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10 Best IT Services Companies 2019


These companies are not only distinctly ahead among the peers, but are revolutionizing the IT marketplace. The companies that are enlisted provide most innovative solutions to solve IT industry’s toughest challenges and distinguished themselves from peers by their innovative problem solving approach, openness to innovation and ability to forecast future IT trends. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 10 Best IT Services Companies 2019

IT Services vs. IT Consulting Clearing the
Clouds of Confusion / PG-08
Asia Monthly
March 2019
10 Best IT Services Companies
SR 2019
Iskriono Windiarjanto President Director
The Leading End-to-End ICT Solutions Company
BWise - Enterprise Governance,
Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) Software
WHY BWISE --gt Proven track record of
successfully delivering projects and
services. --gt Reliable and ?nancially healthy
parent, providing focus on customer value. --gt
100 con?gurable software offering signi?cant
bene?ts over customization all customers use
the same code base, which leads to short and cost
effective implementations and upgrades
Discover in Virtual Reality how Nasdaq BWise
technology can help Protect against cyber
threats, reduce the burden of Compliance and
Simplify Information Security Management.
Download the app for Android or for iOS and
experience it yourself Automotive Banking Energy
and Utilities
Life Sciences
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Its not that we use technology, we live
Preeti Kumari Kundan Kunwar Adhees Bhanja Deo
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Satrasala Kavya Spandana
Tis integrated into every part of our daily life,
ime and technology are the only things
which do not stop running, and technology
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and it is the driving force behind online
shopping. As digital becomes even more
prevalent, the demand for IT will continue to
raise, which in turn is a major advantage and a
heavier burden on IT organizations. Driven by
the further digitization of business and
increasing market competition, IT is becoming
even more indispensable.
To cope with this pressure, top-notch IT
organizations will focus more on business
efficiencyno easy task, given the shortage of
business-savvy IT experts and the scarcity of
other resources. So tomorrows IT challenges
are basically a question of supply and demand. To
meet these challenges, forward-thinking
companies will capture long-term growth by
striking a balance between the costs of IT and
its value.
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Take a look at The Silicon Review 10 Best IT
Services Companies 2019. These companies are
not only distinctly ahead among the peers, but
are revolutionizing the IT marketplace. The
companies that are enlisted provide most
innovative solutions to solve IT industrys
toughest challenges and distinguished themselves
from peers by their innovative problem solving
approach, openness to innovation and ability to
forecast future IT trends.
Success recognized to the fullest!
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ASIA MONTHLY March 2019 Volume - 3 Issue -
COVER STORY / PG-18 The Leading End-to-End ICT
Solutions Company telkomsigma
IT Services vs. IT Consulting Clearing the
Clouds of Confusion
Revolutionizing IT services for better delivery
Global Delivery Model
TATA Consultancy Services becomes the 3rd Most
Valued IT Services Brand Followed by Some Other
Indian Companies
How Genetic Modification and Biotechnology Have
Evolved Over the Years
Scientists Have Now Developed Artificial Skin to
Help Human Regain Their Sense of Touch
Mind Controlled Rat Cyborgs Are Now a Reality
The Transition from Traditional IT systems to
Cloud-Based IT Services
Iskriono Windiarjanto President Director
Outsourcing IT Management Why There Is an
Ever-Increased Need
Smart Homes And IoT How Can Businesses Tap Into
The Opportunities Presented By Smart And
Connected Homes?
IT Services Changing Gears
Five Areas in Technology to Watch For In 2019
and Beyond
BULLIONBLOCK LTD Our Mission Is to Financially
Empower People Worldwide With a Decentralized
Financial Ecosystem That Is Governed by the
Objectivity of Blockchain and Backed by Physical
Bullion Reserves. Stability, Not Volatility, Is
the Key to a Crisis-Proof Future. Ilias Bafas,
Founder PG-38
Technology for Optimizing Power Generation,
Transmission, and Consumption Infineon Dr.
Reinhard Ploss, CEO
Revolutionizing Mass Payments across Emerging
Markets Nearex Mayank Sharma, CEO
Leveraging Technology to Deliver Cutting-Edge
Logistical Solutions WiseTech Global Richard
White, CEO Founder
Leading Platform for Open Data Data61 Adrian
Turner, CEO
Helping companies adapt to the future Unite IT
Consulting Deepak Vijayaraj, CEO
Blogapalooza aims to foster business-influencer
collaboration to create authentic conversations
in different platforms Ace Gapuz, CEO PG-52
From Technologies to Solutions, Oodles
Technologies covers everything Maneesh Madan, CEO
Next-generation compute infrastructure for the
most demanding applications E2E Networks Tarun
Dua, Co-founder CMD PG-34
Stimulating Sales through Intuitive Design
Concept9 Dan Pilat, Founder
IT Services
Clearing the Clouds of Confusion
vs. IT Consulting
IT Consulting
echnical jargons in
set customer expectations and goals clearly.
that are needed. Basically, it includes
everything under the sun guidance on process
automation, mobile security, or anything in
context to the customers IT and business goals.
Consulting tells you what and how to use
something to achieve what you are trying to do
better, explains Priyaranjan Anand Marathe, a
technology analyst with a leading US bank.
business domains such as
IT consulting, IT services,
and software consulting
Lets try to understand in detail the
difference between IT Services and IT Consulting
are confusing and it is
difficult to tell where these begin
and end. When it comes to such terminologies, it
is surprisingly vague considering an industry
that is based precisely on specifications,
patterns, and conditions. Often, ambiguity in
the offering statements creates confusion and
undefined customer expectations. Hence,
providing a clear definition of the offering is
crucial in any business model as it establishes
necessary competitive distinctions and helps
IT Consulting The job of an IT consultant is to
provide guidance and advise organizations on how
to effectively utilize information technology
in achieving business objectives. They provide
guidance to customers on their overall IT
strategies and the types of technologies and
A consultant or a domain expert in a particular
area only knows what features or functionalities
to be added to a product or service in a
particular business type, whereas an IT service
expert would know
march 2019
how to code those functionalities. However,
consulting is much more than just providing
suggestions on technologies. As per The
Five Fundamentals of IT consulting, it is
assisting companies to achieve the goals and
preparing them to face real-world issues of
implementation and system operation. These days,
customers not only want opinions, but also
clear strategies from an IT consultant that would
help them implement various solutions. However,
this is where the confusion occurs if
expectations are not described clearly.
IT Services
are far more muddled than we think. Today, the
market also has software consultants coming up.
While IT, technology, software etc., they all
sound similar, each type of consultant has some
distinction as per their specialties. For
instance, software consulting is focused on
software and applications development. But
responsibilities of the software consultant and
an IT consultant are quite similar. Software
consultant is an expert who typically leads an
initiative and counsels on how the
application should be implemented using current
industry approaches, describes Ananya Chandra,
an assistant operations manager. She further
adds that in large enterprises, consultants are
often entitled to provide technical advice on
how to configure and maintain applications.
Hence, even these definitions and expert
comments throwing light
on the subject fail to explain these concepts to
the core. And, it is understandable as it is
complex and far more interrelated.
IT Services IT Services are the work done to
run the IT applications and manage IT
infrastructure. IT Services Management can be
defined as activities performed by an
organization to design, plan, deliver, operate,
and control information technology services
offered to customers.
However, short-sighted spin on these terms can
be counterproductive as it is prone to make
customers confused and less-informed. Vagueness
in the role specification can be detrimental as
it is leaving them to read between the lines. If
the general consensus is considered, there
arent any definite boundaries among IT
services, IT consulting, or Software consulting.
The biggest difference exists probably in the
mentality of the service provider as in how he
wants to get involved in the business. It is
getting complicated considering the fact that in
any roles, the idea is to achieve goals.
Therefore, every field is taking up multiple
tasks and it is not about specialization anymore.
An IT consultant is paid to find the best
solution as per clients expectations. However,
the best solution doesnt necessarily work
every time. Hence, an IT services expert
provides a solution that is feasible based on
what they have in their tool chest. The
difference becomes clearer when one considers
the role of the consultant as an expert
strategic guide and the IT services as an expert
solution provider.
Well, this isnt it! The terminologies
Technology for Optimizing Power Generation,
Transmission, and Consumption
Dr. Reinhard Ploss, CEO Meet the Leader Dr.
Reinhard Ploss, CEO Ploss has been a member of
the Management Board of Infineon Technologies AG
since 2007. He has been CEO since 1 October 2012.
Reinhard Ploss was born on 8 December 1955 in
Bamberg. He studied process engineering at the
Technical University of Munich and in 1986
received his doctorate. He began his career at
Infineon (Siemens AG until 1999) in the same year.
Cwidespread with companies
ontactless infrastructures
quarter (24 percent) of Europeans expect to
start using tap and go contactless payments
with a smartwatch, bracelet, key ring, or other
payment accessories. It is clear that
contactless payment is
modules (IPMs), linear regulators, motor control
solutions, LED drivers, and all forms of AC-DC,
DC- DC, and digital power conversion.
are becoming increasingly
such as Mastercard and Visa offering more and
more tokenization and card digitization services.
Mission Statement With entrepreneurial spirit
Through creativity and commitment, the company
creates value for its customers, employees, and
investors. It understands how semiconductors
increase the performance of modern technology
and enable solutions that will shape peoples
lives today and tomorrow. Developed with passion
and manufactured with precision, every single
product proves its will to succeed. This is what
This trend is paving the way for almost anything
to be turned into a contactless payment
device. Consumers will be able to carry payment
accessories such as rings, tokens, key rings,
bracelets, and watches or wear them on their
fingers, wrists or around their necks. This is
giving customers new-found levels of convenience
to choose their own method of payment. The
contactless symbols, therefore, signal a fun,
fast, and secure purchasing experience.
According to figures from Mastercard, one
already very common in some parts of the world.
Infineon is currently the only company in the
market offering a full-spectrum portfolio of all
power technologies silicon (Si), silicon
carbide (SiC) and GaN. It delivers solutions from
microamps to megawatts with superior energy
efficiency, offering highly reliable IGBTs,
power MOSFETs, GaN e-mode HEMTs, power
discretes, protected switches, Si drivers, GaN
drivers, IGBT modules, intelligent power
march 2019
Semiconductor and system solutions from

Infineon contribute to a better future making
our world easier, safer and greener.
Infineon a reliable partner and helps its
customers to become even more successful.
with low losses take advantage of the
revolutionary CoolMOS superjunction technology
for more efficient power supplies. Infineons
whole range of n-channel and p-channel power
MOSFETs and systems enable innovation and
performance in clients application, including
switch mode power supplies (SMPS), computing,
motor control and drives, consumer, mobile
devices, lighting solutions, automotive, and
greater power efficiency, smaller size, lighter
weight, lower overall cost or all of these
together. Infineon Technologies with its unique
position of being the only company currently
offering silicon (Si), silicon carbide (SiC),
insulated- gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) and
gallium nitride (GaN) devices, is the customers
first choice in all segments.
By accepting responsibility for society
Infineon combines entrepreneurial success with
responsible behavior. With efficient use of
energy, environment-friendly mobility, and
security in a connected world,it solves some of
the most critical challenges that its society
faces while taking a conscientious approach to
the use of natural resources.
Smart Low-Side High-Side Switches All
Industrial PROFET devices are extremely energy
robust, making them ideal for switching
inductive loads and driving relays. Their main
application areas include high-voltage
applications up to 58V, high-speed PWM
applications (up to 1 kHz) and they are most
notably capable of switching higher inductances
IGBT Infineon offers a broad portfolio of IGBT
chips assembled in discrete plastic packages,
called Discretes IGBTs, which are available as
Single IGBTs and co-packed with freewheeling
Diode. These devices are suitable for
applications such as General Purpose Inverters,
Solar Inverters, UPS, Induction Heating, Major
Home Appliances, Welding and SMPS. Benefits of
Discretes IGBT are high current density and low
power dissipation resulting in higher efficiency
and smaller heat sink to allow lower overall
system cost.
With a unique team Men and women from more than
90 countries make Infineon a successful
international company with their skills, their
enthusiasm, and the courage to challenge the
status quo and open up new horizons. Since the
semiconductor was invented, the company has
helped shape the future every single day.
Trademark Products MOSFET Infineons n-channel
and p-channel power MOSFETs are designed in a
unique way to bring more efficiency, power
density, and cost-effectiveness to clients
products.AC-DC applications requiring high
voltage blocking capability and fast switching
Wide Bandgap Semiconductors (SiC/GaN) The key
for the next essential step towards an
energy-efficient world lies in the use of new
materials, such as wide bandgap semiconductors
which allow for
MARCH 2019
Revolutionizing IT services for better
Tprovide better services and
he internet has allowed
need, service providers team up with IT
consultants that bring the required skill sets
and manpower onboard. However, when a business
goes international, it requires more than just
qualified staff. Instead of taking the route of
corporate expansion, companies hire IT services
to provide access to world-class talent and
resources all across the world.
requires a considerable amount of coordination
among the two teams, in addition to adequate
communication. This is done by managers and
coordinators of both the teams maintaining
sufficient synchronization and rapport between
their departments. The team with qualifications
and resources located at the other time zone is
the one provided by the IT services firm.
several industries to
significant convenience for their customers.
Before the advent of personal computers and the
internet, most corporations that catered to
customers carried out their operations by
themselves, manually trudging through vast
amounts of data and customer requests, with no
way to streamline and optimize operations.
However, the internet boom brought with it the
ability for corporations to improve their
services and allowed them to cater to an
enormous number of customers, both local and
international. As more and more industries went
online, there was a rapidly growing need for
further optimizations of ongoing operations.
What it means is that when an organization needs
support for its operations, IT consultants can
provide that from around the world. It allows
companies to resume their operations at all
times and be available for their customers 24/7.
It means that professionals working on a project
in one country can leverage various resources
that might be located in another country. The
advantage this gives to a company is the ability
to service a significantly higher number of
service requests and meet ever tighter deadlines
without stretching out the budget.
There can be more than two teams in as many
locations or even time zones working on various
parts of a single project in order to meet
strict deadlines. The consultants travel to the
clients location to know about the requirements
and decide upon the distribution of work and
establish rapport and coordination protocols
amongst all the various teams situated at
different sites. These practices are important
from a developers perspective. The other
important part of Information Technology is
customer support.
This necessity churned out the famous Global
Delivery Model (GDM) of IT Services. Simply
put, it allows corporations in collaboration with
IT consultancy firms to get more work done
through resources and manpower located at
multiple locations.
If a company based in the United States needs
applies the Global Delivery Model, it can
continue to work on its projects by outsourcing
the workload to consultants in another time zone.
This also applies to customer support. When
workers in the United States end their shift in
the evening, their counterparts in an Asian
country, such as India can continue to work on
the projects where the American team left off.
Such a business model
Most of the people who use internet services or
applications are bound to run into difficulties
associated with it. This is where customer
support comes into the picture. As the name
indicates, it is that part of IT services that
help customers with any queries they may have
with usage. Customers often have to call a
helpline to get their problems sorted. The call
center that handles these issues could be
located anywhere on the globe where it is
suitable to
Why GDM? The global population has
been increasing and more people have begun using
the internet in this decade than ever
before. This surge in connectivity has
stimulated in a burgeoning market for IT
services and companies are racing ahead for a
greater share of the market. In order to meet
delivery Global Delivery Model
provide support to clients in various countries.
Customer support executives usually work in
rotating shifts in order to keep the service
continuing 24/7. There are several benefits of
adapting the Global Delivery Model for software
companies. It gets work done with significantly
lesser investment, keeps the workflow running
around the clock, provides access to greater
resources and varied talent, scalability, enhanced
adaptability to changing client requests as well
as cultural syncretism. Most of all, it
gives corporations the ability to take up a
greater number of projects and deliver on them
all without compromising on excellence. SR
Leveraging Technology to Deliver Cutting-Edge
Logistical Solutions WiseTech Global
deeply integrated, enterprise- class system that
streamlines the operations, accounts,
and management of freight forwarders, NVOCCs,
customs brokers, depots, container freight
stations, warehouses, trucking companies, and
ships agencies, automating and integrating the
vital operations of supply chain service
providers across the world. From single-office
businesses to large multinational companies
worldwide, its clients are able to improve their
visibility, efficiency, quality of service, and
profitability by utilizing next- generation
Richard White CEO Founder
CargoWise One puts productivity at the center of
everything businesses do. Its single-platform
system gives customers high levels of automation
and visibility to streamline processes
throughout a business. Because of its cloud-based
capability, key in corporate data just once and
it becomes instantly accessible across the
companys worldwide operations, reducing the
margin of error and the need for labor-intense
workflows. For performance-driven businesses in
need of enhancing productivity, CargoWise One
presents an efficient solution for simplifying
the supply chain.
Our purpose is to improve visibility,
efficiency, and quality of service while
simultaneously reducing operating costs and
increasing profitability.
Ltransportation of cargo and
ogistics is an integral part of
industries. Since 1994, WiseTech has helped
logistics companies efficiently manage the
movement of goods and information. With over
8,000 logistics organizations using its software
across 130 countries, the companys breakthrough
solutions are designed to deliver powerful
productivity, extensive functionality,
comprehensive integration, and deep compliance
organizations that deal in the
information. With ever-increasing globalization
and burgeoning population, the demand for
various kinds of goods and services has risen
sharply. This rising market has stimulated the
growth of corporations that provide innovative
solutions for logistics. One such market leading
company to provide top of the line software for
logistics support is WiseTech Global.
Simple Compliance with Global Customs CargoWise
One provides a customs clearance system that
ensures compliance with the continually
changing regulations and requirements across the
world. The system simplifies customs process
WiseTech Globals flagship product, CargoWise
One, provides a comprehensive end-to-end
logistics solution and forms an integral link in
the global supply chain. It is a highly flexible,
WiseTech Global is an innovative global
developer of cloud- based software solutions for
the international and domestic logistics
march 2019
by retrieving the calculated duty and tax and
predicts entry fees for the relevant customs
authority prior to submission so clients always
know what to expect. In addition to convenient
functionality, carefully selected WiseTech
Global partners are available to help customers
with any compliance issues that may arise
locally. CargoWise One is the comprehensive
compliance solution that keeps its clients
one-step ahead.
throughout their operations.
invoicing requirements into one compellingly
simple, multi-layered form. It allows users to
create and send all types of declarations, and
it automatically links them to shipment details
within the system. Companies offer a higher
level of service to their customers when they
use CargoWise One. Through workflow alert,
notifications and extensive, automated push
reporting, customers have a clear line of sight
to their customs clearance details and process
Quick and Easy Tariff Classification CargoWise
One grants access to fully integrated online
tariff classification tools that assist
companies in classifying commodities. Easily
search through tariff chapter notes, section
notes, binding ruling information,
countervailing, and anti-dumping cases, along
with all other government agency requirements
and duty rate information all from within the
system. Use the keyword search function to
quickly gather the information needed, then
select the tariff and let CargoWise One
automatically populate entries. Regularly updated
to satisfy the latest tariff requirements, CargoW
ise One gives an easy-to-use import-export
solution that ensures compliance with government
Data Collection and Automation CargoWise One
offers a complete customs solution that can
handle everything from the simplest one- line
entry to the most complex scenario. As an
enterprise-class software solution, CargoWise
One compiles all customs-related data across
operations, minimizing unnecessary re-keying and
automatically issuing this data to both clients
and customs. From configurable dashboard views
and data entry fields to automatic notifications
and calculations of disbursement, CargoWise One
reduces data entry and eliminates errors so
organizations can increase both productivity and
Warehousing Solutions Designed to optimize
warehouse processes, CargoWise One provides a
comprehensive management system with complete
visibility and inventory control for effective
3PL and 4PL operations. Customers goods will
be delivered in full and on time, every time. It
suits the present scale of a companys operations
from small warehouses with few orders to
large, multi- warehouse operations and can be
reconfigured to match future growth. Through
integration with transportation and forwarding
operations, the system reduces the hassle of
high data-entry volume. CargoWise One
streamlines workflow by linking its clients
warehouse operations to client partners,
providers, and the worldwide supply chain.
Increased Operational Integration CargoWise One
is a complete suite of integrated ERP
applications that integrates forwarding,
costing, and
Meet the Driving Force behind Wisetech
Global Richard founded WiseTech Global in 1994
and has been CEO and an Executive Director since
As an innovator, WiseTech Global uses software
and hardware to solve problems and create new
ways of working and living. The firm builds
products using the latest software tools and
advanced hardware platforms and takes pride in
delivering solutions that make a significant
difference to its customers, partners, staff,
shareholders, and the logistics industry at
Richard has over 30 years of experience in
software development, embedded systems and
business management, and over 20 years of
freight/logistics industry experience.
Prior to founding WiseTech Global, Richard was
the founder and managing director of Real Tech
Systems Integration (provider of computer
consulting and systems integrations services) and
founder and CEO of Clear Group (distributor of
computer-related equipment).
Richard holds a Master of Business in Information
Technology from UTS (University of Technology,
Richard is a UTS Luminarie and a Fellow of UTS.
MARCH 2019
TATA Consultancy Services becomes the 3rd Most
Brand Followed by Some Other Indian Companies
CS makes the top 10
up to this is our very own TATA Consulting
Services Group.
the current market. Companies like Infosys and
the American brand Cognizant have held their
previously owned positions. That is Cognizant
in fourth and Infosys in fifth. Cognizant is said
to have a brand value up by 12 per cent to USD
8.7 billion and the same way Infosys had a
brand value up by 8 per cent USD 6.5 billion.
Now Cognizant might have its headquarters in the
US, its main operations are in Chennai. It
further has sub-branches in Hyderabad, Mumbai,
Bengaluru, Pune, Cochin, and Kolkata.
list of IT services brand
along with other Indian
companies. India is well
TCSs Success TATA Consultancy Services is up
to 23 per cent to 12.8 billion, which gave it
the 3rd spot. The value bolstered by the brands
disciplined focus on its market that increased
demand for digital services. TCS is considered
to be Indians first-ever IT services brand that
had achieved success in Japan as well. This
shows that the company has scaled to different
regions and has been very much successful. It is
known to be a multinational information
technology service, consulting company. It has
its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra along
with many sub-branches around parts of India.
Not to mention the fact that it is part of the
Tata Group and operates in 46 countries. TATA
Consultancy Services is one of the largest Indian
companies by market capital and hence that is
what gave it the 3rd spot in the market.
aware of the company
called TCS (TATA Consultancy
Services). Its an honour for many individuals
to be part of TCS. It is the first Indian IT
services brand to achieve success in the
Japanese market. It has also positioned itself
as a leader in providing a superior all-round
customer experience. TCS has also leveraged
artificial intelligence and robotic automation,
across the transformation programmes it has and
this is why it now stands in the third spot on
the global level as the most valued IT service
brand. The two firms that took the top two spots
are Accenture and IBM according to Brand
Finance. Also, the fact that companies such as
Wipro, HCL and Infosys made the list in the top
Many other companies also made it to the top-10
list included Capgemini, DXC Technology and NTT
Data. All of them have played their part and
have successfully made it on the list. These
many companies are part of the list is because
India has a high - world- class facility
followed by a good infrastructure to support the
IT industry. Bengaluru is considered to be the
Silicon Valley of India due to its capability of
holding such big companies. The employees and
partners work hard on the development of their
companies and that is why providing them with
the right IT infrastructure becomes the main
priority of every company. The growth seems
endless because these companies have been in the
India market for quite some time now. Also, it
doesnt look like they are going to stop at that
and we might be in a generation where companies
like TCS, Infosys and more grow to a bigger
entity and top the charts in the world.
Accenture and IBM Accenture has taken the title
for the worlds most valued IT service brand
that has been valued at 26.3 billion. Prior to
Accenture, it was IBM that topped the chart but
now it has dropped to 20.4 billion. This is
how the market works and the entirety of
activities carried out by these companies have
exceeded that of any other company. These two
companies have been in the market for quite some
time now. Each and every part of the world knows
Accenture and IBM. Even in India it has its
branches and has a lot of respect in the market.
Other Indian Firms that Made the List Wipro is
one of the companies that entered the top-10 list
for the first time this year. The company went
up 25 per cent to USD 4 billion. The Wipro has
significantly invested in digital transformation
capabilities. It is important to realize that
niche acquisition, recent brand refresh, and
many other signs of progress have propelled the
company to be the third fastest-growing brand in
march 2019
Valued IT Services
N. Chandrasekaran Chairman
MARCH 2019
We provide
system integration solutions that are proven,
developed by the best in the industry.
Iskriono Windiarjanto, President Director
Meet the Dynamic Leader Iskriono Windiarjanto,
President Director Iskriono Windiarjanto served
as President Director of Telkomsigma since May
2018. He has dedicated himself as a part of
Telkom Indonesia for more than 25 years with his
experience and expertise in managing the field
of the ICT industry and dealing with Telco and
SI. He has earned his Master of Information
Technology Degree from Royal Melbourne Institute
of Technology, Australia. Iskriono has acquired
more than 20 certifications training and
assessment courses in IT. He also has been
awarded as Prima Reward Employee from Telkom
Indonesia in 2013.
march 2019
The Leading End-to-End ICT Solutions Company
EEnd-to-End ICT Solutions
stablished in 1987, PT Sigma
Its solutions portfolio comprises of excellence
Managed Services (International certified Data
Center, Cloud Computing, E-Transaction, Telco
Managed Services, and Edutainment Media and
Communication Services), Financial Banking
Software Development Services, Consulting and
System Integrator.
Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan
CiptaCaraka (telkomsigma)
is a leading integrated
Enterprise Solutions The company is delivering
cost-effective solutions, so clients can focus
on their core business. Its solutions
compriseof Colocation, Data Recovery Services,
Working Room, Communication Link etc.
company for more than 29 years
in Indonesia, currently employing more than 1200
personnel including internationally certified IT
professionals. With its experiences and
competencies, the company has been at the
forefront of innovative IT solutions,
development, and operations, delivering IT
benefits both at home and abroad.
Currently,telkomsigma Solutions Services have
been implemented by more than 350 clients from
various industries in Indonesia. In early 2008,
telkomsigma was acquired by a subsidiary of the
largest information and telecommunications
services provider in Indonesia, TELKOM.
ITILv3 Implementation telkomsigma with over 120
dedicated managed services professionals
applies best practices in ensuring its clients
data for their vital business continuity. Its
best practices are in line with ITIL v3 and
have been internationally certified.
telkomsigma is the pioneer in the data center
managed services in Indonesia. It started its
data center and managed services outsourcing,
with over 15 years of international standard
experience and trust in the data center industry.
The company has 3 world class standard data
centers in Indonesia Serpong (BSD) Tangerang,
Sentul West Java and SurabayaEast Java. It has
dedicated data center facilities for providing
premium colocation, cloud solutions, and
managed services solutions.
Managed Services-Cloud Computing In the
hyper-competitive business environment and fast
pace business change to adapt to the
environment, a business needs information
technology to create and sustain competitive
advantage. Through cloud computing, business
not only will possess information technology but
cost-efficient IT solutions with fast IT
delivery to support their business.
Services and Solutions Data Center Services
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Natural disasters, terrorists, social risks such
as riots, and hackers are threats to ones
business operations. To counter this threat,
its important to have risk analysis and
management activity to undertake focused, an
organization-specificplan such as locating the
server into a secure area and performing security
testing including vulnerability assessment of
the server and network infrastructure. In other
words, to mitigate the risks it is important for
a business to have a Business
telkomsigma offers comprehensive information
technology services comprising of consulting
services, managing IT services, software
development services, and integrated data center
operations in the banking (conventional and
sharia-based), financial, telecommunications,
manufacturing, distribution, and other sectors.
telkomsigma is the first cloud computing
provider in Indonesia and ASEAN to receive CSA
Security, Trust and Assurance Registry (STAR)
Certification. Assessed by BSI (British
Standards Institution),
MARCH 2019
Awards and Achievements
Following are some of the awards and recognitions
the company has won
Corporate Image Awards The Best in Building and
Managing Corporate Image Category Data Center
(2017 and 2016)
Partner Network Award for Cloud / Service
Provider of The Year 2014 from VMware
Oracle Applications Partner of the Year (2012)
for BPO
ACER Top Achiever Platinum Level (2011)
Oracle Applications Partner of the Year (2008,
2010, 2011)
Euronet Partnership Business Awards
APICTA (Asia Pacific ICT Alliance) The winner
of e-health (2008)
Vision Solution Customers Awards Leaders have
vision (2008)
Recognizing of achieving Microsoft competency in
delivering network infrastructure
Most Active Awards Bina Data Mandiri Self
Service Banking Solutions (2004)
Museum Rekor Indonesia (Indonesian Records
Museum) The first initiator of ATM for BPD
(Bank Pembangunan Daerah) capable of online
transfer (2003)
IBM Business Partners Awards 2nd Q 2002, 3rd Q
2002, 4th Q 2002, 3rd Q 2003
ADOC (APEC Digital Opportunity Center) for The
best e practices project Sigma Syariah
Financial System
APICTA (Asia Pacific ICT Alliance) Indonesia
Best of the Best (2002)
march 2019
telkomsigma operates an Information Security
Management System which complies with the
requirements of CSA STAR Certification 2013 and
achieved Certification for the provision of IT
operation management services to support IaaS
cloud computing operation.
provision and operation of data center backup
infrastructure, communication networks, and
implementation of testing/periodic simulation.
With its DRS solution, it helps clients address
some of the IT issues as well as cost concern for
additional maintenance effort and enabling them
to focus on the core business.
prioritized privacy, it also provides dedicated
Working Room With more than 15 years of
experience in managing the data center,
telkomsigma fully understands the clients
needs and the requirement for the room and
facilities. For customers IT operation people
and end users, telkomsigma provides working
rooms which are connected to the servers.
Customers can choose dedicated or shared working
rooms to suit their needs.
Financial Banking Solutions telkomsigma
provide solutions to answer ones needs to stay
up to date with changing regulations, deliver
customers demands for modern financial and
banking services while also improving the
business process with an integrated and
automated system.
Server/Machine Room The company provides server
rooms that are separated from the working room.
Its server rooms are located inside a
high-security area with limited access. Its
facilities also include 24-hour security
guards on patrol, server rooms can only be
accessed via proximity and biometric security
system. Each room is also equipped with CCTV
which monitors and records the area all the time.
Dedicated working rooms, provided for a minimum
of 5 persons, is specifically designed to the
customers requirements and can be used at any
time. To accommodate customers who need the
working room occasionally, such as for BCP
room, telkomsigma provides a shared working
room. The room is shared with other customers
and can be used for 4 working days a year or
twice a year.
IT Consulting Services System Integration
telkomsigma has realized the interest of
companies to utilize IT in their business
process, therefore it has collaborated with
leading world-class technology partners to
provide IT Consulting and System Integration in
Enterprise Business Solution (EBS) and
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions,
which generating an improving workflow and
increasing efficiency to business process of its
The server room is designed with a Water Leak
Detection System to protect equipment from
any liquids. The server room is equipped with a
raised floor up to 60cm, Automatic Fire
Suppression System (Novec), VESDA (Very Early
Smoke Detection Apparatus), temperature and
moisture control system with N1configuration.
The room will be maintained with 19 25 degree
Celsius and 40 60 humidity. Power supplies
for all the IT Equipment are supported by
redundant UPS (with N1 or 2N configuration) and
redundant electricity generator (with
N1 configuration). UPS backup battery is up to
30 minutes.
The working rooms are equipped with
  • Building Air Conditioning during work days
  • Portable Fire Extinguisher
  • CCTV Camera and Access control using proximity
  • Office furniture, such as desks, chairs,
    printer, fax machine
  • PSTN line Telephone
  • Cable connection to the server area
  • Desktop PC, including OS, MS Office, Antivirus

Data Center Solutions Disaster Recovery
Services In disaster-prone areas like
Indonesia, business is often challenged with
unanticipated situations, such as earthquakes or
great floods. For companies that need high data
security, they will need a reliable and
trustworthy IT infrastructure and data recovery
system to anticipate the unexpected. DRS
helpits customers manage their non-core
functions under the outsourcing scheme.
To protect from electrical noise, the power
cable is placed under the raised floor while
data cable is placed overhead. Fiber optic cable
tray is separated from copper cable tray. On
shared data center users, the server placements
were planned in such a way as to gain maximum
efficiency and cost-effectiveness. However, for
companies that
Communication Link telkomsigma Data Center is
open to all telco service providers. Both
national and international telco providers are
currently available in its data centers, i.e.
Telkom, Lintasarta, ICON, XL, CSM, Indosat,
Indonet, Biznet, NAP Info, Primacom, First
Media, Singtel, Orange, and KDDI.
DRS support the operational viability of a
companys IT system with a range of services,
MARCH 2019
o v e
t o r
Message from the CEO

Iskriono Windiarjanto
President Director of telkomsigma
With 29 years in the ICT industry, telkomsigma
remains committed to delivering integrated ICT
Solutions to
help our customers in the Finance, Banking,
Distribution, Telecommunication, and other
various industries
to achieve their business objectives. In past,
various transformations have occurred but with
our solid
management team, we continue to stay ahead of the
market in providing our clients with quality ICT
solutions and maintain consistent growth.
For telkomsigma, 2016 was a year of great goals
and great achievements. After 28 years in the ICT
industry, telkomsigma has achieved revenue of
more than 1 Trillion IDR. I am proud of our
talented and dedicated employees, partners,
shareholder, and stakeholders who trust
telkomsigma in delivering the highest quality
End-to-End ICT solutions in Indonesia.
This year is also marked by the expansion of our
data center facilities. We aim to maintain our
position as the leader and the largest provider
of data center services in Indonesia. As a core
solution, expansion of our data center
facilities support telkomsigmas up and coming
solutions such as Cloud Computing Services named
TelkomCloud and also to maintain in delivering
quality IT Managed Services, IT Operation
Management, end-to-end Financial Banking
Solutions, and Consulting System
Integration. As a subsidiary of TELKOM
Indonesia, with the competencies in the ICT
Industry and supported by our experience and
existing infrastructure, telkomsigma will become
the main contributor in advancing TELKOM Groups
business portfolio (TIMES Telecommunications,
Information, Media Entertainment, Services),
especially I S (Information
Services). With TELKOM Groups working spirit
of SOLID, SPEED, and SMART, we hope to build our
values and
maintain our position as the leading End-to-End
ICT Company in Indonesia. From dedication to human

development and implementation of international
standards and processes, telkomsigma is committed
our valuable clients in providing the highest
quality solutions.
march 2019
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How Genetic Modification and Biotechnology Have
Evolved Over the Years
enetic modification has
evidences also state that animals including
cats, sheep, cattle, pigs were domesticated
somewhere around the 9000 and 8000 BC.
the modern day biotechnology. It is now simpler
and quicker to target a specific gene for more
precise alteration of the organism through
genetic engineering.
been done by mankind since
thousands of years from now.
Genetic modification, also known
as genetic engineering, began when humans first
started to domesticate organisms. Initially
accomplished by Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen
in 1972, genetic modification occurred as a
result of a series of
However, the eight Neolithic founder crops had
already appeared by about 7000 BC. Emmer wheat,
einkorn wheat, barley, peas, lentils, bitter
vetch, chick peas and flax are referred to as
the eight Neolithic
Genetically Modifying Crops for Food Production
and Other
developments in techniques that enabled the
genome to be directly manipulated. It was
achieved by years and years of controlled and
artificial selection of plants and animals.
According to certain evidences dating back to
12,000 BC, dogs were the first animals to be
domesticated that are believed to have evolved
from the common ancestor of the grey wolf. Such
Uses Genetically modified crops will have an
essential role in protecting the worlds food
supply as climate changes take adverse
turns. Climate changes and crop diseases make it
increasingly difficult to feed the world.
Biotech crops will ensure that theres enough to
eat. Genetically modifying crops can be
founder crops domesticated by early Holocene
farming communities which later set the
foundation for systematic agriculture in the
Middle East, India, Persia, North Africa and
Europe. Done indirectly for thousands of years
by controlled and selective breeding of plants
and animals, genetic modification now has a
better approach due to
march 2019
done by four primary methods, i.e. selective
breeding, mutagenesis, RNA interference,
transgenics. Selective breeding has been in use
since quite a long time and is the oldest method
of genetic modification. It is therefore
not included in the GMO food category. In
selective breeding, a specific targeted
characteristic is achieved by introducing and
breeding two strains of plants, whereas in
mutagenesis, chemicals and radiation are used to
mutate the organisms. The resulting offsprings
with the targeted traits are kept and further
bred. Even the process of mutagenesis is
excluded from the GMO food category. However,
the last two methods, RNA interference and
transgenics are counted among the genetic
engineering types. As said by the FDA, certain
crops go through genetic engineering to enhance
crop yield, make them resistant to insect damage
and immune to the common plant diseases as well
as make them capable of having high nutritional
value. Such genetically modified crops are
commonly known by the name of GMO crops.
and 88 percent of corn crops are genetically
modified. Genetically modified GMO crops like
cotton can resist insects thereby eliminating
the need to spray pesticides on them that could
have possibly become the cause of groundwater and
environment contamination.
are not genetically engineered and therefore are
not put under the category of GMO food products.
According to the National Human Genome Research
Institute, scientists have been modifying lab
animals to research on ways biotechnology can
help in treating human disease and repair tissue
damage. One of the latest forms of this
technology is called CRISPR that is based on the
ability of the bacterial immune system to use
CRISPR regions and Cas9 enzymes to deactivate
foreign DNA that enters a bacterial cell. CRISPR
technology is being used to develop cures for
cancer and to find and edit single pieces of DNA
that may lead to disease in the future. Genetic
engineering can also find application in stem
cell therapy as well as in regenerating tissue
damaged from a stroke or heart attack.
In spite of this, the widespread usage and
cultivation of GMO crops has stirred up some
controversies. Jacob says that GMOs can have a
negative impact on the environment. There is a
possibility that pollen from GMO crops can drift
to the fields of non-GMO crops and weed
populations leading to non-GMOs acquiring the
traits of GMO crops due to cross-pollination.
Now it has become tough for individual and
small-scale farmers after several large
biotechnology firms started to monopolize the
GMO crop industry. So instead of working away
from them, farmers can choose to work along with
biotech firms in order to reap the benefits of
increased crop yields and reduced pesticide
Though the technology is at our disposal,
pursuing genetic modification experiments on
human is inherently problematic and
controversial. In addition to that, the risks
associated with that are not known.
Genetically Modifying Animals and Humans Often
livestock are selectively bred to enhance growth
rate, muscle mass and disease resistance. Taking
chicken for example, certain lines of chicken
raised for meat are known to grow faster than
they used to back in the 1960s. Presently,
According to Nitya Jacob, crop scientist at
Oxford College of Emory University in Georgia,
GMO crops present a lot of promise in solving
agricultural issues. As per the statistics by
the FDA, cotton, corn and soybeans are among the
most commonly grown crops in the U.S. and
almost 93 percent of soybeans
MARCH 2019
Leading Platform for Open Data Data61
s part of the National
have a large impact on Australia, to aid its
future prosperity and independence.
many others to help add insight and
understanding to their data. Thats because
collecting the data is only the beginning. Its
what happens next where the real value is
Innovation and Science
Agenda, Data61 is working
with Australian government
agencies on RD projects that aim to increase
the number and availability of high-value
datasets between government agencies, and to the
public. The projects under the Platforms for
Open Data program will
Mastery Data61 is fearless, curious, and it
improves every day. It strives to excel in
research, technology, and business, and to work
with the best in the world.
Analytics is about seeing patterns, adding
insight and understanding the world in new ways.
It is about seeing further, understanding
deeper and seeing consistency in patterns that
were hidden by noise and chaos. There has never
been more opportunity for organizations small
and large to use the power of computing and
leverage the exponential growth in data. Its
the reason the company is in demand from both
business and government.
Co-Creation of Value Everything it does
involves co- creation with its network team,
customers, and partners. Generously empowering
their success is central to its success.
  • facilitate more use of public data by providing
    better search and discovery
  • make more high-value datasets available ensuring
    a high level of privacy protection
  • lead the use of public data by performing
    advanced analytics on data

Ownership of Results The company jointly holds
itself accountable for its actions. It does
this via trust and commitment.
Cyber-physical systems Cyber-physical systems
are the connection of digital devices to the
physical environment. The company has built
biosensors to monitor oyster health, systems
that collect and monitor real-time agricultural
data, driverless vehicles for hazardous
situations, and drones for environmental
These projects use an iterative approach to
develop new technologies based on the needs of
the partner agency, ensuring that the
technologies are applicable across multiple
agencies. The end goal is to use these
technologies to make more high-value government
data available to more people while preserving
People and their Differences The firm embraces
the creativity that comes from the diversity of
its people.
Agility and Flexibility Data61 views the
changing world as an opportunity. This requires
agility and flexibility in everything it does
everything changes, except its constant desire
to adapt.
In the process, Data61 has made sensing
accurate, robust, and secure, learned how to
collect, store, and distribute data efficiently
and reliably, developed highly accurate, fast,
and ubiquitous 3D world mapping with
multisensory data (3D) and also, augmented
human capabilities through wearable sensors and
robotic co-workers.
Data61s Values When Data61 was formed, a
core set of values was defined. The aim of these
values is to shape the day-to-day behaviors and
mindset at Data61, allowing the company to do
the best work. Its values act as the guiding
principle for the way it interacts with each
other, its stakeholders and shape its culture
and brand.
Tell it Straight, with Respect The company says
what it means, means what it says, and does not
mislead, obfuscate, or spin. It is direct and
always respectful.
Data61s Programs Analytics Data61 turns big,
complex data sets into knowledge. It works with
hospitals, environmental managers, banks,
scientists, and
National Digital Challenge Data and emerging
digital technologies will play a pivotal role
in the transformations that are required in
society, the economy
Great Impact The company focuses its valuable
resources on areas where it can lead globally and
march 2019
Data61 is Australias leading digital research
network were here to help you create your
data-driven future.
Adrian Turner, CEO
and the environment. Australias past economic
success was driven to a large extent by its
primary industries like mining and agriculture.
Future economic growth, however, cannot rely on
this. Over the coming years, Australia has a
315 billion economic opportunity enabled by
data and digital technologies. From a societal
standpoint, growing and aging population,
ongoing urbanization, and concerns about the
environment all present opportunities for
Australia to demonstrate leadership domestically
and on the global stage. Consumer Data
Standards The Australian government is
introducing a Consumer Data Right giving
consumers greater control over their data. Part
of this right requires the creation of common
technical standards making it easier and safer
for consumers to access data held about them by
businesses, and if they choose to share this
data via application programming interfaces
(APIs) with trusted, accredited third parties.
Data61 has been appointed as technical advisor
for an interim standards body, designing the
first iteration of open technical standards to
support consumer-driven data sharing. Meet the
Leader Adrian Turner, CEO Adrian is a successful
and influential Australian technology
entrepreneur who has spent 18 years in Silicon
Valley. He is also co-chair of the Australia
Cyber Security Growth Network (ACSGN) and a
member of the Board of Directors for the
Australian eHealth Research Centre (AeHRC). Most
recently, he was Managing Director and
Co-founder of Borondi Group. Prior to this,
Adrian was Co-founder and CEO of smartphone and
Internet of Things security company Mocana
Corporation, had profit and loss responsibility
for Philips Electronics connected devices
infrastructure, and was Chairman of the Board for
Australias expat network, Advance.org. Adrian
was also the author of the eBook BlueSky Mining,
Building Australias Next Billion Dollar
Scientists Have Now Developed Artificial Skin to
Human Regain Their Sense of Touch
This is how one can perceive the distinctions in
different kinds of environmental fluctuations by
the use of silicone skin.
Leaving the Limitations of Human Senses
Behind The human skin is capable of recognising
the environmental conditions with its complex
mechanism, but it has certain limitations. There
are many other things that the human skin is
incapable of sensing. Therefore, Mosa hopes to
develop a new sensor that could go beyond the
limitations of the human skin instead of just
mimicking it. He said, It would be very cool if
it had abilities human
Tnanoparticles in silicone is the
he flow of electric current
engineer Abdelsalam Ahmed of the University of
Toronto to develop a mechanism that can create a
sensation resembling the way human skin feels
heat or cold, pressure or vibration, and other
physical changes.
skin does not for example, the ability to
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