Magento Community Vs. Magneto Enterprise Edition - Which is Best? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Magento Community Vs. Magneto Enterprise Edition - Which is Best?


Decide Between Magento Community Edition Vs. Magneto Enterprise Edition on your Store Priorities like Security, Cost, Scalability, Multiple languages and Multiple Currencies, Performance, Support and more. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Magento Community Vs. Magneto Enterprise Edition - Which is Best?

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Magento Community Vs. Magneto Enterprise Edition
- Which is Best?
E-commerce owners have to decide a lot of things
when it comes to creating an online store for
their business. From start to end they have to
select the best from the available
alternatives. Magento is the most scalable as
well as highly customizable platform available
nowadays. It is a feature-rich platform. Magento
eCommerce development requires a lot of features
as well as functionalities. Magento also offers
solutions to B2B and B2C businesses of all
sizes. While selecting the platform, if you have
selected Magento for your store, then you will
have further two choices. Magento Community
Edition Magento Community Edition is a free
version of Magento which was created by Roy Rubin
and Yoav Kutner. This is the free version offered
by Magento with all the basic features as well as
functionalities. It is simple if you want to
start. Just download it for free from Magento or
any other source. Anyone can utilize this
platform to build a
  • website. As it is an open-source platform, it can
    be easily customized with needed features. It is
    ideal for small-sized businesses as well as new
  • It doesnt require any cost, the only cost needed
    in this version is for
  • Domain name
  • Web hosting
  • Qualified Magento developer
  • Magento Solution Partner
  • You can also explore on Should I Hire a Magento
    Freelancer or a Development Company?
  • Magento Enterprise Edition
  • It is the paid version of Magento developed from
    the Magento community edition with the same
    functionalities. You will need Magneto Certified
    Developer for this. Those who need more
    functionalities apart from the basic ones, this
    is the perfect edition for you. It is preferred
    by big businesses. Successful businesses all over
    the world are using this edition for their online
    business. Some of the brands are
  • Burger king
  • Ford
  • Coca-cola
  • This edition provides complete support to its
  • To know the pros and cons of Magento community
    edition vs Magento Enterprise edition, go through
    the below-given points
  • Security
  • Do you want to consider highly secured payment
    bridges? Both versions have a different level of
  • Magento Community Edition doesnt provide secure
    payment bridges or credit card tokenization. This
    free edition of Magento is not even PCI (Payment
    Card Industry) compliant, which is a major
  • While Magento Enterprise Edition provides a safe
    and secure payment system to its users. Along
    with that it also offers secure payment gateways
    like PayPal, world pay, CyberSource, Braintree,, and many more.
  • Cost
  • Security updates, advanced features, exclusive
    product enhancements, and many more things are
    offered by Magento Enterprise edition. This is a
    paid Edition and you are paying for its advanced
  • Magento Enterprise Edition will cost you about
  • On the other hand, Magento Community Edition is
  • If you are a person who needs constant changes as
    well as rich features, you can definitely select
    Magento Enterprise Edition.
  • Scalability
  • This is a feature for websites who are planning
    to grow at large scale. Are you going to increase
    your market in the future? If you have such type
    of planning, let us clear that Magento Enterprise
    Edition allows you such scalability with all the
    needed features. It also offers to minimize and
    bundle JavaScript and compressing images. Whereas
    the Magento community Edition will not work with
    that. If you are creating a website just for
    popularity or not having any big future plan,
    then Magento Community Edition will not be
  • Multiple languages and Multiple Currencies
  • Magento Enterprise Edition has a multiple
    Language pack to use on your website. It allows
    access to around 80 languages. Nowadays
    targetting any one city or any specific language
    will make your scope in the box. To increase the
    scope around the globe, you will have to create a
    store with multiple languages as well as multiple
    currencies payment options should be there. For
    multiple currencies options, Magneto Enterprise
    Edition has CyberSource, PayPal, multiple payment
    gateways as well as WorldPay.
  • Spread your business successfully with Magento
    Enterprise Edition. While there is no such option
    in Magento Community Edition.
  • Performance
  • Magento Enterprise Edition offers a higher ROI
    because of the support it provides. It provides
    great support for order management, product data
    as well as checkout and also allows the data to
    be scaled independently.
  • The performance of the Magento Enterprise Edition
    is much better than the Magento Community
    Edition. So if you need the best as well as the
    updated rich performance, you will have to
    consider Magento Enterprise Edition for your
    E-Commerce store.
  • Support
  • The backend team of Magneto provides the best
    support to the subscribers. Enterprise Edition
    has also various tools. The support from the
    Community Edition is not as great as the support
    from the Enterprise Edition. Magentos analysts
    will audit your problem and, where possible
    replicate and isolate the same effectively. They
    provide great support via Email, online portals
    as well as telephone.
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