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How To Fix Up Most Common WordPress SEO Problems?


In the online marketing landscape, SEO plays a key role in driving businesses to brands. What do they do? They optimize your website according to search engine algorithms so it appears at the top in search results. On-Page and Off-Page SEO are carried out to let Google index your site and render it when users perform search associated with your web content. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Fix Up Most Common WordPress SEO Problems?

How To Fix Up Most Common WordPress SEO Problems?
In the online marketing landscape, SEO plays a
key role in driving businesses to brands. What
do they do? They optimize your website according
to search engine algorithms so it appears at the
top in search results.
On-Page and Off-Page SEO are carried out to let
Google index your site and render it when users
perform search associated with your web
content. This way users find your site and
explore your products, services, and
content. But do you know which platform is
majorly used for website development? Of course,
it is WordPress. And WordPress users too have to
face and deal with some common SEO
problems. One thing that can be said about SEO
for sure is that it is not a Set-and-Forget type
of task. SEO problems are constant and you need
to be fully prepared to tackle it over time. In
this blog, you will get to read about most common
WordPress SEO problems and its solutions. But
prior to getting into the discussion, I want to
notify you about an excellent web design Los
Angeles company - SFWP Experts. This is the
perfect agency you can collaborate to take your
business to the next level, without a doubt.
They offer multiple result-oriented services all
around the world including WordPress web design
and development, WordPress plugin development,
search engine optimization, conversion rate
optimization, and internet marketing. Over to
the short description, lets move on to the main
talking point in this article.
1. Broken Internal Links These are the links
that point to other pages of your WordPress
website. A broken link is responsible for not
only ruining the user experience, it also
affects how Google values your site. The more
broken links you have, the more problematic it
is for your users. On top of that, it can cause
Google to reduce the crawl rate of your site as
well. Though there are many ways to resolve this
issue, I highly recommend using the Broken Link
Checker plugin. When you install this plugin, you
will have to go to Settings gtgt Link Checker page
and then it will automatically start to scan
your website to find broken links if any.
Obviously, if you have a large website it will
take longer to complete the scan. Once the scan
gets completed, you will see a link displaying
how many broken links your website has. Do you
know whats the best thing about this plugin? You
can update the broken links right from there by
either changing the URL completely or unlinking
it from other pages. Take note that this plugin
uses a lot of resources when activated so it is
recommended to deactivate it when you have done
the job. Also make sure to reactivate and use it
every month to ensure that your website doesn't
run into issues again. Just in case you fail to
avoid problems, remember we are always available
to help you out. Our Los Angeles web design
company creates, repairs and maintains websites,
no matter it belongs to which industry. We have
certified designers, developers, and SEO
professionals who not only focus on attracting
potential customers but also convincing them to
keep coming back to your site. We can help you
grow your business and strengthen your
  • online presence by offering services like
    professional web design and development, website
    hosting and maintenance, pay per click
    advertising, social media marketing, and search
    engine optimization.
  • Slow Loading Website
  • Site loading speed is an extremely important
    factor thats taken into consideration while
    determining the ranking of websites in the search
    results. How quickly your website displays on
    the user's monitor really matters when it comes
    to SEO and user experience. The slower your site
    loads, the lesser visits it will get. Most users
    who come to your website definitely want to
    access the information as fast as they can and if
    your site takes too long to respond its less
    likely anyone will stick around for it.
  • To make your website load faster you can try out
    various things. A wide range of plugins are
    available today that focus on improving the Page
    Speed for websites.
  • Three most useful plugins that you can put to
    best use are as follows
  • W3 Total Cache This is the most appropriate
    plugin to fix up any browser caching issues that
    are found in Google Pagespeed Insights. In
    addition to that, it also helps with page
  • Autoptimize This plugin can be brought to action
    to minify HTML, CSS JavaScript files.
  • EWWW Image Optimization This is our top pick for
    optimizing the images, however, to get better
    results you should opt for the paid version.

  • One thing you must have in mind while dealing
    with the issue of slow loading websites is that
    sometimes it occurs due to delay in server
    response time. Unfortunately, there is no plugin
    to fix this issue but you can upgrade your
    hosting plan to accommodate new software and
    increase your resources.
  • Alternatively, you can get in touch with us and
    share your concern. First, we will thoroughly
    check your website and then identify what are the
    root causes that are making your site to lag.
    For many years we have been maintaining websites
    that are the main source of money-making for
    clients. We offer a host of services in
    different parts of the world such as ecommerce
    web design, web development, website support,
    website maintenance, email marketing, SEO, PPC
    and online advertising and promotion.
  • Duplicate Content
  • Believe it or not, having duplicate content on
    sites is recognized as one of the biggest SEO
    pitfalls today. Whether it is a content-savvy
    user or Google itself, either of them dont like
    reading the same words repeated in more than one
    of your pages or even on other websites. The
    search giant will destroy your top rank in the
    search results when they will see it.
  • But when we talk about WordPress, content
    duplication is not about just finding the same
    lines of words. There is more to it
  • Duplicate links More than a couple of URLs that
    take users to the same content will translate
    into duplicate content on your website.
  • Tags and Categories This can include multiple
    blog posts in just one page. The snippets of the
    different blog posts and the archived

pages generated with each new tag and category
results in the content duplication and thats
not for your website ranking. An effective way
to fix the issue of duplicate content is to check
how original your content actually is using
Copyscape. When you find a duplicate version of
your content, the first thing you need to do is
inform Google using Google Webmasters which one
is the authentic written material of your writer
and that the same needs to be crawled. By doing
so, you tell the search engine which one of your
content should be used to index. Also, what you
can do to protect yourself from various URLs
that share your same content is using a canonical
tag by adding the code line shown below to the
original and duplicate version of your
content. Besides, I must tell you that to avoid
duplicate URLs on your WordPress website, make
sure that a web page and blog post never share
the same title. And, if you use the Duplicate
Post plugin, keep in mind to change the URL of
the imitated page and that should be different
from the original one. Although churning out
comprehensive and informative content is not
everyones cup of tea, you can always approach us
for creative copywriting services. Being the
most trusted Wordpress website design company,
we truly dedicate our learning and skills to
clients businesses to take it to a whole new
level. You can find us suitable for many purposes
including custom web design, web development, UI
design, UX design, search engine optimization,
conversion rate optimization, and many more. 4.
Not Using Alt Tags The alt tag refers to the
HTML attribute of images that reflect the details
about its content. Sometimes if the image wont
load on your WordPress
  • website, the alt tag will be there to provide
    details about the image as well as its function.
  • Another role of Alt tags is to strengthen the
    keywords on your page that further makes the
    page information easier to understand for the
    search engines.
  • However using the alt tags for your images is not
    a difficult job. Just find the HTML code of your
    image and then add the tag by including the code
    displayed underneath
  • Imprecise URLs
  • In your internet browsing journey, many times you
    would have come across an URL such as
  • This URL conveys actually nothing when you look
    at it and so the search engines. It is not good
    for SEO. Sticking to the following practices will
    help you to create user-friendly and
    search-friendly URLs for your site
  • Keep Them Clear And Concise Dont force people
    to use URL shorteners whenever they want to
    share your content on social media sites or
    other places. Instead create a short title for
    your page and allow users to understand what the
    link is all about just by taking a casual look
    at your URL.
  • Make Them Easy To Read Be mindful if your URLs
    are readable, it will be easy for users and
    search engine crawlers to get it.

  • Include Keywords If the keywords you want to
    rank your website for is included in your URL,
    you will increase the chances of your website to
    achieve a high click-through rate and better
    rankings in the search engine results.
  • Avoid Imitation If at least two of your
    WordPress URLs take users to the same content,
    you will split your SEO results and reduce the
    potential to receive heavy traffic in the
    process. In that case, what you can do is to
    implement the relcanonical if one of your pages
    completes the other and 301 redirect if the other
    page is of less value than the original one.
  • Prevent Using Underscores The major search
    engine, Google themselves asked web developers
    to use hyphens (-) instead of underscores.
    Therefore, you should also start doing the same
    since hyphens always prove to make the job
    easier for search engine crawlers.
  • Remove Stop Words In addition to doing so many
    things for making your URL clear, avoiding the
    use of stop words in URL is equally important.
    The list includes a, the, but, others, and so on.
    These are not mandatory to be part of your URL
    since they could make your URL look longer.
  • As per the Yoast SEO, the perfect URL structure
    that you should strive to create is shown below
  • So, if you want to avoid making the URL structure
    mistake for your WordPress website, ensure that
    you have a permalink structure that looks like
    the one shown in the picture above. And make sure
    this must be done before you create your pages
    or posts.

Wrapping Up This Post Containing Common
WordPress SEO Problems Its better to establish
one thing in mind that your WordPress site will
always face SEO problems as and when you move
towards receiving high traffic on your site.
Its not a one time process and requires constant
effort to keep your site appearing at top in
search results. To make sure that your website
SEO is always in the best of its health, resolve
problems immediately as soon as it emerges. Also
be patient until you see the positive results
coming because SEO doesnt work instantly. And
most importantly, spend some time catching up
with the changes made by Google which in turn
will reward your site with a better position in
the SERP. Remember if there is anything we can
help you with, let us know on call or email. S
FWPExperts care for its clients and can provide
you all the essential services that are needed
to digitally promote your brand. A bunch of
result-oriented services for which you can get
ahold of our Los Angeles web design company
includes responsive web design and development,
landing page design and development, online
promotion, internet marketing, SEO, PPC and the
remaining. Contact Details 213-277-9177 la_at_sfwp Wordpress Developer Expert Visit
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