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Impact of Embolic Cerebral Protection Devices – Keystone Heart


Cerebral Protection Device TAVR is a major advancement in the treatment of severe aortic valve stenosis in elderly high-risk patients used to prevent emboli from flowing down stream. These devices are manufactured by Keystone Heart. For More Information: Website: Mail: Phone: 8135308200 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Impact of Embolic Cerebral Protection Devices – Keystone Heart

Types of Cardiac Heart Surgery
These days, heart problems are so common.
However, theres a misconception that every
problem related to heart requires a heart
surgery. Such problems may cause by several
factors such as such as lifestyle changes,
medications, nonsurgical procedures and many
more. But, dont take such factors so lightly, as
they may cause much bigger problems to your
health and even take you to heart surgery, which
may affect your brain. To prevent the brain
during cardiovascular procedures doctors are now
using Cerebral Embolic Protection devices during
heart surgeries.

Depending on the type of heart problem there are
many types of heart surgeries
CABG stands for coronary artery bypass grafting.
In this surgery, surgeon picks a healthy artery
or a vein from the body and further connects it
to the blocked artery. This may create a new path
for blood to flow across the heart muscles.
Heart Valve Repair or Replacement
This the most common type of heart surgery, as in
this surgery, surgeons repair or replace a heart
valve with artificial or biological valve. The
biological valve is made up of the heart tissue
of cow, pig or human. Also, there is an another
way to repair heart valve, in which the surgeon
inserts a catheter through a large blood vessel,
take it to the heart and inflate and deflate a
small balloon at the tip of the catheter to widen
a narrow valve.
Maze Surgery
Maze means puzzle. This surgery is like a
puzzle, as the surgeon creates a puzzle like
network which is made up of tissues to redirect
electrical signals from upper heart chambers to
the lower heart chambers.
Aneurysm Repair
You may be aware of this surgery. In this
surgery, a surgeon replaces a weak section of the
heart walls or artery with a graft or patch. This
surgery is responsible to repair a balloon-like
bulge present on the wall of the heart muscle.  
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