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How to Take Care of Real Hair Wigs


Eternal wigs shares expert tips on how to take care of wigs made from real hair. Eternal wigs is an online wig store. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: How to Take Care of Real Hair Wigs

How to Care for Real Hair Wigs
  • Care tips by

  • Use only the hair products specially designed for
    human hair wigs
  • If you are using human hair wigs due t the hair
    problems, you might have paid large sum to buy a
    high quality human hair wig that would look
    natural on you. But if you have to take proper
    care of the wigs made from real hair, if you want
    it look beautiful for longer. And one of the
    most common mistakes a lot of people do is, they
    use the regular products for washing and
    conditioning of the human hair wigs. If you are
    using the standard hair care products containing
    the chemicals they can decrease the durability of
    your wig.
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  • Avoid washing your hair wig too frequently
  • Do you know that every time you wash your hair
    wig, it reduces the lifespan of the wig a little
    bit. So, dont wash your wigs too frequently.
    Ideally you may wash the wig every 7 to 14 days
    of wearing. Also avoid too much use of styling
    products and chemicals on the wigs.
  • Avoid washing human hair wig with Hot water, sea
    water or chlorinated water
  • Washing with hot water can damage the hair fiber.
    Also avoid using sea or chlorinated water.

  • Love hair styling products? Go for the heat
    friendly synthetic along with a human hair wig
  • Now if you enjoy styling your hair wigs and its
    rather a frequent thing to do, then we suggest
    you to try the heat friendly synthetic wigs for
    styling. You may keep both a human hair wig and a
    synthetic wig as a supplementary.

  • Hydrate with human hair wig live in conditioners
  • If you want your wig to give you the best look,
    pay attention to how you keep your wig hydrated.
    Natural hair on our scalp can get the oils from
    scalp, but if you are using wigs, even if they
    are made from real hair you will need to provide
    for enough moisture and conditioning. Using the
    leave in conditioners daily helps your wigs stay
    shiny and soft for long

  • Use Oil to add vibrancy and provide moisture
  • It is recommended that you use the argan oil
    treatment to add to the vibrancy, shine and
    moisture to the human hair wig. Argan oil
    strengthens the hair fiber and protects it from
    the heat. The natural hair get the necessary oil
    from the scalp, but for ready made human hair
    wigs, it recommended to use the argan oil.

  • Brush when dry and use wide tooth comb
  • Avoid brushing the human hair wigs immediately
    after washing when they are wet as it may damage
    the hair, may lead to hair loss from the wig.
    When you wash the wig first remove the extra
    water by pressing gently using the soft towel.
    Keep it on a stand to dry. And comb it with a
    wide tooth brush when dry.

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