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A Surprising Tool To Help You How To Boost eCommerce Sales 2019


We have come up with 7 solid digital marketing techniques which can not only drive traffic to your website but would also help you in getting higher conversions and increase eCommerce Sales. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: A Surprising Tool To Help You How To Boost eCommerce Sales 2019

7 Best Digital Marketing Tips To Increase
eCommerce Sales
  • eCommerce business owners and marketers keep on
    looking for new ways to drive traffic to the
    store so that sales goals can be achieved.
  • Some digital marketing techniques might have
    turned out to be successful in driving traffic
    and some may have not. Moreover, mere driving
    traffic is not enough, you also need to ensure
    that you are attracting relevant traffic to your
  • Irrelevant traffic would not get you conversions,
    it would only increase the bounce rate of your
    online store.
  • So, here we have come up with 7 solid digital
    marketing techniques which can not only drive
    traffic to your website but would also help you
    in getting higher conversions.

1. Instagram Marketing
  • There are around 800 million active users on
    Instagram. Posting on Instagram on a regular
    basis can really drive traffic to your store.
  • Instagram has already invested in creating a team
    of 50 people in New York which would focus on
    eCommerce features of the app. This itself proves
    that how profitable it is for eCommerce
    businesses to promote their products and services
    on Instagram.

2. Facebook Advertising
  • Facebook Ads is a great way to attract relevant
    traffic to your eCommerce store. Being cost per
    click lower than Google Adwords, Facebook Ads can
    play a major role in bringing in leads at a lower
  • Just remember that your target customers are not
    coming to Facebook for buying. They are on
    Facebook for social networking and so driving
    traffic from Facebook can be quite challenging.
  • You can use below-mentioned techniques to be
    successful in Facebook Advertising
  • Use video ads to attract the attention of your
    potential buyers.
  • Retargeting the users who have already visited
    your product pages.
  • Product-specific ads which are in high demand.

3. CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)
  • By analyzing the data of visitors coming to your
    store every day, you can come to the conclusion
    about why they leave without buying and
  • Need more details on eCommerce Analytics Tools?
  • Also, through surveys and interviews, you can
    know exactly which challenges your online store
    is facing and overcome them.

4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Google is the king of search engines and most of
    the people search for products on Google. If your
    website is not ranking in Google, you might lose
    many opportunities.
  • 1. 6 eCommerce SEO Tips that will double your
  • 2. How to do SEO yourself? DIY SEO
  • There are many ways through which you can improve
    Google ranking for your eCommerce store. But, the
    best way is to hire SEO professionals or you can
    hire a company providing eCommerce SEO services
    and thus you leave no stone unturned towards the
    success of your online store.

5. PPC (Google Adwords)
  • Although you are using SEO to generate more
    traffic from Google, it cannot guarantee instant
    results. Through PPC, you can get traffic
  • With a proper Google Adwords account management,
    you can get a good amount of relevant traffic
    from Google and help your store to sell more.

6. Email Marketing
  • Email marketing is still one of the most
    sure-fire ways to achieve relevant traffic. Send
    properly designed emails with the strong call to
    action and you can definitely attract the
    relevant traffic to your store.
  • Here are the 15 Inspirational Email Copywriting
    Examples Worth Admiring
  • In case of eCommerce business, you can also send
    emails to your visitors who have abandoned cart
    offering them attractive prices. Customers if
    consistently reminded about their favorite
    products left in the cart are likely to visit
    your store and buy.

7. Competitions Discounts
  • Introduce new competitions over your online store
    to get more sales. For example, you can ask your
    customers a few answers to the questions about
    the brands you are selling and the winner would
    get a gift voucher.
  • This would bring in new customers to your store
    and further you can retain them by giving them
    discount coupons and other giveaways.

  • Converting traffic to customers is not as easy as
    it seems to be. If you are unable to fulfill your
    sales goals, your digital marketing strategy
    might be needing some improvement.
  • All the above mentioned digital marketing
    techniques can help you in improvising your
    strategy and attract relevant traffic which
    really converts.
  • Still, confused about which digital marketing
    tactics to use for your business? Just get in
    touch with QeRetail.

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