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5 WordPress SEO Best Practices That You Must Implement


In the recent past, WordPress rose to popularity owing to its usability and accessibility as a website building platform. Not just that, it provides peace of mind as well even if it comes to the Content Management System (CMS) goes. With the growing users of WordPress around the world, people have started figuring out its SEO-friendliness. After all, you want to make money through your website and the optimal way to ensure that is SEO. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 5 WordPress SEO Best Practices That You Must Implement

5 WordPress SEO Best Practices That You Must
In the recent past, WordPress rose to popularity
owing to its usability and accessibility as a
website building platform. Not just that, it
provides peace of mind as well even if it comes
to the Content Management System (CMS)
goes. With the growing users of WordPress around
the world, people have started figuring out its
After all, you want to make money through your
website and the optimal way to ensure that is
SEO. Optimizing your website for search engines
leverage your rankings on the results page which
translates into huge traffic. But is it really
that easy? Are your current strategies bringing
results? Have your sales surged up? Well, the
answers to these questions are probably with you,
but thats not the point. The point here is how
you can keep up with the changing algorithms of
Google and attain higher positions in the search
results. In this blog, we will review some of
the effective WordPress SEO practices that will
be able to withstand the next algorithm
shakeup. But before we get into WordPress SEO
best practices, its time to introduce you with
the top notch web design Los Angeles company,
SFWP E xperts. This is the most trusted
organization in the entire US that you can trust
for availing website building and marketing
services. They have highly-trained professionals
from various sectors to provide you with quality
services including WordPress web design, web
development, app development, SEO, PPC, content
writing, content marketing, and conversion rate
optimization. With that out of the way, let us
move on to the WordPress SEO best practices you
need to be aware of if you want your website to
soar high in the search engine results.
Top 5 WordPress SEO Practices You Must Not Miss
Out On 1. Perform Traffic-Oriented Keyword
Research Those days are long gone when Keyword
Stuffing used to work, these days Google
doesnt entertain the websites practicing this
technique. Though Google still factors in the
keywords for ranking websites in the search
results, you must put it wisely in your web
content. Your SEO strategy should be guided by
accurately assessing your target audience and
turning it to their advantage. Have one thing
clear in your mind, your potential customers will
get in business with you only when you are
visible to them. However, one of the most easy
ways to rank high in the search results is to
perform keyword analysis. Just to let you
understand in a better way, suppose that you want
to rank highly in Google for either of the
phrase WordPress themes or WordPress
plugins. In that case you can use a tool more
so, Google AdWords Planner to determine the
competitiveness of your terms and find its
alternatives to use in your content. Apart from
that, you can also use another tool named Google
Analytics to check the keywords people are using
to find your website. Moreover, your WordPress
site statistics can also be used to get keyword
ideas for your next blog post.
For each keyword that you get, try to find out
its ten alternatives and include it in your
article. For instance, if you want to have
different forms of WordPress themes, you can
generate alternatives such as responsive
WordPress themes, premium WordPress themes,
multi-purpose WordPress themes and on and
on. 2. Focus On Content Relevance Publishing
high-quality and relevant content on your website
is beneficial in two ways - draw in your target
audience and keep them engaged for
conversion. Despite so many years passed
practicing different SEO techniques, content
still plays a vital role in improving search
engine rankings of websites. You must know that
people love reading unique, informative and
comprehensive content that conveys some valuable
information. A website without content is like a
car without bumpers. Along the same lines, a
website with poor-quality content is like a blunt
knife that cuts fruits or vegetables only when
you exert more force on it. While preparing your
content, make sure that it is going to present
something hot and fresh in front of your target
audience. Else they wont read it and Google
wont rank it. Without a doubt, you can fetch
out some notable quotes from anywhere on the
internet, but copy-pasting it exactly the same
will surely push you into trouble. If you want
to be guided by content strategists about what
type of content would please your audience
group, you must get in contact with us. Our web
design company in Los Angeles is full of expert
designers and writers
who contribute majorly in bringing quality
traffic to websites. We offer many
conversion-focused services to small and medium
sized businesses (including startups) such as
gorgeous web design and development, WordPress
plugin development, website redesign and
customization, social media marketing, search
engine optimization and so forth. 3. Use
SEO-Friendly Themes And Plugins WordPress is
notably popular today just because anyone can
build a website within a few minutes and make it
come to life for their audience group. Thanks to
WordPress themes and plugins, anybody can create
a professional website in the time it takes to
brew a cup of coffee. But thats only true if
you put the right themes and plugins in use. In
terms of WordPress SEO, the themes and plugins
you choose to use in your website should be
SEO-ready that can get going without any
interruption. Obviously, you can start with any
theme and plugin that you like but SEO-ready
ones have the upper hand when it comes to Google
ranking. So, what do you need to do in order to
find the right WordPress themes and
plugins? You need to look for themes and plugins
that have clean and valid HTML. It should
utilize the canonical URL meta tag that is just a
common term for a certain type of meta tag that
stores the top URL of your page. For instance,
if it is your homepage, the canonical URL meta
tag will store your domain name and if it is a
blog post then the tag will store the URL of that
blog post. On top of that, you should also
ensure that your theme supports the correct
usage of headings (h1, h2,....) and title tags.
You should pick WordPress
  • themes that integrate the Open Graph meta tag to
    boost social media sharing. An Open Graph meta
    tag what? Basically, it is snippets of code that
    determines how URLs are getting displayed when a
    post or page is shared on social media channels.
  • However if you want to get WordPress themes
    customization services for your website, you can
    reach out to us the way you want (phone call,
    email, live chat or,.....). Our Los Angeles web
    design company is committed to provide the best
    services to clients residing in any part of the
    world. Some of the services on our big list are
    SEO-friendly web design, web development,
    website support and maintenance, online
    advertising and promotion, internet marketing,
    social media management and more.
  • Create SEO-Friendly URLs
  • Next step that you must take to improve SEO of
    your WordPress website is to create SEO-friendly
    URLs. Also known as Pretty Permalinks in
    WordPress, SEO-friendly URL plays an important
    role in ranking your website higher in the SERP.
  • Here, I must ask you a question, which URL listed
    underneath is easy to remember for you
  • https//www.yourwebsite.com/article5556778
  • https//www.yourwebsite.com/?p2788
  • https//www.yourwebsite.com/wordpress-seo
  • Of course, you will choose the third URL. Not
    just it is your preferred choice, but it is more
    likely to excite search engine spiders as well.
  • Even though it's disheartening to see it is not
    the top choice of many webmasters.

Nowadays WordPress has made the process quite
simple and easy for the ones who want to create
SEO-friendly URLs. There are some great plugins
like Pretty Link that you can use to create
relevant URLs that are easy to remember. So,
what you need to do to create external links is
just go to Settings gt Permalinks and select the
Post Name. Make sure you do this long before
adding content to your blog so that you dont
have broken links. In case you have any question
or query associated with the SEO-friendly URL,
send it to us through email and we will revert
back to you shortly. We cater to clients across
the globe whether they run an online business, or
a brick and mortar store. We offer a variety of
services to every business unit such as
responsive web design and development, pay per
click advertising, search engine optimization,
content marketing, email marketing, and many
more. 5. Build Mobile-Friendly Website Since
days when Google emphasized the importance of
user-friendly websites, business owners started
to make their website responsive for mobile
users. It means if your website is not mobile
friendly, you will not be able to enjoy higher
ranking in search engines. Your users have to
zoom-in and zoom-out every time they open your
website in their mobile browser. They will come
to know that your site is not mobile friendly and
then they will switch to one that is.
It will reduce your click-through rate and
increase the bounce rate. This is why Google
recommends to adopt responsive design for every
website that adjusts to screen size of different
devices, no matter if it is accessed through
desktop, mobile, or tablet. For more information
about making your website mobile friendly, you
can give a look to Google SEO Guidebook. Beside
that, you can also interact with our Wordpress
website design c ompany, SFWP Experts for any
website development or marketing
services. Contact Us 213-277-9177 la_at_sfwpexpert
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