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How to become a master in Python programming? | JanBask Training


Get best tips for learning Python programming and become a master in Python. Get certified with Python and become faster master in Python programming language. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to become a master in Python programming? | JanBask Training

How to become a master in Python programming?
To become a master in anything, the two things
that you certainly need are perseverance and
practice. To learn something from scratch will
take you some time and patience and lots and lots
of practicing it. Practice is what will make you
achieve the perfection you desire to master the
  • About Python
  • Skill Set required
  • Knowledge of Python
  • Basic idea of Web Frameworks
  • What course should you go for?
  • Roadmap of Python Training
  • Final Thoughts

Skill Set required becoming a Python Developer
  • Knowledge of Python
  • Web Frameworks
  • Object Relational Mappers
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Analytical skills
  • Communication skills

Knowledge of Python
You must be aware of the following Python
concepts like-
  • Data Structures
  • OOPs concepts
  • Variables and Data Types
  • Exceptional Handling
  • File Handling Concepts
  • piGenerators
  • Iterators

The basic idea of Web Frameworks
Two web frameworks - Django or Flask.
is a Python web application framework that
enables the quick development of web
applications. It is good to learn Django since it
has been offering a lot of great features and has
become one of the emerging technologies.
is a popular, extensible web micro-framework for
building web applications with Python.Extensive
knowledge about web frameworks like HTML, CSS,
and Javascript is highly preferred.
Stick to the following
Different Set of Python Modules
  • Web development Flask/Django/bottle etc.
  • Data science numpy/pandas/scikit-learn/matplotlib
  • Image processing PIL/scikit-image etc.

What course should you go for?
  • You can list out your requirements of the topics
    that you need to learn and carry out a thorough
    research to find out the relevant course for
  • Below is the link of one such course which you
    might find suitable since it covers the basics of
    Python and also trains you for the advanced

New Age Online Python Training Certification
  • This course is provided by Janbask Training where
    they have highly experienced trainers.
  • The course is divided into a 6 week plan and it
    covers about everything from explaining history
    of Python to teaching you to program in it.

Roadmap of Python Training
You can go through their content list which will
give you an idea about the course and if it is
suitable for you.
Final Thoughts
You need to stay focused and keep practicing even
if you believe that you understood the concept.
You cannot just read the code and try to
understand it your basics will not be clear
which will create trouble for you in the end.
The certification course will help you in the
long run since you will learn from the basics and
it will give you credibility.
You have to remain patient and do it and not just
leave it in between without having to complete
it. You need to keep working on it.
All the best for it!
Thank You
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