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AI & Deep Learning


AI & Deep Learning has 3 days of program, it has 24 hours of duration. AI training program ensures that right mix of theory and Python programming is included so that 360 degree learning experience is provided to the aspirants. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: AI & Deep Learning

WHAT IS AI (Artificial Intelligence)?
  • Artificial Intelligence is affecting our regular
    lifestyle from moment to moment which made it
    the present trend in the technology industry.
    Basically Artificial intelligence is
    human-created intelligence which gives the
    machines the ability to learn and evolve and
    also build better versions.
  • The tasks that were performed by humans like
    solving problems, reasoning and before that
    learning about it is now a little easier with the
    help of Artificial Intelligence. The main growth
    of AI in the present scenario can be seen by the
    converging technologies with IoT (Internet Of
  • Basic achievements of AI include
  • Reasoning - AI has the ability to perform tasks
    with proper logical reasoning. It can play games
    against any human player by using simple logic.
  • Planning and navigation - We do use it on a
    daily basis while driving to someplace.
  • It helps us to get from one place to another.
  • Language Processing - It is what we use while
    writing programs that understand our language
    and processes into machine-understandable

Courses in Artificial Intelligence- The AI
consists of a lot of streams and branches within
it. It includes Computer Science, language
processing, machine learning, mathematics, data
science and many more. Courses that are flexible
these days include Data Science and also
Robotics and Machine intelligence. Learning about
AI used in robotics helps to gain knowledge on
how robots function on programs, how the parts of
the robot manipulate and play end to end AI
robot system. The machine learning course is
evolving a new craze among the new tech trends.
It has already gained so much popularity about
how to analyze data clustering and learn about
data modeling, algorithms, speech recognition
matrix and also models for the sequential-order
data. Nowadays, online courses in Machine
learning and data science are available. If one
is not so familiar with the basic computer
programming knowledge, then they can take
introductory classes to learn Python, C and other
programming language usually needed in data
analysis. Breakthroughs made by Artificial
Intelligence- With the coming of artificial
intelligence, it made numerous breakthroughs be
it power predictions or the platform you are
already using now to go through this very
  • Knowing about the traffic status as well as the
    condition suitable for a specific vehicle to
    reach a particular destination is now easily
    available by powered predictions that we
    generally see in Google maps.
  • If someone does not own a vehicle, they can
    easily reach their required destination using
    ridesharing apps like Uber and Ola.

Well, the biggest role that AI is playing in
todays life includes Social networking be it
Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or
Snapchat. Artificial intelligence is far beyond
what you just read here, but the truth of
todays world is, without artificial intelligence
a lot of our day to day activities will be
hampered. It has become a part of our lifestyle
and in the future will surely make the next
industrial revolution. Join a course on
Artificial intelligence from AI institute and
join this revolution.