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Title: Clipman AI Edition Review

What is it Clipman AI Edition was the original
first-to-market video platform for creating
amazing videos from any URL. It is the result of
taking the worlds BEST video ad software,
tearing it apart, and redesigning it from the
ground up. 3 big problems bleeding video
marketers dry 1 How long it takes to render a
single video. When it takes hours to DAYS to have
a single video rendered by traditional apps
youre leaving all kinds of money on the table.
2 - BLIND customizations. Most video apps force
you into a guessing game - where you enter your
customizations blindly - then have to wait for it
to RENDER before seeing the final results. 3 -
Templates that are copied from a basic stock
site. 2 amazing templates, 3 okay-ish templates
and 50 that look like theyre from a childrens
coloring book Sound familiar? Thing is, EVERYONE
selects the 2 best templates so youre competing
with 1000s of others with videos that look just
like yours. Instead of sending you a product that
focusing on everything except addressing these
issues, I have something thats about to change
the video marketing scene forever. Introducing
Clipman AI Edition Review. Clipman AI Edition
allows you to create the perfect, top-converting
marketing video on your very first try. Step 1 -
Let the AI software CHOOSE the optimized template
that maximizes your sales using machine-learning
precision OR have videos created from any
URL Step 2 - Make UNLIMITED customizations and
watch your video preview ADAPT LIVE as you edit
(see how your final video looks BEFORE its even
rendered with ZERO revisions) Step 3 - Hit
render to have your video created with
blazing-fast, industry-leading speeds. Step 4 -
SYNC your video directly to any social platform
or create DOZENS of Facebook video ads at once.
Clipman AI Edition Review These powerful agency
features come with no strings attached. Sell
unlimited videos, charge whatever you want and
pay zero royalties. Its all included for a low
one-time fee. Get inside Clipman AI Edition today
and you'll be rewarded with the Clipman AI
Shopify app - completely free. Create videos for
clients without ever leaving their store. Crazy,
I know. Get it below before the discount is gone
forever. Features MAXIMIZE your video traffic
sales with Clipman AI Editions blistering fast
engine - 10X FASTER renders than average video
apps, PLUS create unlimited videos AT THE SAME
TIME. Save HOURS of time frustration 1st ever
LIVE ADAPTING preview in a cloud-based video
software shows you EXACTLY what your videos look
like BEFORE rendering! Save 1000s on designers
video editors over 50 stunning templates built
from the worlds MOST PROFITABLE video
ads Automate your video marketing Clipman AI
Edition Review machine learning AI engine selects
the OPTIMAL template for your project based on
hard sales data from tens of thousands of
profitable ads. Create top-converting videos for
your entire product lineup in minutes - just
enter any product URL (or web link) to have a
stunning video created in seconds. Built-In
Scaling Clipman AI Edition creates multiple
versions of each of your videos, then syncs them
to your FB Ads Manager for hands-free A/B
testing Can do for you Live Adapting Video
Preview (World 1st tech in a cloud-based video
app) Watch your video preview update LIVE with
each customization as you type. Youll NEVER
waste time rendering just to see the final
result. Spend MORE time selling, and less time on
video creation. FORGET hoping your video edits
fit each template. See your edits in real-time,
customize on-the-fly then render ONCE. No more
revisions or re-rendering just perfect videos on
the very first try!
Clipman AI Edition Review Blistering Rendering
Speeds For Floods Of Traffic Faster Than Ever
Clipman AI Editions video engine has been
re-built from the ground up to pump out your
marketing videos 10X faster than your average
video app! This firepower also lets you create
MULTIPLE videos at the same timeMeaning when YOU
want to jump on a hot new niche or offer Youll
ALWAYS be first-to-market and beat your
competition to the customers. Unique marketing
videos in seconds and an ARMY of sales-generating
videos for your product line-up or eCom store to
bring in buyers from AROUND the web, direct to
your offers. Save Time Money With
Conversion-Focused Video Templates With over
10,000,000 in sales from Clipman videos, its no
wonder these templates are certified selling
machines. But with Clipman AI Edition, they take
it a step further. The machine-learning
technology baked into the software LEARNS which
templates drive the most sales, based on your
niche. SELL PRODUCTS Irresistible in every way
with a full range for all niches - these aren't
your run-of-the-mill templates. Theyre
reverse-engineered from the world's most
profitable video ads, ready for YOUR offers. They
even added LONGER text fields that let you
customize your descriptions and calls-to-action
to maximize conversions with complete freedom.
Turbo Charge Your Business By Launching MULTIPLE
Videos At Once Creating videos one-by-one ISNT
going to earn you fast profits. Imagine an army
of profitable videos pulling traffic from
multiple platforms. Powerful videos that stop
prospects in their tracks and have them ready to
buy once they see your offer. Thats now possible
thanks to the simultaneous rendering features
inside Clipman AI Edition Review! Publish Your
Video Ads Directly To Facebook From Inside
Clipman AI Edition Save your time (and your
sanity) by taking the confusion out of Facebooks
Ad Manager and scale your business with ease!
Facebooks Ad Manager is like a leech sucking
away all of your time.
Clipman AI Edition Review Heres how you take
back control and maximize results. Clipmans
user-friendly dashboard syncs DIRECTLY to your FB
Ads Manager. Just hit publish, and your perfectly
formatted, targeted ads will be sent to Facebook
for approval, including EVERY ONE of your A/B
test variations. Sync up with Facebooks
algorithm and leverage Facebooks love of video
then turn it into hard cash. NOW Profit-Driving
Commercial Rights Included! Clipmans included
commercial rights are a match made in heaven for
anyone making videos for clients. Brand new AI
tech, live-adapting previews, ultra-fast video
renders and PROVEN to convert templates make
video creation the most lucrative service in your
line-up. F.A.Q.s Are there limits on how many
videos I can make? No - You can make unlimited
videos. There are also no watermarks so you can
use your own logo, branding, colors and text for
every video. All videos are Full HD, so youre
not limited by quality either. I guess they
should call it Clipman AI Edition Review. What if
I own Clipman v1 or v2? This is a completely NEW
version of the Clipman software and requires its
own license. Rest-assured, your existing versions
will continue to be updated for optimal
performance. However the AI Edition package
including the AI features, blistering rendering
speeds, FULL agency rights, LIVE ADAPTING videos,
LONGER text fields and fresh profitable templates
are exclusive to this new offer. Does Clipman AI
Edition work on a Mac? Yes it does! Clipman AI
Edition works not just on your Mac, but on your
smartphone, your tablet, your Linux installation
and your Chromebook too. Thats because Clipman
lives in the cloud, on their high-grade secure
servers, which means all you need to do is
connect to a web-browser. Is there a refund
policy? Of course if youre not happy with
Clipman AI Edition, they dont want your money.
Just let us know within 14 days of your purchase
and theyll happily refund your full investment -
no questions asked.
Clipman AI Edition Review How long do videos
take to render? It depends on how many people are
using themservers at the time (especially during
launch week), but theyre usually done in
anywhere from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes.
How much will Clipman AI Edition be after the
launch? They are raising the price every day
throughout the launch. So right now is the best
time to get inside. What about support updates?
Youre covered with a full-time support team
thats on hand to answer and RESOLVE any
questions you have. You can contact us anytime
here Clipman has been
around for years with the best reputation you can
hope for. Not only have they serviced 14,000
customers and helped them generate over 10m in
sales with their templates but they even
re-built everything from scratch to IMPROVE on
that. Overview Clipman AI Edition Review is for
marketers serious about making ACTUAL sales
profits from video, easier faster than ever
before possible with built-in AI technology that
actually IMPROVES your results as you use it!
Render videos 10X faster than the industry
average, create unlimited videos AT THE SAME
TIME, see live preview updates as you customize
to launch your winning ads in minutes. Templates
built from top-performing ads and based on hard
sales data. Let Clipman select the OPTIMAL
template for each campaign, and sync your video
direct to your FB Ads Manager (along with
multiple versions for hands-free split-testing).
Create Videos from ANY Web Link Automatically How
many products do you have? Copy any of your
product pages, paste them into Clipman and watch
as the AI engine takes over and automatically
creates a high-converting video ad for you in
seconds. and now with the new SPEED of Clipman,
have an army of STUNNING video ads for every
product in minutes.
Clipman AI Edition Review 47 -gt 67 (Commercial
Rights Included) The original platform - re-built
from the ground up for speed, sales and
time-saving features such as seeing your edits
LIVE inside video templates as you type them and
AI technology that suggests the best templates to
maximize revenue based on your customer's niche
(backed by real data behind thousands of ads run
through Clipman). LIVE Adapting Video Previews
(NEW)Never worry about time-consuming
re-rendering and revisions again. Edit and
preview your video in REAL-TIME. Forget hoping
your video edits fit the template. See your edits
as you make them WITHOUT having to render
first! New 'Blistering Speed The Clipman video
creation engine was re-built from the ground up
and rendering is now 10X faster than your average
video app. Pump out multiple videos simultaneously
 without thinking twice. No more speed limits on
video creation. Sales-Backed 'Proven-to-Sell'
Templates Our video templates are all modeled
from the most profitable Facebook ads setting
you up for sales from the moment you log in. We
dont simply hire an animation freelancer to
create them. Our research team scours the
internet to find ALREADY proven-to-convert
profitable video ads and we re-work them from
scratch. Our templates are responsible for over
10m in sales for our customers. Our NEW AI
technology uses that same data to suggest the
best templates to your customers based on their
niche. Clipman AI Edition Review Sync Profitable
Videos Directly into Facebook Ads Remove the
confusion from the Facebook Ad Manager by using
our built-in intuitive video ad syncing system
for publishing your high-converting videos into
traffic-pulling Facebook ads. Create Dozens of
Videos AT ONCE Whether youre creating videos
for yourself or clients, it doesnt matter.
Create unlimited videos at AT THE SAME TIME with
simultaneous rendering. No more waiting around.
Clipman AI Edition Review Included Shopify App
Gathering, copying and pasting product pages too
much work? The all NEW Clipman Shopify app lets
you create profitable videos without ever leaving
your store. Imagine any time you put a new
product on your store, you could have a video ad
ready to start selling it at the click of a
button? Commercial Rights Included Combining the
speed of the Clipman engine with the
profitability of the high-end templates is a
match made in heaven for anyone creating videos
for CLIENTS.  Your customers can create video ads
for clients, customers, local businesses, store
owners and more  WITHOUT being held back by
speed. WITHOUT stressing and twiddling thumbs
waiting for a video to finish rendering before
editing the next. WITHOUT hoping that edits match
the template.and of course keep them coming back
with the REAL results these templates
generate. This is holding you back. Shiny new
video platforms coming out seemingly daily that
do nothing to add to your bottom line. Theyre
focused on animation and engagement. You
already KNOW videos need to capture attention
engageHow about videos that turn that attention
into SALES? Introducing Clipman AI Edition
Review. Machine-learning technology baked into
this software LEARNS which templates drive the
most sales, based on your niche All thanks to
MILLIONS of dollars worth of REAL sales data.
and TELLS you which ones you should use to
maximize sales. Its like having your very own
video marketing professional guiding you. Not
only that, in world-first tech, watch your video
preview update LIVE with each customization as
you type. Yes Your template adapts LIVE as you
type, so you can see EXACTLY how your final video
will look BEFORE it's rendered! You can FORGET
hoping your video edits fit each template and
NEVER waste another second rendering a video just
to see your final video. You can even start
generating floods of traffic faster than ever
before thanks to the blistering rendering speeds.

Clipman AI Edition Reviews video engine has been
re-built from the ground up to pump out your
marketing videos 10X faster than your average
video app! This firepower also lets you create
MULTIPLE videos at the same timeThese are just
SOME of the powerful features built into Clipman
AI Edition. This email would be A LOT longer if
I were to type it all out, so Ill drop a quick
summary down below for you - Create Unlimited
Videos (Create an Army of High-Converting Videos
for ALL Your Products)- Specialized AI Technology
Recommends The Most Profitable Templates Based on
Your Niche (Backed By THOUSANDS of REAL Ads).- AI
Tech Compiles Optimized Videos from Any Product
or Web Link For You. - LIVE Adapting Videos
(Template Adapts LIVE As You Type - See EXACTLY
How Your Final Video Will Look BEFORE It's
Rendered)! - New Lightning Fast Video Creation
(Render Videos 10x Faster Than Your Average Video
App)- Simultaneous Rendering (Create DOZENS of
Videos At Once)- Powerful Sales-Generating
Templates (50 Top-Converting Templates)- Longer
Text Fields (FINALLY Enough Space to Sell With
Video)- Sync Videos to Facebook Ads Directly
inside Clipman (Save the Ads Manager Confusion!)-
Included Shopify App (Create Videos in 1-Click
Without Ever Leaving Your Store).all the above
comes neatly tied together with FULL Agency
rights. Clipman AI Edition Review guidance solves
just about EVERY huge stumbling block that
currently exists. So all thats left to do now is
to let you know about the HUGE launch discount
they have available. with video set to grow 15x
bigger by 2022. ...with video being the 1 way to
sell ANYTHING. How are you using video to
kickstart your sales in the New Year? With
outdated apps that do anything BUT make you
sales? Or with something BRAND NEW thats taking
the video marketing scene by storm? Id like you
to meet Clipman AI Edition. Clipman AI allows
you to create the perfect, top-converting
marketing video on your very first try.
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