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The world—with its high mountains, rugged terrains, uncombed forests and gushing water bodies—becomes your playground, and you want to explore every inch of it, scale greater heights! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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  • Like a lot of lifes best experiences, you dont
    realize what youre missing out on unless youve
    trekked once.  And then, its almost like tasting
    blood (quite literally sometimes, when the going
    gets tough!), youll only want more! The
    worldwith its high mountains, rugged terrains,
    uncombed forests and gushing water bodiesbecomes
    your playground, and you want to explore every
    inch of it, scale greater heights!  As we begin
    the process of initiating you into the world of
    excursions, here are some of the trails you could
    consider when planning on an adventure holiday.

1. Dzukou Valley Japfu Peak Trek, Nagaland
  • This is not just one trek but a destination.
    Nagaland, one of the eastern most states in
    India, borders Burma and is home to 16 different
    major tribes which are further divided into sub
    tribes. Each tribe is unique in its character,
    culture, food and customs making this a cradle of
    color and festivities Head out to Dzukou Valley,
    a valley covered with bamboo stalks, to camp for
    the night and catch a stunning sunset nad wake up
    early to witness ice crystals frozen on bamboo
    leaves. If you crave even more adventure, then
    you can attempt to climb Mt. Japfu, the highest
    peak overlooking Kohima at 3048m. A rugged steep
    climb through rainforest and a little bit of rock
    climbing just before the summit will test your
    endurance and quench your thirst for adventure.
  • Duration 5-6 days
  • Time Throughout the year (Heavy rainfall during
    monsoon months can make it slippery)

2. Kashmir Great Lakes, JK
  • One of the most scenic treks in India, the Great
    Lakes trek is a fantastic walk in the meadows in
    Kashmir and also see 5 high altitude lakes.
    Starting from Sonamarg and ending is Narnag, it
    is an easy to moderate trek with Gadsar Pass
    (4200m) the highest altitude that you will be
    walking.  The twin Gangabal lakes, nestled in the
    foothills of Mount Harmukh are the highlight of
    the trek. You will be required to carry your ID
    with yourself. With high mountains, deep valleys,
    numerous lakes, snow clad mountain peaks, thick
    forests and sparkling rivers this trek is a dream
    come true for every adventurer. Duration 8-9
  • Time April to September

3. Phyang to Hunder, Ladakh
  • Ladakh is well known for its cold arid desert
    landscape. But what if i told you there were sand
    dunes as well? Nubra Valley nestled on the banks
    of Shyok river is popular with its silver sand
    dunes and Bactrian camels.   And instead of
    taking the road to Nubra, trek from Leh to Nubra.
    This walk, starting at Phyang, will take you to
    the high pass of Lasermo La (5400m) and with
    views of snow capped Karakoram range and then
    walk through sand dunes of the Nubra. A
    phenomenal experience! You can also visit
    monasteries in Phyang, Hundar and Diskit on the
    trip. Note that it is a tiring trek and you have
    to be well acclimatized to the thin air of
  • Duration - 9 days
  • Time Mid July to September 

4. Goecha La trek, Sikkim
  • Kangchenjunga, at 8586m, is the third highest
    mountain in the world. Revered by people of
    Sikkim, climbers are not allowed to reach the
    summit of the mountain and have to stop at least
    10m short of the summit.  Goecha La trek provides
    the perfect trail for you to pay homage to this
    mighty mountain and trekking in Sikkim. Walking
    through rhododendron, pine and magnolia forests
    in the first days of the treks, the trail is a
    dream for bird watching with thrushes, cuckoos,
    blood pheasant, monal pheasant and other feathery
    friends. If lucky, you might also spot a yellow
    fronted marten.  This moderate trek starts in
    Yuksom in North Sikkim and is a great camping
    experience. There are even small lodges built at
    the campsites which can be used by travelers.
    Great views of the Singalila range, Mt. Pandim,
    Mt. Japuno, Goecha La peak can be seen from the
    view point at Dzongri . And catching
    Kangchenjunga bathing in golden sunlight on the
    early morning sojourn to viewpoint 1 on Goecha La
    pass is something that will remain with you
  • Duration - 10-11 days
  • Time March-April, October-November 

5. Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal
  • One of the most iconic trails in the world, to
    the most famous base camp on the planet! On the
    14 day Everest Base Camp Trek, we get to
    experience astounding mountain views,  glimpses
    of the life of famous mountain climbers and
    Sherpas, enter Sagarmatha National Park, a world
    heritage site and tour high altitude Buddhist
    monasteries. Trekking to the Everest Base Camp of
    Nepal also provides us an opportunity to embark
    on an epic journey that Sir Edmund Hillary and
    Tenzing Norgay set off to in 1953. Guided by
    Sherpas, you will  be trekking to the base camp
    of the worlds tallest mountain, Mt. Everest!
    This adventurous trek package also includes
    climbing Kala Pathhar (5643m) to admire the
    panoramic views of Everest and other Himalayas.
    Nothing beats the thrill and sense of
    accomplishment that grips hikers on seeing the
    power and grace of the mighty mountain up
    close. The 14-day Everest Base Camp Trek
    itinerary is designed for trekkers who are in
    good health with average physical fitness. The
    ample distance covered between daily itineraries,
    steady gain of altitude and separate rest days
    ensures that we are properly acclimatized to
    fully enjoy our trek to the Everest base camp.
  • Duration 14 days
  • Time March-April, September to November 

6. Attempt a 6000m peak, Ladakh
  • The good thing about the Indian Himalayas is that
    there is something for everyone. From easy to
    moderate to technical climbs, you can gradually
    build your experience in climbing in the
    Himalayas. Ladakh has the highest concentration
    of 6000m plus peaks in the world. While most of
    them are isolated bordering Tibet and are
    technical climbs, there are a few which are
    accessible and can be attempted by people with
    decent camping and trekking experience. Stok
    Kangri(6150m) is the most popular of these peaks.
    One of the highest walking peaks in India, the
    climb tests your stamina, fitness and mental
    fortitude. Golep Kangri(5900m) is another peak
    which can be attempted from the same base camp.
    These climbs do require you to have proper winter
    gear, crampons, ice axe and sometimes be roped
    together depending upon the guide and weather
    conditions. Other semi technical climbs
    are Mentok Kangri II (6210m) overlooking the
    stunning Tso Moriri and Kang Yatse II (6250m) in
    the Markha Valley. Ensure that you attempt these
    climbs with experienced guides and proper gear. 
    Climbing a peak will see you challenging yourself
    physically and mentally and there is no better
    feeling when you reach the summit!
  • Duration - 10-14 days
  • Time Mid July to September 
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