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7 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small Business


7 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small Business by Digital sky 360 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Updated: 2 May 2020
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Title: 7 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small Business

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7 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small
  • Rise of technology, Awareness in consumers and
    Increased usage timing of the Mobile devices has
    truly triggered Digital marketing trend. Its
    about making all the efforts digitally in order
    to Generate Awareness among Consumers, Developing
    Brand Recall value among your targeted consumers,
    Generating leads and eventually Revenue of your
    Products / Services.
  • Digital marketing comprises of Methods and
    Techniques such as Re Targeting / Remarketing /
    Search engine Marketing related to online
    marketing platforms such as Facebook / Linkedin /
    Instagram or Google marketing platforms such as
    Display and video 360 / Search Ads 360 etc.

Lets look at a few benefits of using Digital
Marketing in your business
  • Its always a question in the mind of a
    prospecting entrepreneur that how much to spend
    in the marketing activities / Should you spend
    for Marketing and the answer is Yes its very
    important to invest the right percentage in
    Marketing actives for the growth of your company,
    Researches suggest a sumptuous amount of 10-20
    should be invested in marketing activities
    whether its related to Branding / Advertising /
  • Digital marketing boosts about Activities which
    connects to your End-user much Faster
    Effectively. There are Strategies which are
    Organic, Trusted and Long lasting like SEO (
    Search engine Optimisation ) OR Content Marketing
    which are one of the most effective ways to
    generate Awareness Organically and lower down
    your Advertising expenses which can be used for
    other activities.

  • Also, Social media marketing is very effective
    for lead generation and brand awareness.
    Strategised use of digital marketing can surely
    help you to lower down your marketing expenditure
    and generate more leads and eventually more Sales
    / Profit for your Organisation.

2.) GUARANTEED ROI ( Return on Investment ) OF
  • Its very important to Reap the Returns on your
    Investment made on the Marketing activities and
    thats possible working with good Marketing
    agency which can deploy top Strategies in place
    to gain the returns on the Investments made.
  • Focused Social media Ads / Strategised Display or
    Search Ads along with Re-marketing, In the market
    or Similar Audience can help generate Leads at a
    better CPL I.e ( Cost per Lead ) and will help
    you to achieve more.
  • Google Analytics / Tag manager are the Analytic
    tools which helps monitor / track data Leads
    for Re strategising and Remarketing Respectively.

  • Consumer researches about any product / service
    online before making any decisions.
  • In fact, Study shows that a consumer makes a
    purchase online only after his third visit I.e
    after detail study only consumer makes purchase
    decisions which makes this point really important
    for all the business to develop a Positive Online
    Reputation in terms of Reviews / Testimonials /
    Ratings and many more signals or indications
    given to google which helps the consumer to take
    his Purchase / Consideration decision.
  • Higher Social media signals / Social proof
    Reviews helps your website to gain higher trust

  • Digital marketing strategies can track all of
    your competitors information which could be
    bringing them business like Backlinks which are
    Redirected to your competitors website and those
    backlinks are a very important reason for ranking
    of their website on Google SERP.
  • Gaining Competitive Intelligence is only possible
    in digital marketing unlike Traditional ways of
    marketing where you can get exact set of
    information like From where visitors are directed
    to your website track info
  • Like Unique page visits / bounce rate , etc.,
    using tools like SEM RUSH / HOTJAR / MOZ. If this
    set of information is used to Re strategise your
    business planning Intelligence than you are
    more likely to gain Strategic advantage over your

  • Well reaching the targeted audience is a task
    when it comes to marketing as the spends leads to
    increase in the cost of lead acquisition and
    eventually the marketing budget and Digital
    marketing offers various strategies.
  • which helps marketer to target the
    Industry-specific Audience like Googles
    targeting options such as Affinity Audiences / In
    market audience / Similar Audiences / Customer
    match OR Dynamic Remarketing etc.
  • Social media platforms like Facebook also provide
    fantastic Targeting options to Display your Ads
    to the right targeted consumers like Demographic
    targeting / Geo Targeting / Custom Audiences etc
  • Also, there are many other targeted options
    available depends upon the platform which can
    derive the right targeted audience for your
    business products/services.

  • When it comes to Small scale companies / Midscale
    enterprises its extremely important to keep
    Spendings lower and gain higher returns and
    Investing in any traditional marketing activities
    like a newspaper Ad / Radio Ad.
  • Try Free Audit for your business website Digital
    sky 360 Digital marketing company Ahmedabad
  • It does not guarantee any returns on the
    investments done but due to Rise in Technology
    and Data Science, Use of AI / Data Analytics /
    Machine learning, Digital marketing platforms
    like Google /Youtube / Facebook is using it
    actively for enhancing the User experience which
    results into Growth for the advertisers.

  • Eg. If One advertiser who is a Real estate
    developer / Dealer and looks to advertise and
    targets a group of individuals who are In market
    searching for a Property, It surely makes a lot
    of Sense and Value spent on the Marketing
    activity OR eg.
  • If this same developer looks forward to track his
    ads to generate Leads which is equivalent to
    Revenue surely makes Value for Money which can
    be done with the help of right technology

  • When it comes to digital marketing its almost
    1.5 billion industry already its Increasing at
    a compound annual rate of 28 percent, Now the
    question is not Should you use digital marketing
    as a platform for your marketing or not.
  • Its about How to Strategise your digital
    marketing activities in a way that pulls your
    company maximum Revenue and gauge right metrics
    for growth and thats where it important for you
    to work with a top marketing agency who can pull
    these results for your organization.

  • Eg. If you are actively marketing your products /
    services but No Metrics are used to analyze your
    data like CTR (Click-through-Rate ) OR CPA (
    Cost-Per Acquisition ) OR CPL ( Cost-per-Lead )
    OR CLV (Customer lifetime value) than
    Re-Strategising is not going to be very useful
    and you might not gain your ROI ( Return of
    Investments ).
  • Also all these data can be derived only using
    Digital marketing platforms which can be proved
    to be very useful for Revenue building or it can
    be Brand building activity.
  • So, Whether you are a mid-scale company / small
    scale company / even large enterprises, Digital
    marketing is very important for Building
    Awareness / Consideration / Even selling your
    products or services, So Start doing it today!

Thank you - www.digitalsky360.com
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