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Why is GDS important to the travel industry?


FlightsLogic provides GDS Integration, GDS Software, and GDS System to travel agents, tour operators, and travel companies worldwide. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Why is GDS important to the travel industry?

Why is GDS important to the travel industry?
FlightsLogic provides GDS Integration, GDS
Software, and GDS System to travel agents, tour
operators, and travel companies
worldwide. FlightsLogic is a GDS Integration
company specialized in integrating global
distribution systems and we should operate
successfully on GDS systems such as Amadeus,
Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan, and Travelport. We
have proven records in integrating GDS systems
for bookings of Airlines with the options of
B2B, B2C, and B2B2C along with the admin module.
Our GDS Integration Service will help your
travel company book thousands of airlines online.
We integrated with GDS API allowing travel
agents and travel portal websites to book flights
online. We have also designed and developed a
booking engine that is combined with GDS
functionalities which are very useful for
airlines. Our specialized team at FlightsLogic
provides the Best GDS System, according to your
necessities. We have a strong and secure mapping
with static data and it will also help in
escalating the volume of GDS Tour. We provide GDS
Flight API Integration with a specialized team
attached to perform the required tasks. Our team
of FlightsLogic can help you with B2B Travel
Software services with multiple suppliers
available in the world market. We can also help
you in implementing GDS functionality for your
portal, which would expand your business
manifolds. Our team of FlightsLogic offers
dedicated support with maintenance and with
regular updates related to already implemented
GDS. We have expertise in GDS API Integration
systems, including all types of various GDS
integration from different kinds of GDS
FlightsLogic offers a wide range of Travel and
Air Ticketing Technology Solutions to global
clients. We are also integrated with top GDS
integration presenting companies including
Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport, Worldspan and many
more. Travel portal development holds various
Online Reservation Systems Online booking
applications such as Airline reservation systems,
and other travel booking engines. We have
developed many types of Travel gateway modules
like B2B Travel portal development, B2B2B Travel
Agency module, B2C, B2B2C Travel portal
development. B2B B2B2B module is specially
designed to the Travel Tools to do the business
with Travel portals, whereas in the B2C module
the end-users directly book air tickets, through
the Online Travel portal and take print, manage
to book, etc. We are fully specialized in Travel
Portal Development, offering Travel software,
Travel Agency Software, Tourism Portal
Development with integrated all GDS Such as
Amadeus, Travelport UAPI, Galileo Sabre
Webservices Integration and Non-GDS
(Third-party/Consolidators) web help (APIs) for
Flights. Our GDS Integrated Services helping
100 travel agencies to book hassle-free
thousands of airlines, online every
day. FlightsLogic is the Best GDS Software
(Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan) Development
Company. Global Distribution System, as GDS is
called, unites millions of providers to fulfill a
standard platform to bookings (flight, and
packages) to users over the globe. Our GDS
integration is a network/platform that enables
travel agencies and their customers to reach
travel data, shop for and compare bookings
options and book travel. Our GDS networks like
the system operated by Travelport create
billions of dollars in global travel sales. Our
Travel Technology Company, a leading Flight API
Provider Company. A global distribution system
alias GDS System is one of the most major forms
of the global airline booking system and it is
the interconnectivity between different airline
reservation systems and online travel management
businesses booking agents. Our Global
Distribution System holds no inventory or block
that but it connects to the unique central
reservation system of each airline, which is also
called as ARS Airline Reservation System ". The
GDS integration system has ties to all major
airline CRS. GDS (Global Distribution System) is
a global computerized booking network that is
used as a single point of access for
accommodating airplane seats, and other travel
products for travel agents, online booking
websites and major companies. With movement
coordinating more than one GDS System,
FLIGHTSLOGIC conveys extraordinary in class
travel out programming to book from a web-based
booking engine with in excess of 100,000 flight
stock around the world. GDS System is mainly
integrated by OTA with FlightsLogic IATA excess
to make end-user purchase travel tickets from
different airlines or LCCs. The inventories are
accessed in real-time through the actual
provider. Customers looking for a one- stop
solution for all their travel bookings will
certainly come back to a travel agency website to
avail best services. At FlightsLogic, we provide
world-class B2B Flight Booking Engine, according
to the needs of our clients. Our GDS Developer
experts are informed that it is necessary to
fully grasp the intricacies of this system of
electronic distribution to contribute to the
needs of the travel industry. Global Data
Systems have always been the main source of
bookings used by travel agents. It connects a
large network of computers in thousands that
enables the travel
agents to make Computer Based Reservations (CBR).
It had been very expensive and hence not within
the grip of small groups. Only bigger groups had
been able to avail of this facility as it
involved a huge amount for booking and
transacting fees and the commissions of agents.
But now the situation has changed and we provide
cost-effective solutions using the latest
technology. Our knowledge of the travel domain
and method know-how has given us the freedom to
ensure that we are able to give very effectual
and customized services. We provide integration
of numerous GDS integration into a single web
application. Depending on the individual need,
we give effective Online Flight Booking Engine
services to serve to the changing requirements
of travel e-commerce, by utilizing cutting edge
innovation when creating web applications, which
induce a through improvement. Amadeus GDS
Integration Amadeus GDS could also be a
standout amongst the foremost ideal GDS framework
for travel operators and the office giving
arrangements and commissions on flights,
exchanges, and traveling. Amadeus GDS Software
brings you and completely different travel
business competitors on to work on and improves
your gain. Amadeus GDS integration API helps
travel operators and organizations to serve the
traveler to upgrade their business experience and
engagement. Amadeus GDS integration System
causes you to move your travel business,
decreasing expenses and enhancing
incomes. FlightsLogic is highly experienced in
integrating the Amadeus Web-service, which
provides individual functionality through
SOAP/XML message. Integrating Amadeus GDS
Integration web- service in your booking engine,
website or application can consolidate real-time
data for airlines. Once the GDS is integrated
into your booking system, it will consolidate the
data including availability and price. It is a
cost-effective way to build and update your own
customized booking option with comprehensive
content. Sabre GDS Integration Sabre is a
popular travel technology company with a global
booking and distribution system for online
travel agents (OTAs) and Travel management
businesses. With Sabre GDS Integration and Sabre
GDS System, you can have an extensive series of
flight reservation system. Integrating Sabre in
your use or travel portal, clients can shop more
than several elective air terminals, a huge
number of inns, occasions, and rental vehicle
providers to decide your preferred best. Our
Sabre GDS API is a leading technology and
data-driven solutions provider serving airlines
and travel companies to grow their businesses
and transform the traveler experience. Sabre is
regarded as a guide for online travel agencies,
corporate booking tools, income the executives,
and web and versatile schedule instruments, to
give some examples. Sabre Travel Network is its
global business-to-business travel marketplace
and consists essentially of the GDS and a broad
set of solutions that integrate with the
GDS. Galileo GDS Integration Most travel
companies, tour operators and travel agents do
Galileo web-service to book flights. Integrating
the web-service of Galileo web services Galileo
has many advantages, it could mean securing your
ideal travel business with a gradual increase in
revenue and enhanced efficiency. Galileo
Software is a successful CRS (Computer
Reservation System) owned by Travel port. In
extension to airlines, Galileo GDS also
aggregates contents for booking of flights with
real-time availability of seats, rooms, and
prices. Worldspan GDS Integration As a
popular Global distribution system, it provides
its content to thousands of Worldspan travel
management companies, Tour operators and travel
agencies worldwide. Worldspan enables travel
companies to increase productivity, reduce cost
and generate revenue. Worldspan is a Travelport
platform, and is the technology leader in
web-based tour eCommerce, allowing solutions for
all features of travel business online. As the
main GDS, Worldspan gives travel dissemination,
advances and help for a great many travel
organizations around the world, including travel
organizations, partnerships, travel providers and
travel sites. Worldspan changes worldwide travel
appropriation and business preparing with
industry-first books, evaluating, purchasing and
booking innovations, and a determination of
intelligent shopping devices that permit head
out organizations to decrease costs, increment
efficiency, and manufacture incomes. Apollo
GDS Integration As a leading GDS, Apollo gives
travel population, technologies and backing for
thousands of travel companies throughout the
world, including travel agencies, companies,
travel providers and travel sites. Abacus GDS
Integration Abacus helps in excess of 100,000
trip specialists over the Asia-Pacific district's
59 markets and has both worldwide and
interestingly constrained contacts with aircraft
and inns, including the main arrangement of
minimal effort substance and airline content.
  • Pegasus GDS Integration
  • Pegasus aims to remove friction and create
    simplicity amidst an otherwise complicated
    environment. Pegasus Solutions pioneered the
    hospitality reservations industry.
  • The company is a market leader in the automated
    processing, management, distribution, sales and
    marketing of Airline Inventory, rates and content
    across different sales channels to include
    direct bookings via flights signed websites,
    voice, travel agents (GDS), OTAs and metasearch
  • Benefits of connecting your flight to the GDS
  • Essentially, the GDS can increase flight bookings
    and revenue by placing flights on more
    supermarket shelves globally. This approach is
    particularly effective at achieving
    international corporate travelers. You can gain
    lucrative international corporate business,
    particularly if youre near a major airport
    gateway or close to the government or commercial
  • But there are many reasons why a flight might
    need a GDS solution including
  • The number of bookings generated through a GDS
    usually outpaces that of direct bookings. While
    direct bookings are rising, they do serve a lot
    of income for flight administrators, there are
    still a greater number of appointments being
    produced through the GDS than by inn sites.
  • Flights generate more revenue through a GDS
    because it places the Flight information,
    availability and rates in prominent locations
    where it is easy for travel agents to find. It
    helps flights maximize their bookings during any
    given time period while also reaching powerful
    travel markets that are willing to spend money in
    order to book the best room available.
  • A lot of travel agents who specialize in
    corporate travel use a GDS to get their customers
    booked quickly and efficiently.
  • The GDS can help flight managers uncover new
    market segments to promote their products. In
    ordinarily, flight administrators learn through
    the GDS that there are traveler market segments
    interested in the products that they couldnt
    previously reach.
  • More travel agents are relying on the GDS to find
    the best sites for their clients to stay. Every
    year, more agents are realizing that this is the
    best way to easily connect with flight
    properties from around the world. Through the
    GDS, the agents have access to live rates and
    availability, and they can easily book seats for
    their clients. At the point when you complete
    your flight report thoroughly, the GDS refreshes
    search situating and shows your image informing
    through the hunt and booking process, which means
    trip specialists are all the more effectively
    arranged to source your trip for their clients.
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