms such
as near me or insert location. For example,
plumbers near me or plumbers in
Kingston. Why local SEO matters Local SEO
matters because of the following reasons Local
SEO promotes your websites rankings in the
search results and local packs. 92 of users
will pick a business on the first page of local
search results. Local SEO receives the highest
conversion levels of all local advertising
channels. 93 of online experiences begin with a
search engine. Local SEO betters your online
visibility, especially to neighboring
customers. Local SEO is 100 percent free. Local
SEO develops organic online and foot traffic to
your business. Dont waste this
opportunity. Local SEO ensures your business is
found on Google Maps and through other
navigational apps. A pretty cool feature from
Local SEO.
Why local SEO is useful for small
businesses Local SEO is a must-have tool because
it ultimately helps build strong brand awareness
for your small business. As users are more
likely to trust a website that is on the first
page of SERPs, you can top your competition by
increasing your conversion rates and sales. As a
result, it will promote your business to grow to
higher levels than before. If you do not
currently have a local SEO strategy in place,
feel free to chat with us! At Imperium Social,
we deliver the best full SEO coverage to your
small business. Best of success!
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