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Essay vs Research paper


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Title: Essay vs Research paper

Essay Vs Research Paper
What is essay-
  • Essay writings are one of the most common kinds
    of writing.
  •  Essay writing is the most important part of
    students academics also. 
  •  Essay writings are the assignments that teachers
    assign to their students at all levels of
  • From the beginning of middle school, teachers
    mostly give you small essay writings. Then with
    the time when you came to the higher classes,
    time to time teachers also give you long length
    essays .

  • In the higher level of your studies, the teachers
    of your academic can assign you more lengthy
    essay writings. But not more than 1500 words. The
    main purpose of giving such essay writings is to
    improve students writing skills, check their
    creativity and also teach them the art of
    persuasion and exposition.
  • Essay writings are very important for every
    student because essay writings are direct effects
    on students academic grades.

Types of essays-
  • 1.Descriptive Essays-In the descriptive essay
    writing students requires to in-depth describe a
    particular essay topic given by their teacher. 
    This type of essays writing improves students
    intellectual, physical or emotional sense.
  • 2.Comparison Essays-In the comparison essay
    writing student is required to include a
    comparison of two or more things or objects.
  • 3. Academic Essays-The main objective of
    academic essay writings is to check students
    writing skills, and the students  capability of
    organizing thoughts and ideas.

  • 4.Narrative Essays- Narrative essays are one of
    the most different types of essay writing. The
    narrative essay is just like narrating a story to
    the target audience. It contains climax,
    flashback, and flash-forward in the essay.
  • 5. Philosophical Essays-In this type of essay
    writing a writer requires making thesis
    statements. Along with he also gives some logic
    and counter logic for reaching the conclusion.

What is research paper-
  • In simple words, a research paper is defined as a
    writing that is plagiarism-free, original, and
    based on research.
  • To write a successful research paper a student
    requires in-depth research in different
    directions for getting all the relevant and
    reliable information about the topic of the
    research paper.
  • Commonly a research paper requires at least 8
    pages. But sometimes if the topic is complicated
    then students have to do in-depth research on
    different aspects of the topic. Therefore the
    length of the research paper may go up to 15

Types of research paper-
  • 1. Analytical Research Paper-The analytical
    research paper gives an in-depth informal
    analysis of the specific topic. In this paper
    writing students have to select a topic by
    themselves, exploring that topic in the form of a
  • 2.Compare And Contrast-The name of this research
    paper itself describes that it includes a
    comparison of something. In this kind of research
    paper students are required to examine and
    describe the difference between two subjects or
  • 3.Argumentative Research Papers-In the
    argumentative research paper students have to
    choose a controversial topic. After then they
    give the introduction of that topic which gives
    the audience the idea of what is in the research
    paper. In simple words, the argumentative
    research paper writer informs the audience about
    the specific controversial topic.

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  • Essay writings are one of the most common kinds
    of writing.Research paper is defined as a writing
    that is plagiarism-free, original, and based on
    research.You can write easily on essay or
    research paper and get good grades in the exam.
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