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Scope of Doing PMP Training & Certification


Scope of PMP Training & Certification – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Scope of Doing PMP Training & Certification

Scope of Doing PMP Training Certification
  • Q1) Is it good to do a PMP certification for a
    B.E. fresher or go for an MBA?
  • Ans- Well, PMP is only meant for those who have
    at least 5 years or more experience in similar
    roles. Even if you pursue the PMP Training
    program you won't be able to sit for the exam.
    Although, it is good to have a perspective
    earlier in the career. And your ambition is
  • The prerequisites for the PMP Exam are as
  • A secondary degree (high school diploma,
    associate's degree or global equivalent)
  • 7,500 hours leading and directing projects.
  • 35 hours of project management education.
  • So, in order to take your career to this level,
    you need to achieve at least the minimum
    prerequisites as mentioned above. Whatever you
    choose, it is always better to go for a
    qualification that is globally recognized and
    renowned for equipping you with the skills to be
    in the community of global project managers. So,
    PMP is always a better option recognized
  • PMP Certification requires a rigorous and
    strategic study program. Go for recognized PMP
    Training to fulfill 35 contact hours criteria and
    gain more insights.
  • All the best!

Q2) What is the best way to prepare for the PMP
certification? Ans- Exam preparation takes a lot
of dedication and focus. More than that the right
approach and strategy are always handy and
fruitful. Treating PMP preparation
activities as a project with a proper plan in
place is always beneficial. Treat PMP
preparation activities as a project with a plan.
Find your motivation. Set compelling goals and
plan your activities. Baselining your project
management knowledge against the PMBOK Guide is
considered the best way to develop a
preparation/study plan.
  • There is a lot of study material to learn and
    absorb and you may be studying after ages so
    training your brain could be a little tricky. You
    also need to master the practical aspects of the
  • It is still manageable. The entire PMP syllabus
    with the right combination of effort,
    dedication, and guidance is achievable at first
  • Lets see quick steps that I followed to ace
    these exams, which you may also try
  • Before beginning your study, plan and survey is
    the first step
  • Survey the material you plan to cover.
  • Review the charts, graphs, headings, and the
    Guide PMBOK Guide this will be your guide
    all throughout the term.
  • Figure out what do you want to learn from the
    given material.
  • Make a list of questions that you want to be
    answered and learn.
  • Break up the study sessions in smaller chunks for
    better retention.
  • The most important is to conquer the PMBOK Guide.

  • Try PMP Exam Prep course/ workshops at recognized
    training centers. I have taken mine from Mercury
    Solutions, it is one of the most renowned pmp
    training centers in Gurgaon and known for
    providing PMP Exam Prep courses in flexible
    training modes. Their quality is unmatched, and
    they have an extensive portfolio of catering to
    global participants.
  • Another benefit of these workshops is that they
    usually satisfy the 35 contact hours that you
    need to take the PMP exam.
  • You may also get benefitted from these workshops
    Online, as per your convenience.
  • PMP simulators are practice PMP exams hosted
    online Mercury solutions provided me free
    simulator sessions to practice online, hands-on.
  • Because once you are through with the PMBOK
    Guide, your next most important activity will be
    practice questions.
  • When I was pursuing PMP exam prep course with
    mercury solutions, they provided me with various
    questions and mock test to practice, such as
  • formula-based, knowledge-based, interpretational
    and specific technique based to practice, which
    resulted in increased confidence in me to give
    the exams. Thanks to the trainers.
  • Although they say that you must get 62 to pass
    the exam however, it is intelligent to practice
    and prepare for 85 rule.

Q3) What is the scope of PMP? Ans- PMP among all
other Project Management credentials such as
Agile, ITIL, Six Sigma and Prince2 is one of the
most sought after and greatly in-demand
credentials. It proudly claims to be the global
language of Project Managers across the
globe. Needless to say that the scope of PMP
hence is wide (global) and not a domain-specific
credential. One can migrate to multiple domains
once you are certified in PMP, especially in
2019 PMP certified professionals are in huge
demand as they are beneficial for the
businesses. As for every successful project,
there is a big contribution of Project Managers
without any loss of resources and losses and
within the deadlines.
  • Better career avenues are for those who have some
    experience and would want to go for or already
    working in project handling. Let us see few
    benefits of PMP certification
  • Increase Profile Strength.
  • Improve Networking Opportunities.
  • Industry-wide Recommendation Appreciated.
  • Recognized Globally Increase Avenues.
  • Better Salaries, rewarding career than
    non-certified Peers.
  • Let us focus on the Average Salaries once you are
  • Project Manager, (Unspecified Type /
  • Project Manager, Information Technology
  • Senior Project Manager, IT-Rs.2,005,030
  • Operations Manager-Rs.820,220
  • Program Manager, IT-Rs.2,141,777
  • Vice President (VP), Information Technology
    (IT)-Rs 3,344,056
  • Information Technology (IT) Director-Rs.3,534,953
  • However, passing the PMP exam will offer these
    benefits to you, for which you have to go
    through rigorous preparation. It takes a
    strategic method to pursue the studies which
    result in attaining the certifications. Simply
    reading the PMBoK may not deliver the required
    results. You need to get some professional
    guidance and assistance.
  • I would like to recommend professionals
    assistance to pass the PMP Certification and go
    for recognized companies, like Mercury Solutions.
    Off lately, they have ramped up their delivery
    procedures, added more features and alumni are
    pretty happy with their assistance. Not to
    forget about their high passing rate of more than
    99 in PMP. Considering all these factors,
    Mercury is one of the best fit in this context.
  • You can always go for a free consultation from
    their Training Consultant. All the best!

  • Q4) Can a project lead apply for a PMP course and
    take the exam?
  • Ans- PMP is expert-level credentials and global
    hiring managers look for such an acclaimed
    credential to take care of the project and take
    the charge without having to impart any further
    training or skills. Such professionals are
    equipped with the skills to take the charge up
    fro the day one and showcase brilliance.PMP
    Course equips a project lead with such valuable
    skills and validates your existing ones.
  • With all the expert-level credentials there is
    eligibility and certain requirements attached.
    In the case of PMP also it is the same, you need
    to have a certain level of exposure and
    experience. The prerequisites for being eligible
    for the PMP exam are
  • Secondary degree (high school diploma,
    associates degree or the global equivalent)
  • 7,500 hours leading and directing projects
  • 35 hours of project management education
  • OR
  • Four-year degree
  • 4,500 hours leading and directing projects
  • 35 hours of Project Management Education
  • So if you are somebody who fulfills such
    requirement PMP is one of the most ideal
    credentials in these times that you may acquire.
    However, passing the PMP exam in the first
    attempt is not a cake walk you need to prepare in
    a strategic manner.

Usually you must enroll in a well-recognized PMP
exam prep training program provided not by just
anyone who is providing cheap trainings but from
a place that's provide quality training in
reasonable price with all the benefits such as -
getting a chance to get lecture sessions
(interactive sessions) from industry experts,
exam simulators, mock sessions, 247 access to
training sessions, extremely resourceful
reference material, and many more. In our
company, we always recommend our internal staff
to go for Mercury Solutions, they are offering
quality PMP training and certification
preparatory classes in multiple modes for years
to IT professionals now. PMP validates your
project management skills and years of experience
and hard work that you have done, and it is the
highlight of your CV as it makes the employers
and recruiters consider you as a worthy candidate
for the job role of the project manager. So, go
ahead and earn this certification to advance your
career and get your desired job. All the
best! Q5) How can I become a professional project
manager? Ans- To become a professional project
manager, you must have excellent management
skills required to manage a project and a team,
and significant experience in directing,
leading, managing, and executing projects in
their organization. If you have had a great
experience of working in this domain, and now you
want to boost
  • your career, then PMP, Project Management
    Professional certification will be the best
    choice for you.
  • PMP is the gold standard, expert-level
    certification which once attained, provides the
    professionals with global recognition in their
    industry, along with a mark of seniority and
    expert-level knowledge, helping them to advance
    their career in the right direction.
  • To get this certification on your CV, you must
    follow the apt career path for it.
  • The prerequisites for being eligible for the PMP
    exam are
  • Secondary degree (high school diploma,
    associates degree or the global equivalent)
  • 7,500 hours leading and directing projects
  • 35 hours of project management education
  • OR
  • Four-year degree
  • 4,500 hours leading and directing projects
  • 35 hours of project management education
  • If you fulfill the eligibility requirements for
    PMP, then the next step should be PMP Exam-Prep
    Training from a Recognized Training Provider,
    where you will get various training benefits,
    such as being trained by industry experts, exam
    simulators, mock sessions, 247 access to
    training sessions, extremely resourceful
    reference material, and many more.
  • When you think that you are capable of taking the
    exam, you should discuss a well-thought-out exam
    strategy with your trainer and clear all your
    doubts, after which you must go for the PMP Exam.

  • PMP validates your project management skills and
    years of experience and hard work you have done,
    and it is the highlight of your CV as it makes
    the employers and recruiters consider you as a
    reliable and the best candidate for the job role
    of the project manager. So, go ahead and earn
    this pmp certification to advance your career
    and get your desired job.
  • All the best!
  • Q6) How do you get a PMP (Project Management
    Professional) certification?
  • Ans- To get a PMP Certification, you need to get
    a PMP training to pass the exam. There are
    training providers who would train you exactly
    how you need to be to get this pmp
  • I got my training at the Mercury Solutions for
    PMP, it was a 4-day course.
  • The trainers were highly qualified and
    knowledgeable in the Project Management field
    and knew the correct ways to train me for
    preparing and clearing the PMP exam in one go.
  • However, there are some important pre-requisites
    to get this certification that you should keep
    in mind
  • a four- year degree
  • 3 years of project management experience

  • 4500 hours of leading and directing projects
  • 35 hours of project management execution
  • If you satisfy all these requirements and want to
    move a level up in your field, I would recommend
    that you get a PMP training from Mercury
    Solutions, and youll be all set to go for this
    exam and clear it! All the best!

Q7) What kind of job opportunities open up in
India after completing your PMP certification?
Ans- Getting certified for a PMP Course does open
many doors for you. To be mentioned, there are
many fields where your PMP Certification would
make you an asset for the organization. I
pursued the PMP Course via Online Training at
Mercury Solutions Ltd., took the exam and got
certified for it. It benefited me in advancing my
career in the field of business development. A
PMP Certification would help you accelerate your
career in various profiles such as Accounting
Manager, Administrative/ Office manager,
Analytics Manager, Software Developer, Business
Analyst, BDA, BDE, BDM, COO, CTO, HR and many
more. The course provides a helping hand in the
field of Sales, Digital Marketing, Consulting,
Finance, IT and Marketing too. Q8) What are the
code of ethics for PMP? Ans- PMI has laid out
certain Code of Ethics for all PMI members not
only for PMP professionals. However, being a PMP
there certain of ethics that you must adhere to
in order to keep your credentials in good
standing. Ethics is about making decisions
concerning processes, people, resources, and the
environment is the best manner and professional
manner possible. Ethical choices reduce risk,
advance positive results and increase trust,
which determines long term success. A good
leader must follow ethical choices and practices.
And that's exactly what PMI promotes and makes
sure. PMI members must reflect honesty,
responsibility, respect, and fairness as main
values that drive ethical conduct for PMPs and
PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
applies those values to real-life.
They have describes all these codes of ethics
into chapters. Such as CHAPTER 1. VISION AND
HONESTY Upon certification, they make sure that
every PMI certified professionals follow these
Code of Ethics and maintain their CPEs. However,
attaining PMP certification requires a great
deal of effort and strategic training. There are
few good PMP training providers who deliver
best-in-class programs and equip you with
mandatory 35 contact study hours to appear for
the exam and pass it in the first attempt. One of
the best PMP training providers is Mercury
Solutions. They have a high passing percentage
and deliver quality training from the best
instructors. And you get the best exposure to
Certified Instructors lectures and
doubt-clearing support. You can seek online
guidance from Chat support, also can directly
drop them an inquiry for a callback.
  • Q9) Would PMP certification bring any significant
    development to my resume?
  • Ans - PMP in todays era has been considered the
    topmost credential of Project Management and the
    most foreseeable future of the industry. It is
    used to argue that managers are there in the
    organization only for taking the reports and
    assigning the duties in a crisp blue suit. This
    fact has been evolved with time, now the
    organizations got to understand how much
    critical role do a PMP manager plays in earning
    revenue, retaining business accounts for
    organizations and most significant, in the growth
    of a business.
  • Subsequently, there is an upsurge in the demand
    for professionals having PMP certification. And
    also PMP certified managers always prioritize by
    the recruiting managers over the non-certified
  • In addition to it, you can also expect the key
    managerial position in an organization after
    getting certification in it such as
  • Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General)
  • Operations Manager
  • Project Manager, Construction
  • Project Manager, Information Technology (IT)
  • Construction Project Manager

  • Project Engineer, and
  • Senior Project Manager, IT
  • Also, w.r.t yesteryear reports, it was found that
    there are only 833,025 PMP certified managers
    across the globe reason being the difficulty
    level of the exam. Thus, continuous efforts,
    diligent work, and proper training are required
    in order to become a PMP certified manager. In
    my opinion, you should go for a Highly-perceived
    organization and one which I recommend to
    everyone is Mercury solutions where you will get
    the proper training and guidance. They are
    providing training from the last 2 decades and
    there are also very high.
  • Thus, PMP certification would bring significant
    development to your resume. You should go for
  • Many Thanks!
  • Q10) Which is the best online training website to
    clear PMP in the first attempt?
  • Ans- With huge demand in the market for Project
    Management program, PMP course has become
    extremely popular among the aspirants who want to
    ace the PMP exam, now as a consequence, PMP
    courses are being delivered at every nook and
    corner of major cities in India and in the
    global market, making it difficult for
    professionals to distinguish the best ones.
  • The list of features to look for in order to get
    enrolled in the apt one to pass your exam.
  • Check for Instructor qualification and
  • Check for Interactive Courses and sessions.
  • Engaging reference material is a must
  • You must get Mock tests and exam simulators

mock tests, exam simulators for practice and
other support to make sure that you pass the
exam at first attempt. I always recommend
Mercury Solutions due to their popularity among
professionals because of their exam passing
rate. You can go to their website, choose the
batch date and delivery mode (online/ classroom)
and pay online to book the course. Alternatively,
you may chat with their training consultants or
call for free guidance. PMP is worth every penny
spent in a proper recognized course. Go for
it, All the best!
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