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8 Ways for Students to Earn Money


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Title: 8 Ways for Students to Earn Money

8 Ways for Students to Earn Money While Studying
1. Become a Tutor
  • An easy way to make money is to tutor students in
    your spare time. You can teach subjects which you
    are good at to school and university students and
    earn a good amount of money from it. This job
    will give you flexibility and you can take
    classes according to your time preferences and
    balance your own studies and your teaching job
    well. There are many websites where you can post
    your profile and get online or offline tutoring

  • 1. Urbanpro                                     
        2. Urbanclap                                 
                  3. Gharpeshiksha                   
                          4. Hometutorsite           
                                5. Tutorhunt 6.
    Tutionteacher.7. Trymytutor     8.
    Hometutordelhi 9. Tutor.com10. Tutorfair11.
    Linkedin12. Teacheron

2. Pet Sitter or Dog walker
  • If you love animals then this is the best way to
    earn some extra money. There are so many people
    who hire pet sitters and dog walkers because of
    their hectic schedules and if they are travelling
    frequently. You can post a job on a numerous
    number of sites and get jobs according to your
    time and day preferences. This a very fun and
    great way to earn some extra cash. Try creating
    your account on the websites and apps listed
    below and find hundreds of job opportunities
    available for you.

  • 1.care.com                                     
             2. Indeed                               
                             3. Seek                 
                                           3. Online
    Surveys 4. glassdoor.com 5. Petsitter6.
    Greataupair       7. Quickr jobs  8.
    Petbacker9. shine.com

3. Online Surveys
  • Another great way of earning money is to fill out
    online surveys. Research companies pay people to
    fill out surveys online to get feedback of their
    products and services and to conduct research on
    the needs of the people to create and launch new
    products and services for them. This can be done
    from the comfort of your house. You can create
    your account on the websites listed below and
    choose the surveys you want to fill out and get
    paid for answering their questions.

  • 1. Valuedopinions                               
          2. Survey Junkie                           
         3. Opinion World                            
             4. Hiving                           
    5. Freelancing6. Lifepoints7. Panel Base  8.
    YouGov   9. Swagbucks  10. I-say11.
    Surveybods12. Toluna13. Pinecone

4. Freelancing
  • If you have any good skills like managing social
    media accounts, web designing or development, app
    development, digital marketing, photography, make
    up skills and so on then you can easily get
    freelancing gigs and generate a great amount of
    income while you are studying. You can either
    create a free website of your own and give
    details about your self and your work in it, put
    posters up near you to attract clients or create
    accounts on websites listed below and start
    getting clients-

  • 1. Freelancer                        2.
    Upworks                            3. People per
    hour                                 4. Simply
    Hired                                   5.
    Linkedin Profinder  6. Start an Online Business
    7. College Recruiter 8. Flexjobs  9. Peer
    Hustle 10. Ifreelancer11. Remote 12. Local
    Solo13. Toptal

5. Start an Online Business
  • With the world going digital, this is the best
    time to start an online business. You can create
    your own free website from places like wix.com
    and launch your business. There are various types
    of online businesses you can start. The first is
    e-commerce. The e-commerce industry is booming
    and will only keep growing. You can create your
    own store on shopify.com and start selling things
    from there or you can always create accounts on
    Amazon, e-bay, Alibaba, Myntra, Flipkart,
    snapdeal and so on.

  • There are too many options to choose from. If you
    have items to sell put them on any of these
    websites and start earning. Second, blogging is a
    great way to earn money. Write informative blogs
    on whatever your interest is such as makeup,
    fashion, cars, education, travel etc. Start
    blogging on famous blogging platforms listed
    below and earn money

  • 1. Blogger                                     
      2. Wordpress                                  
    3. Wix                                          
    4. Joomla 5. Medium    6. Squarespace7.
    Weebly8. Tumblr 9. Penzu

  • Third, you can create your own website or app.
    These apps and websites can be related to
    education, real estate, social networking,
    dating, health and fitness, makeup etc. If you
    have any innovative ideas and concepts try
    launching those as well. Free websites can be
    created on Wordpress and Wix, and free templates
    for your website with the code can be downloaded
    from websites such as templated.com.

6. Resercho.com
  • Resercho.com  is an Academic Networking Platform,
    where you can upload your Academic Work such as
    notes, study materials, assignments, projects and
    research work. Instead of all of this work going
    to waste after it has been marked, you can upload
    it on Resercho and if you start gaining a lot of
    followers you can start earning money from it and
    can become an Academic Influencer.

7. Kindle e-book
  • You can self publish an e-book or paperback on
    Amazon kindle,With Kindle Direct Publishing and
    start earning money from it. It takes only about
    5 minutes for your book to be published, and your
    book will start appearing on Amazon within 24-48
    hours. Its that simple. Amzon gives you royalty
    of 70 on sales to customers who live in
    Australia, Spain, America, Japan, Mexico, France,
    India, Uk and a few more.

  • You set the price of your book and have complete
    control over it. So what are you waiting for,
    write a book on whatever interests you and
    publish it.

8. Paid for searching the web
  • Yes, you read that right. You can actually get
    paid for the searching the web! Very famous
    companies such as Microsoft have also launched
    programmes like Bing Rewards which allow you to
    earn credits for searching bing and from these
    credits you can purchase products from the
    Microsoft store. A lot of websites provide you
    the opportunity to research on particular topics
    or questions which are being asked by a lot of

  • Some websites such as Wonder can pay you around
    8 to 20 depending on the kind of answers you
    provide. There are many other websites listed
    below which will pay you to search the internet
    and these are listed as below-

  • 1. QMEE                                    2.
    ZOOMBUCKS                       3.
    Cashcrate                              4.
    Inboxdollars               5. Fusioncash 6.
    Bing Rewards (MicrosofOwned)7. Irazoo8.

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