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Good research paper topics


Here is a detailed information concerning different types of essays and explanation on how to write them properly. We also offer you to read this article for more details – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Good research paper topics

Good Research Paper Topics
  • From

Types of the Essay Research Paper Writing
  • Different essay classifications and types require
    a different approach to writing. First of all,
    all papers can be classified according to the
    style and intention of writing
  • Process
  • Argumentative
  • Compare and contrast
  • Cause and effect
  • Narrative
  • Descriptive
  • Critical
  • Definition

Types of the Essay Research Paper Writing
  • According to the length of writing papers, there
  • Custom essays,
  • Research papers,
  • Dissertations, and many others.
  • The research paper is a work that is comprised of
    up to 20-25 pages and implies academic research.

Types of the Essay Research Paper Writing
  • According to the length of writing papers, there
  • Custom essays,
  • Research papers,
  • Dissertations,
  • Other types
  • The research paper is a work that is comprised of
    up to 20-25 pages and implies academic research.

Research Paper and Term Paper Is There any
  • A term paper is a work that you are to pass at
    the end of the quarter.
  • The research paper is an assignment that can be
    given anytime.
  • In this way, your term paper can be a research
    paper, and your research paper can be a term

Structure of the Research Paper
  • Forget about the simple paper structure that is
    represented by the introduction, main body and
    conclusion that are not expressed explicitly and
    cover 1-3 pages.
  • Receiving an assignment to write a research
    paper, you will spend much time organizing and
    distributing the information into the separate
    sections. The research paper comprises of
  • Title page
  • Content page
  • Summary
  • Introduction
  • Main body
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography list
  • Appendices

Structure of the Research Paper
  • The title page is a first page that gives
    information about your topic, writer, instructor,
    educational institution, year.
  • The content page is a list of sections in your
    academic work that correspond with a definite
    page number.
  • Summary is a short retelling of the text that
    familiarizes the audience with the main issues of
  • The introduction contains an object, subject,
    methods, aims of work mentions the authors and
    their works which helped you during writing and
    which you used as a background.
  • The main body is usually divided into several
    sections and the sections into separate
    paragraphs. One part carries informing or
    theoretical issues while the other one is your
    personal research.
  • The conclusion sums up all the problems and
    emphasizes your main idea.
  • A bibliography is a list of information sources
    you used during writing (books, internet
    articles, magazines, newspapers, academic works,
    etc.) Appendices form additional information
    represented by graphics, tables, drawings also
    should be included here.

Stages of Paper Writing
  • Make up a plan of work that is the following
  • Find interesting topics for research papers and
    choose the one that is appropriate for you
  • Gather information from all available sources and
    filter it to select only essential data
  • Carry out your research of the selected problem
  • Make up an outline of your work fill your paper
    sections with the fundamental issues
  • Write a fair copy of your work
  • Check the article for possible mistakes

Selection of Good Research Paper Topics
  • It is not hard to find good topics for research
    papers. Choose the one that will guarantee your
  • If you know the subject you are going to
    interface, and sources which will provide you
    with the most capturing information, be certain
    it will provide you with high academic results.
  • Never come to the selection of the topic just
    because its heading is innovative and capturing.
    The topic must not be hackneyed, but it is more
    needed to save your time. Below you can see good
    topics for a research paper
  • Becoming Hitler Youth And Political View
  • Is GMO Damaging
  • 10 Facts That Will Make You Become a Vegetarian
  • Medical Breakthroughs during the last 100 years
  • Name and Its Influence On the Life of The Person
  • Top High-Paid Jobs Of Nowadays

Outline Composition and Fair Copy Writing
Data Collection and Investigation
  • After you coped with the topic selection, come to
    the data gathering. Use all possible information
    sources but on no account come to plagiarism. You
    can transform the information, adding your point
    of view but not copying it. After that, carry out
    your research coming to your conclusions and
    findings. Filter all the data selecting only the
    most appropriate ones.
  • Your outline must contain the primary information
    of the work. In this way, after you made an
    approximate distribution of your content into the
    work constituent parts, you should develop them
    to form a full-value text. Check your paper for a
    few times if you want to avoid silly mistakes.
  • Pay attention to morphology and syntax of your
    work. Do not forget about punctuation it can
    differ substantially with the same context but
    different sentence types.

Thank You for Attention!
  • Have a slice of luck during writing and try to
    adhere to the information from the article!
  • If you want to know more about essay writing or
    get help in composition of your research paper,
    approach us!
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