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What is the Use of Cerebral Protection Device?


Cerebral Embolic Protection Device (TAVR) are manufactured by Keystone Heart. These are like filters used to deflect or capture emboli passing to the brain during cardiovascular procedures. For further queries drop a mail@ info@keystoneheart.com – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What is the Use of Cerebral Protection Device?

5 Steps To Prevent From Heart Diseases
Today, heart diseases are very common.
Approximately, 80 of people die every year
because of heart diseases. Its no secret that
the healthcare industry is evolving day by day.
Due to modern innovations, now its possible to
cure severe heart disease via surgeries. But,
surgeries can cause a serious side effect on your
brain too. To avoid brain strokes during
cardiovascular procedures, doctors use cerebral
embolic protection devices.
You may know that a good lifestyle can help you
in keeping your heart healthy. Still, people
consume many food items that can enhance the risk
of heart diseases. However, its quite difficult
to change eating habits, but its important for
your life. Daily workout and a healthy diet can
help to prevent yourself from heart diseases.
Following are the eight steps that help you to
prevent yourself from heart diseases
Limit Your Portion Size
The amount of food you eat is more equally
important to what you eat. Eating too much can
cause you more risk of heart diseases. So, its
important to take care of what you eat and how
much you eat. You can use a small bowl or a plate
to limit your portion. Try to have more fruits
and green vegetables in your diet. This will
improve your immune system. Also, limit the
consumption of fast foods and highly processed
foods. A healthy meal helps you to shape your
diet and keep your heart healthy. Also, keep the
track of the servings you eat in a day.
Eat More Fruits Vegetables 
To keep your heart healthy, you need to make your
immune system strong. Thus, its imperative to
have good vitamins and minerals. Fresh fruits and
green vegetables are excellent sources of
vitamins and minerals. These are rich in fibers
and low in calories. These are good replacements
for cheese and other junk food items. However, in
the beginning, its quite difficult to replace
junk with fruits and vegetables. So, you can
wash, cut fruits, and put them in the
refrigerator. This can be a great option.
Select Whole Grains
Whole grains are the excellent sources of amazing
nutrients that help to maintain your blood
pressure and keep your heart healthy. So, its
essential to include whole grains in your diet.
You can have quinoa, barley or farro.
Limit Unhealthy Fats
Limiting the consumption of trans and saturated
fats helps you to reduce blood cholesterol levels
and minimize the risk of heart diseases. High
blood pressure can cause many problems such as
heart attack and stroke. So, its important to
focus on what you eat.
Choose Low-Fat Protein Sources
Protein is good for the body. You can include low
fat - dairy products, fish, and eggs in your
diet. Fish is a great source of protein and a
good replacement for high fat meats. If you are
a vegetarian you can have legumes, beans,
lentils, and peas in your diet. These are good
substitutes for meat. So, include them in your
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