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BIM Coordination Convention From MEP Viewpoint


BIM Coordination refers to a process of comparing various models so as to find out any clashes or conflicts taking place among various MEP elements on the field. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: BIM Coordination Convention From MEP Viewpoint

BIM Coordination Convention From
MEP Viewpoint
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MEP MEP stands for the Mechanical, Electrical
and Plumbing discipline of construction. The
Mechanical part includes FireFighting system and
HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air
Conditioning). The Electrical part covers power
supply and lighting system. The Plumbing part
includes water supply and drainage
management. BIM BIM is the acronym for Building
Information Modeling. It refers to a process of
creating working models (3D, 4D or 5D) to design,
construct and manage the building information.
4D Modeling
4D BIM Modeling is a segment of Building
Information Modeling that focuses on scheduling.
Here, the units of 3D CAD is attached to time or
schedule-related information. The involvement of
4D BIM enables the participant in construction to
contemplate the duration and progress of various
event in the construction process. The 4D BIM
approach improves the project management and the
pace of delivery.
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BIM Coordination
What is BIM Coordination ? To ensure all the
aspects of MEP works in coordination with each
other, there arises a need of determining clashes
between them. Hence, BIM Coordination comes into
play. BIM Coordination refers to a process of
comparing various models so as to find out any
clashes or conflicts taking place among various
MEP elements on the field. Role of Coordination
Drawings In order to maintain coordination
between different aspects of MEP, we require
special diagrams known as coordination drawings.
Coordination drawings are produced by contractors
that can be reproduced as per requirements. These
MEP Coordination Drawings showcase the
installation of components, materials, and
products within all the mechanical and electrical
Why BIM Coordination ? Benefits of using BIM
Coordination for MEP are as follows Avoid
field conflicts prior to installation process
Provide an early insight into the project
through visualization Accuracy in
designing Increase in productivity
Reduction in cost Timely delivery of the
project Accurate decision making
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How to Apply BIM Coordination in MEP Components
The process of coordinating MEP components is a
tough job and it requires a higher rate of
accuracy and precision as even a slight mistake
may result in a substantial loss. The process
involves following steps Analysis Phase In
this phase, the architects and modelers undergo
rigorous analysis of the MEP designs and
drawings. They collectively come down to a
decision on how BIM coordination models will be
made. Creation Phase Here, coordination
models are created using software like Revit and
AutoCAD. This will ensure integration of all the
MEP elements in the model. This means the
mechanical, electrical and plumbing elements are
working in synchronization with each other.
Detection Phase This phase involves preparing
coordination drawings so as to detect the
interference amongst the MEP elements. These
include 3D and 4D coordinated BIM models to
detect the clashes and fix the errors.
Modification Phase It involves the creation of
as-built drawings. As Built Drawings provide
information on site based changes and the
modifications that are to be made in 3D models.
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