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Top 10 Cyber Security Fundamentals for Small to Medium Businesses


Cybersecurity has too many reasons to use by small business- privacy, client trust, financial integrity, employee integrity, data integrity and the longevity of the business. Threats include attacks launched through email, SMS and voice phishing, even insider threat attacks, or in-person cybersecurity attacks. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 10 Cyber Security Fundamentals for Small to Medium Businesses

  • Session 1

  • If you are using the internet and are into online
    shopping, then by now, you would be aware of
    words like phishing, hacking, data hacking, etc.
    The internet has impacted most of the business,
    not only it has led to the expansion of business,
    but at the same time, it has also paved the way
    for certain vulnerabilities, which leads to the
    demand for cyber security experts who can help in
    securing the system. The work of the network
    security engineer is to create a secure digital
    medium. With the growing demand for cyber
    security professionals, it has become one of the
    most sought-after career options. Cyber security
    is the need of the hour whether we talk about
    big businesses or small or medium enterprises,
    there is a widespread demand for cyber security

Why do small and medium businesses need to think
about hiring a network security engineer
  • Whether you are running a small or medium
    business enterprise or a large business, the
    security of data is essential. In the
    U.S. Congressional Small Business Committee, it
    was found that around 71 percent of cyber-attacks
    happened at companies with less than 100
    employees. What's even more surprising is that
    the 2016 State of SMB Cyber Security Report by
    Ponemon and _at_Keeper had around 50 cyber security
    attack in 2015. This whooping number shows that
    SMB is more vulnerable to cyber-attacks, and they
    need to find ways that can help them secure the
    data. The reason small enterprises are more
    susceptible to cyber-attacks is that they have a
    lesser secured system and are easy to attack.
    With the help of the right cyber security
    experts, you can be assured of having a safe
    digital system.

What are the ten cyber security fundamentals for
SMB needs to consider?
  • Use firewall- One of the necessary steps that any
    SMB needs to take is to have a firewall. It acts
    as a barrier between cybercriminals and data.
  • Hire cyber security professionals- You cannot
    miss on this, make sure that you hire a highly
    qualified network security engineer. They will
    help in the implementation of the best
    cybersecurity practices.

  • Train your employees- If you are running an SMB,
    then your first attempt should be to train and
    upskill your employees, especially the technical
    team. You can ask them for a network security
    engineer course, or you can hire cyber security
    professionals, either of these is going to help
    you establish the best business practice as far
    as cyber security is concerned.
  • Work on having an updated system- You cannot rely
    on obsolete machines and cyber security measures,
    as a competitive company, you must focus on
    having the latest equipment and cyber-attack
    security measures.

  • Work on getting a mobile security plan- Since
    most of the data is now easily accessible on
    mobile, devising a mobile security data plan is a
  • Always have a backup copy- Well, this fundamental
    rule is applicable to all the companies, it is
    imperative that you must have a backup of all the
    data with you.
  • Secure the Wi-Fi network- It is essential that
    you must protect your Wi-Fi network, don't make
    it public, get it encrypted, and set a password.
    A professional network security engineer would
    help you with the same.

  • Limit the number of employee's access to data- It
    is imperative that you must allow only a few
    employees to access the system and network.
    Keeping the system open to all enhances the
    probability of attack.
  • Install anti-malware software- What if your
    employees end-up opening a phishing email? It
    seems like a nightmare. Avoid this problem by
    installing anti-malware software.
  • Limit physical access to computers and business
    computers- You must ensure that the official
    system and computers are accessible to authorized
    users. Preventing unauthorized entry, prevents
    security breach.

  • With the growing advancement of computer
    technology, cyber attackers have also advanced
    their mode of attack. To combat it, you would
    need the assistance of network security engineers
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    certification online courses. These courses help
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    security engineers. Whether you are a beginner or
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