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Become a Business Analyst without IT Background | JanBask Training


Read few tips to become a business analyst without having any IT background. We will discuss how, with no BA experience, you can make a pathway to be a business analyst. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Become a Business Analyst without IT Background | JanBask Training

Want to Become a Business Analyst without IT
Chapter 9
Many successful business analysts today have
started their career with a different job role.
SO, here is the answer to all those who ask a
question quite frequently can I become a
business analyst without having prior experience
or IT background?
  • Introduction
  • Diagram
  • Brief Description
  • Understand the job role
  • Interact With Experts
  • Optimize your current job role
  • Project Documents
  • Diagram 2.0
  • Training and Certifications
  • Relevant Experience
  • Conclusion

Brief Description
Bullet Points about Business Analyst
  • Business Analyst roles may sound different to
    you, but it should be emphasized. 
  • Business analysis has no defined boundaries
    rather it is diversified. 
  • You must have strong communication skills and
    emotional intelligence to perform this role
  • A business analyst is responsible for collecting
    user requirements and implementing technical
    solutions to cater to those needs. 
  • Therefore, we can say that a BA works as a
    connector between a business team and an IT
  • Due to this reason, people think that starting a
    career as a business analyst need good IT
    knowledge. Relax, this is not true!

Understand the job role
Understand the job role of a business analyst
  • Improving the overall business model by changing
    the ongoing strategies for the betterment
  • Implementing new technologies and ideas to take
    the business to the next level, 
  • Calculating all the measures that can boost
    revenue are the key responsibilities of a
    business analyst.
  • We all handle the role of BA in some aspects as
    we are contributing to organizational growth.

Interact With Experts
 Interact with business analysts and learn
  • Heard business analysis experts success stories
    and implemented their ideas to build a strong
  • When you communicate to a professional of any
    domain, they share domain-specific information
    that helps you a lot in going forward. 
  • Ask them about the challenges they faced as a
    business analyst and what strategies applied to
    address those issues.
  • Another important point that you must ask a BA is
    about all the references or sources from where
    they learn something to improve skills and
    perform better. 
  • You can join various forums, communities or
    groups wherein business analysts discuss their
    experiences, job opportunities, tips tricks,
    and learning resources. 
  • You must have the ability to represent your
    current job as the basic level role of a business
    analyst to make your entry easy in the business
    analytics world.

 JOB Role
  • If you keep an attitude of improving the process
    of your daily activities, you are already on the
    track of becoming a good business analyst. 
  • Going office, doing the same job in the same
    style every day will neither add benefit to your
    growth nor organization growth. 
  • No matter whether you are at home or office, try
    to figure out the ways that can improve the
    results of your job role.
  • You can create an excel sheet for yourself or
    involve other people to check whether or not you
    are improving the existing process. 
  • Once you start working on so many projects, you
    get an idea of all the possible aspects of a BA
    to handle a case, and it helps you to grow

Project Documents
Go through some Project Documents
  • A business analyst listens to people carefully,
    convert their words into business requirements,
    and send it to a team. 
  • This is a very critical job, and a minor
    difference in understanding can create a big
  • To start a career as a BA, you should first go
    through some project document write ups
  • In the business requirement doc, you will find
    information related to user requirements, project
    scope and the method of the overall process. 
  • In the technical requirement document, you will
    learn about technical things like how user
    requirements can be implemented. 

Diagram 2.0
Training and Certifications
Get some training and certifications
  • To start a career in business analysis, BA
    training can help you build a foundation. 
  • Before choosing any business analyst course, make
    sure you have done a depth analysis, and the
    institute you have chosen holds a good reputation
    and can help you get a valuable certification. 
  • When you take training from a reputable online
    platforms, you learn good things and apply your
    learning to get a job as a business analyst. 
  • Also, the chance of employability remains high
    while you have the right skill set and valuable
  • While joining a training course, prefer those
    institutes that can provide you some experience
    or certification so that you can use it as proof
    of knowledge regarding BA.

Relevant Experience
Show your experience relevant for the job role
  • Sometimes we do a lot but unable to present and
    it is easy too. But, showing whatever you have
    done in a bigger form is challenging.
  • If you want to get success in your career, you
    must know how to play around it. 
  • You need to explain the connection and importance
    of your experience with a BA job
  • You need to think carefully about your experience
    and prepare a note of how it is relatable to a
    business analyst role.

  • If you have no prior experience in the business
    analyst field, focus on your current role and try
    to filter out relevant responsibilities from it. 
  • You can develop an experience for a BA role
  • With your little steps, enter the world of
    business analytics, work on different projects,
    gain more knowledge and gain experience in
    various areas. 
  • Once you have enough experience, you can easily
    move to a stable BA position. 

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