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Digital Marketing Courses In Pune|Highest Rated Training. (1)


Best Digital marketing training courses in Pune. We Provide classroom practical training with Google certification &100% Job assistance. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Digital Marketing Courses In Pune|Highest Rated Training. (1)

Digital Marketing Course
  • What will I learn?
  • Understand SEO, Social Media Online PR in a
    business context.
  • Plan your digital activity in the future and
    measure/evaluate results
  • Course Modules
  • Overview of Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Writing a Digital Marketing Plan

By -Abhijeet
Digital Marketing
By Abhijeet Bane
Digital marketing is a combination ofpush and
pull Internet technologies toexecute marketing
Digital Marketing is..
Re-thinking marketing
  • Traditional
  • Outbound Marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • Trade shows
  • Direct mail
  • Email blasts
  • Print ads
  • TV/radio ads
  • Interruption based

New Inbound Marketing SEO / SEM
Blogging Social Media RSS (news feeds)
Content marketing Viral videos Permission based
Traditional marketing Vs Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is
  • a technique which helps search engines
  • find and rank your site higher than the
  • millions of other sites in search engines.

How do search engines work?
Search engines are not humans Search engines
crawl the Web to see what is there They follow
links on your page They dont see images, Flash
movies, JavaScript After a page is crawled, the
next step is to index its content Search
algorithms place different emphasis for common
factors like keyword density, links, or Meta tags
Why is it important?
  • Benefits of SEO
  • 1. Optimized Search Results
  • increases the ranking of your website
  • on many search engines.
  • 2. Increase Visibility Search engine
  • optimization helps to increase search
  • engine visibility
  • 3. Increased Online Traffic This is a
  • result of increase visibility in the search
  • engines.
  • 4. Cheap If done properly, SEO
  • helps promote your website for little
  • cost.

Social Media Enlightenment
Social Media..
  • Social media is just about human beings having
    conversations and relationships
  • through the use of online technology. Its
  • simply a new form of mass media. It helps
  • SEO by building relationships that may later
  • turn into links and sales

Social media networks
Email marketing.
  • Email marketing is the act of sending a
    commercial message, typically to a group of
    people, using email. In its broadest sense,
    every email sent to a potential or current
    customer could be considered email marketing.

 why should go about email marketing ? 
Cost  Email marketing is CHEAP, there are no two
ways about it. Whether you do it yourself, or
through an email marketing agency, marketing to
hundreds of consumers via email is going to cost
you tiddlywinks compared to other channels of
advertising. Success  Emails can be targeting
specifically to the ideal consumer. With this
concept in mind, along with email
cost-effectiveness, its no wonder that email
marketings ROI often blows other direct
marketing strategies out of the water The trick
is that you have to get it right! Measurability
and Flexibility  With the analytics available
today its easy to track responses to your emails
exactly, in order to work out what parts of your
campaign are working and what parts arent. With
this knowledge, you can then react instantly to
modify your campaign strategy if need be.
Content Marketing
a type of marketing that involves the creation
and sharing of online material (such as videos,
blogs, and social media posts) that does not
explicitly promote a brand but is intended to
stimulate interest in its products or services.
  • How to do it
  • Text where people put
  • across views, opinions or
  • write blog posts.
  • Images images and
  • photos
  • Audio social media
  • enables you create
  • podcasts or radio shows
  • Video video sites mean
  • that you can record
  • entertaining videos for the
  • world to see.

Web analytics
Web analytics is the measurement, collection,
analysis and reporting of web data for purposes
of understanding and optimizing web usage
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Digital marketing plan
  • Digital marketing Social
  • Media should be
  • integrated with wider
  • business objectives

Digital marketing planning
  • this simply means breaking your plan down
  • into six bits -
  • Where are we now?
  • Where do we want to go?
  • How we are going to get there.
  • Tactics - the details of strategy
  • Action - putting the plan to work
  • Control - measurement, monitoring, reviewing,
    updating and modifying.
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