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What is Recruitment in HRM


Recruiting in HRM is a process for Hiring Talent. Recruitment process starts from identifying, attracting, screening, short listing interviewing, selecting and finally hiring the most deserving candidate for filling up the vacant job vacancies in an organization. For more information on recruitment visit – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What is Recruitment in HRM

What is Recruitment
Meaning, Definition Its Importance
RECRUITMENT Meaning and Definition
Recruitment is a process of identifying,
screening, short listing and hiring potential
resource for filling up the vacant positions in
an organization. It is a core function of Human
Resource Management. Recruitment is the process
of choosing the right person for the right
position and at the right time
Recruitment Definition A process of
discovering reliable sources of contacting
desirable employees which meets the staffing
requirements of the organization
Recruitment Meaning A way to search the future
employees of the organization and stimulate
qualified people to apply for the job
RECRUITMENTDefinition by Eminent Authors
DeCenzo and Robbins  It is the process to
discover potential candidates for future actual
or anticipated job vacancies Plumbley  It is
a process to match the capacities of candidates
with the demands of the organization
Dale Yoder It is way through which the
manpower requirements of the organization can be
fulfilled Kempner Recruitment is identified
as a first step of the process which persists
with selection and ends with the joining of the
suitable candidate in the organization.
RECRUITMENTin HRM (Human Resource Management)
Recruitment in Human Resource Management ( HRM)
is a step of creating a talent pool for the
organization which can result into selection of
right candidate for right job Source of
Recruitment - The HRM Department considers two
major sources of recruitment namely Internal
source and external source Purpose of
Recruitment- to gather information about the
talented and qualified individuals who might be
interested to work for the organization in an
effective way
RECRUITMENT Define Recruit
  • Meaning of Recruit
  • The term Recruit means finally concluding the
    Recruitment process by a Candidate joining an
    organization. It is broadly used when someone
    participate in a process of getting a job or work
    from the organization. The person newly joined
    an organization is referred as new recruit.
  • In Short
  • To make a person join a group or a
  • It refers to formally joining a group or an
  • A person newly joined an organization is
    referred as new recruit

RECRUITMENTImportance of Recruitment
  • Helps to improve the selection process
  • It reduces the turnover of employees
  • Helps the organization to meet the social and
    legal obligation of maintaining the manpower
  • Determines the appropriate candidates through the
    different channels of recruitment
  • Helps the organization to create different
    sources of attracting the right candidate
  • Important to encourage and attract candidates
  • 2. An effective way to create information pool
    about the prospective candidates
  • Important step of planning and analysis about the
    present and future manpower requirement of the
  • Bridges the gap between employers and their
    future employee
  • A less expensive way of gathering information
    about the talented manpower

  • Steps of Recruiting

1. Preparation 2. Receive applications
3. Selection stage 1 Cancel out
unqualified applicants 4.
Selection stage 2 Arrangement of candidates
5. Selection stage 3
Interview rounds 6.
Selection stage 4 Future work situation
7. Offer and Joining
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