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The 10 Best Rehabilitation Centers to Watch in 2019


we have come up with the issue ‘The 10 Best Rehabilitation Centers to Watch in 2019’ Project which features the leading rehab centers that deliver astounding services to its client. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The 10 Best Rehabilitation Centers to Watch in 2019

Vol.4Issue-5 April 2019
Rehabilitation Centers to Watch
Dr. Cheryl Wilkie COO
Saving Lives On the Front Lines of the Opioid
Epidemic with Health Realization
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The da Vinci Surgical System
da Vinci is powered by robotic technology that
allows the surgeons hand movements to be
scaled, ?ltered and translated into precise
movements of the EndoWrist instruments working
inside the patients body.
Recovery is an acceptance that your life is in
shambles and you have to change it- says Jamie
Lee Curtis, an American actress, author, and
activist. It is rightly said that giving a new
start to your life after despair is in many ways
a di?cult task. Likewise, recovering and
rebuilding con?dence within themselves after
having a stroke is a tough, yet an important
task for the patients. Here, stroke
rehabilitation plays a pivotal role in regaining
independence in patients lives. As per scienti?c
research, stroke rehabilitation is the promising
treatment that aids optimize recovery for an
improved outcome. After a stroke, some of the
patients experience some improvement in brain
functioning, while most of them experience some
neurological de?cits after a stroke. Often,
stroke survivors possess problems with
balancing, thinning of muscles, the sti?ness of
muscles due to brain damage, etc. While these
problems remain at the verge of recovery, stroke
rehabilitation o?ers a safe way to use the
functions successfully with the help of an
organized exercise plan. Hence,
Editors Column
rehabilitation therapy is designed in such a way
that it would increase the di?culty level of
exercises with time, giving the stroke survivors
a secure feel of improvement. Various new
techniques are introduced in stroke
rehabilitation that subsumes mirror therapy, and
music therapy. Though most of the development
takes place within a short span, the brain may
continue to learn and re-learn the old tasks as
long as one lives. After completing visits to
the rehabilitation center, the patient may ask
to continue the exercises given by the physical
therapists. Lastly, rehabilitation is not a
cake-walk. It may seem daunting and physically
discomforting task. Basically, scienti?c research
studies conclude that a successful and
meaningful recovery can only be obtained with
the optimism and high-level of the motivation of
the participants during the rehabilitation
process. It is normal for people to feel
exhausted when recovery seems to be at a
standstill. However, in situations where
improvement seems sluggish, the whole outcome
turns out to be way better in the long-term
after rehabilitation therapy. This way, stroke
rehabilitation takes us through the journey from
stroke to the complete recovery.
Ashwini S. Deshpande
Ashwini S. Deshpande
Healthcare Management Healthcare Systems are
Complex and Need Strong Management CXO
22 Article Drug Addictions Types of Drug
Addiction and How to Identify Them
over Story
Saving Lives On the Front Lines of the Opioid
Epidemic with Health Realization 08
r e c o v e r y s t a r t s h e r e
DAmore Healthcare Transforming the Landscape
of Psychiatry with the Finest Healthcare
Services and Training
DARA Thailand A World-class Drug and Alcohol
Addiction Treatment Center Providing High-level
Individual Care
LIVENGRIN Foundation Building Recovery with
E?ective and A?ordable Recovery Solutions
Royal Life Centers An Accredited Facility
Rendering Spotless Rehab and Detox Services
Solution Based Treatment and Detox A Lively
Residential Treatment Center Inspiring a
Healthy Lifestyle
Wings of Freedom to Combat Addiction
Centers to Watch
  • Dr. Howard Rusk, the father of rehabilitation,
    wrote in his autobiography, ...Once a person
    overcomes a disability through his own courage,
    determination and hard work, he has a depth of
    spirit which you and I know little about..
    Rehabilitation is a branch of medicine in which
    the patient has more power than the doctor in
    setting the limits and possibilities...
  • Rehabilitation becomes mandatory when an
    individual loses his track and falls onto a wrong
    path and it becomes a tough task to bring him
    back to the right path. It is a hard situation
    where the patient must learn to live an
    addiction free life after completing the
    treatment. This is when a rehabilitation center
    comes in as a savior. These are the centers that
    provide the complete treatment and training to
    the clients, wherein they are given vocational,
    occupational, and physical therapy depending up
    on patients needs.
  • In this regard, we have come up with the issue
    The 10 Best Rehabilitation Centers to Watch
    Project which features the leading rehab centers
    that deliver astounding services to its client.
  • In this issue, we have incorporated FARNUM on the
    Cover Story. Farnum is the leading organization
    committed to providing e?ective and ?nest care
    and support to adults seeking recovery from drugs
    and alcohol.
  • We have also presented DAmore Healthcare which
    is a dual diagnosis and the mental health
    treatment center for men and women Dara
    Thailand which provides exceptionally e?ective
    therapy in resort-like settings, and comfortably
    a?ordable for the average individual or family
    Livengrin Foundation which provides patients,
    their families, communities, employers, and
    insurers with an e?ective, a?ordable, 360
    recovery solution Royal Life Centers, an
    accredited facility, specializing in drug detox,
    drug rehab, alcohol detox, alcohol rehab, and
    continued care for staying sober Solution Based
    Treatment and Detox is the leading residential
    treatment center that empowers individuals
    su?ering from addiction to reach their highest
    potential Shadow Mountain Recovery The
    Springboard Center Mt Sinai Wellness Center and
    Alina Lodge Haley House.
  • To make the issue more exciting, our in-house
    editors have created an inforgraphic article
    Types of Drug Addiction and How to Identify
    Them that will help you to have a view of
    various drug addiction types.
  • Also, we have encompassed CXO Standpoint of
    Healthcare Systems are Complex and Need Strong
    Management written by Udai Kumar, the Chairman
    CEO of OHUM Healthcare Solutions.
  • So, ?ip through the pages and make a journey
    through this magazine!

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Dr. Cheryl Wilkie Psy., MLADC, Chief Operating
Cover Story
r e c o v e r y s t a r t s h e r e
Saving Lives On the Front Lines of the Opioid
Epidemic with Health Realization
Helping individuals and families ?nd their way
to a life free of alcohol and other drugs through
comprehensive treatment and recovery services
open to all.
Centers to Watch individuals possess a natural
state of well-being or innate health that will
spontaneously emerge when circular thinking
subsides. To elaborate this theory, the center
gives an example- Have you ever driven in the
car and out of nowhere, you think of a solution
to a problem thats bothered you all day? Thats
your innate wisdom at work! While driving you
had a quiet mind a new thought was available
that let you come up with the solution. Farnums
Health Realization approach has been immensely
successful. A testimony to this is the ceaseless
progress of its clients, who have gained a
fresh perspective on life a life free from
addiction. Clients begin their path to recovery
at Farnum and learn to access wisdom to help
make decisions that come from innate health
instead of the external world. About the
Compassionate and Dedicated Leader Dr. Cheryl
Wilkie, COO of Farnum, has been in a longtime
recovery from alcohol and drugs. Cheryl has
supported several clients who came to Farnum in
search of recovery. Having faced it all herself,
she has compassion for those who are trying to
?nd their innate health.In my early recovery, I
heard people in meetings talking about their
lives and mine was the same. There was a great
deal of violence and a lot of craziness
happening when I was using drugs and alcohol,
and they were sober and sane. So it gave me
hope that if they could do it, maybe I could,
too, expressed Wilkie. That was the turning
point of her life. Thereafter, Wilkie found a
path towards recovery and happiness. She geared
her experience and dedicated her life to working
with others who wanted to discover the inner
peace within them without relying on drugs and
alcohol. She has a deep and broad personal
knowledge of recovery. In addition, she holds a
Doctorate in Forensic Psychology along with a

Farnum, Recovery Starts Here.
or an issue that has impacted
treatment. In 2018 alone, Farnum provided
2,907,955 in free and subsidized services to
their clients. Through successful programs and
exhaustive e?orts, Farnum has made tremendous
strides in saving lives while shattering the
stigma surrounding addiction. What makes Farnum
Di?erent? Health realization is a very
signi?cant and distinctive approach that Farnum
has adopted for treating its clients. The center
practices what it preaches employees are
encouraged to nurture their own innate health,
resilience, and they attend lectures every
month. Farnums Philosophy What is Health
Realization? Farnum integrates the 3 Principles
of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness, which is
also termed as Health Realization. This helps
to assist the clients in accessing a healthier
perspective on life, allowing them to leave
their past behind. Farnums Health Realization
approach is based on the 3 Principles philosophy
founded by Sydney Banks. The center started
implementing this approach ?ve years ago by
calling the authors of the books that it was
using to master the 3 Principles and having them
come in to teach the sta? this approach. This is
a person-centered approach, and it allows
people to see that outside events do not create
their feelings it is how they think about the
events that create the feeling. Health
Realization explains that
millions of families across the
country, the opioid epidemic
has been particularly hard on New
Hampshire families. In the past this small state
has one of the highest rates of opioid overdose
deaths in America. Recently the tide began to
turn, and Farnum played a major role in the
positive shift. Farnum, a drug and alcohol
treatment and rehabilitation center, stepped up
in response to the opioid epidemic and expanded
services to meet a growing need. Located in
Manchester and Franklin, New Hampshire, Farnum
is a well-established and well-known treatment
center that o?ers a wide variety of services for
alcohol and substance misuse. Farnum is the
largest state treatment provider in New
Hampshire. Farnums success is found in its
unique approach to treatment. It is the ?rst
center in the Northeast to incorporate Health
Realization, also known as The 3 Principles.
Farnum is making a di?erence in responding to
the disease of addiction by teaching clients
that they have everything within themselves to
overcome the challenges they face. This program
o?ers an empowering and long-lasting approach
for clients of every background. In the last
three years, Farnum added outpatient and
inpatient services, enhanced detox, increased
capacity, and expanded its locations. To help
those in need, Farnum provides ?nancial aid to
NH residents who need
The principles of Mind, Consciousness, and
Thought explain how thoughts determine the way
we experience life. Our approach helps clients
access their innate health and gain an
understanding of their substance use disorder.
FARNUM endorsed with 2015 Business Excellence
Winner by NH Business Review
Cheryl Wilkie, the COO of FARNUM was
recognized with 2017 Presidents Award
FARNUM won the 2018 Health Care Business of
the Year award by the Business NH Magazine
FARNUM awarded Excellence in Nonpro?t
Management in 2016 by NH Charitable Foundation
Masters in Human Service Administration. Her
vast knowledge allowed Wilkie to implement her
education, love, and compassion for people in
providing services over the years and expand to
a very successful program.
and works every day to shatter the stigma around
addiction. She works closely with a variety of
other community service agencies such as
Families In Transition and The Mental Health
Center of Greater Manchester. She also works
meticulously with the
Wilkie has worked in the treatment and recovery
domain for nearly three decades, providing
direction, help, and solutions to countless
people throughout the country. She is a ?erce
and dedicated advocate for treatment
Farnum VPs
We are dedicated to helping people who
struggle with addiction. We care about every
person who walks through our doors seeking
treatment and work hard to give the absolute
best care possible.
state, municipal, and non-pro?t health services
agencies around the state to ensure clients have
access to any and all relevant treatments. The
Journey of Farnum It all started when Wilkie was
experiencing a severe trauma due to the fact
that she was homeless and had lost everything,
including her three- year-old twins. Then, in
1986, she decided to attend a treatment program
located in a hospital setting, for which she
considers herself very fortunate. When she
attended the treatment center, the sta? treated
her with the utmost dignity and respect, which
made her sail through the traumatic phase. When
she was asked to take on the position at the
Farnum Center, Wilkie wanted to create the same
experience through a safe and digni?ed treatment
program similar to the one she had experienced
at the treatment center she attended. When she
took the position, Farnum had 32 beds, and no
medical detox existed in the State of NH. She
watched the clients su?er from withdrawal, and
no hospitals were willing to take in those
withdrawing from alcohol and drugs, except for
the ones with severe medical conditions.
Looking at this situation, she realized that
Farnum would have to create a safe medical
facility for those in NH
su?ering from substance use disorders who were
willing to be treated. Farnum then succeeded in
opening the ?rst medical detox in NH and from
there, it has expanded to 140 beds, with a
continuum of care, meetings for families, and
other support. Assorted Services under One Roof
In response to the challenges of the nations
opioid crisis, Farnum has dramatically expanded
its services and treatment available to families
throughout New England. The center o?ers a full
range of services to its clients that encompass
Detoxi?cation, Inpatient, Partial
Hospitalization Programs, Medication Assisted
Treatments, Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient,
Family Services, Stabilization Unit, and
Transitional Living. Recognizing the depth of
the grips of this disease, Farnum also provides
programs designed to support families and loved
ones to ensure that all those involved are
getting the help they require/need. Ÿ Partial
Hospitalization Program (PHP) - It is a level of
care o?ered for clients who require more
support than intensive outpatient, but do not
meet criteria for inpatient services. By
engaging in PHP, clients can continue
maintaining their outside
  • responsibilities while having the support of
    professionals and peers ?ve days a week.
  • Open Access- It is a walk-in service where
    clients are assessed by a skilled clinician to
    determine their program placement. Once the
    assessment is complete, the recommendation for
    placement in the appropriate level of care is
    discussed with the client and together they form
    a plan. The assessment consultations are on a
    ?rst come, ?rst serve basis with limited
  • Medical Detoxi?cation Unit- This unit serves
    individuals who are of age18 and older, seeking
    help to safely and medically stop using alcohol
    and other drugs. The average length of the stay
    is around six days. Once screened and accepted,
    a speci?c medical treatment plan is developed
    as per the established protocols. Then, each
    protocol calls for a certain medication to help
    alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal. The center
    has a strong relationship with CMC (Catholic
    Medical Center), which handles the clients
    physical issues not generated by the withdrawal
    from alcohol and other drugs.

  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) - This
    service is for the people with opiate use
    disorders. Clinic participants are required to
    meet regularly with a medical doctor or nurse
    practitioner who specializes in addiction
    medicine and is speci?cally trained in the use
    of Suboxone and other MATs, such as Vivitrol.
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) - This
    provides clients, who do not require a
    residential or PHP level of care, the
    opportunity to receive intensive treatment
    services. These programs allow clients to
    accomplish their daily responsibilities such as
    parenting, working, or pursuing educational
    goals. In the ?rst phase of IOP treatment,
    clients participate in the educational programs
    on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, for three
    hours each day, over the course of approximately
    one month. The program consists of group health
    realization education, group therapy individual
    counseling, friend/family education, aftercare
    planning, and case management.
  • Transitional Living (TL) - This approach
    followed by Farnum provides each client with an
    individualized care plan. It also allows them to
    take a step forward

in building a sober network. Here, the length of
stay can range from 1- 12 months, depending on
the client needs. The center provides its
clients with groceries, guidance on resume
building, and interview skills for employment,
personal budget strategies, and more. The TL
facility is within walking distance from the
center and it o?ers various recovery resources,
employment opportunities, and recreational
  • Outpatient Services- These services are
    available to clients who are transitioning from
    a higher level of care, or to those who may need
    brief services for a speci?c purpose. These
    purposes include license restoration,
    court-ordered LADC evaluations, or the solution
    of personal issues.
  • Inpatient Residential Services- With these
    services, clients learn about their own innate
    capacity for health, insight, and happiness
    during their stay.
  • Throughout the day, residential clients
    participate in the Health

Ÿ The Stabilization Unit- It is a 16- bed,
clinically-licensed, short-term residential
treatment program.
At Farnum, we realize the importance of having
access to treatment as soon as you are willing
to take that ?rst step towards recovery. We
Provide Real Help, Right Now.
The path to recovery starts at FARNUM.
Withdrawal from certain substances, including
alcohol, can be lethal. We consider each
admission into the Medical Detoxi?cation unit a
success, asserted Wilkie. Further, she adds,
We are invested in our clients. We o?er a
unique approach to treatment through Health
Realization that focuses on the mental aspect of
addiction. Adopting Ethical Practices Farnums
Stabilization Unit is an example of ethical
excellence. A year ago, the city of Manchester,
NH, was lacking a treatment facility that would
help keep the popular Safe Station program
alive. Safe Station is a program whereby anyone
in need can walk into a Manchester ?re station
seeking help to overcome substance misuse.
Fire?ghters will o?er a quick, non-judgmental
assessment within their scope, and then send the
individual to receive treatment either at a
hospital or other treatment facility. With
Cheryls guidance as well as the dedication of
Christine Weber and many other sta? members,
Farnum Center agreed to receive the recipients
of Safe Stations care because it was the right
thing to do. Farnum Center had the space,
sta?ng, and a desire to help those in
need. Farnums Stabilization Unit is registered
as a residential facility, meaning that medical
sta? is not required. The clients can enter the
facility 24/7 and have a warm, safe place to
stay while they wait for an assessment for care.
These clients are typically on the unit for a
short amount
of time. However, after seeing how sick these
people were, it became clear that the ethically
right thing to do would be to provide them with
medical care and comfort while they start their
recovery. Many of these clients do not have
insurance, so, at a considerable cost to Farnum
Center, my team and I invested in medical sta?ng
because ethically, this is what was needed.
Sometimes, putting people ahead of pro?ts is
necessary, stated Wilkie. Future Prospects Using
its unique Health Realization approach, Farnum
helps people realize their inner strength by
considering that every human being has a healthy
internal core that is fully accessible to
them. For years, Farnum has shown its clients
that everyone is innately resilient and has the
ability to bounce back and overcome the
adversity. Upon asking her about future plans,
Wilkie asserted, We will work to expand access
to care, through partnerships with other
non-pro?t providers, hospitals, clinics, and the
state of New Hampshire. Our work establishes a
balance between those in need, who seek care
through Medicaid, along with those who have
health care coverage and come to us through
di?erent avenues. We o?er real help, right now.
Realization or The 3 Principals focused
groups, counseling, and other recovery programs
activities. The inpatient facilities provide
clients with three nutritious meals a day,
prepared by the in-house team of chefs. When
its clients arent participating in group
activities, they enjoy socializing, meditating,
gardening, participating in recreational sports,
and other fun and productive activities during
their free time. Elevating its Success
Ratio Farnum Center takes pride in reporting
that through increased access and e?ciencies,
the outpatient services department could
increase the assessments provided to new clients
by 13, over 2,300 in 2018. The prime focus of
Farnum from 2013 to 2018 was to increase its
capacity to serve individuals in need. In these
years, inpatient bed capacity grew from 32
to 140. Two free-standing residential programs,
Ray House and Webster Place, were renovated,
clinically licensed, and sta?ed. Both of these
programs served approximately 1,400 individuals,
respectively. Farnum Center operates the only
free- standing medical detox in the state of
New Hampshire. This 27 bed-unit served 1,011
individuals in 2018. It provides digni?ed,
lifesaving support, to those starting the
journey of recovery, that has to be monitored
during the acute withdrawal period.
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Rehabilitation Centers to Watch
DAmore Healthcare Transforming the Landscape of
Psychiatry with the Finest Healthcare Services
and Training
LDAmore Healthcare is an eminent
ocated in the sunny, beach
result, suicide, homelessness, unemployment and
broken families create less pain in local
communities. About the Veteran Leader Mental
health is the axis point to individual
resilience, marketplace innovation, intimacy,
and chronic disease prevention, delivers
Devereux. As one of the Founders of DAmore
Healthcare, Britten Devereuxs mission is to
bring dignity into the details of healthcare.
Devereux revitalizes some of healthcares old
and demeaning ways of getting things done by
building up a collaborative workforce. Managing
6 facilities that lift up integrated care,
DAmore Healthcare takes workplace cross-
functionality and feedback loops to a new level.
DAmore provides all direct care associates with
training around the DAmore Di?erence for every
task relative to job descriptions and required
competencies. They strive to leave no room for
interpretation or quality variance. We ensure
patients receive a level of safety and
communities of Southern California,
healthcare center. They are a 36 bed
integrative residential mental health care
provider focusing on thorough screening, ongoing
assessment, comprehensive treatment planning,
positive reinforcements, and life-a?rming
professionalism. The center believes that the
real DAmore Di?erence lies in the story of
patients dissolving self-limiting beliefs, self-
regulating, ?nishing strong and reuniting with
loved ones. DAmore specializes in the
intervention, acute stabilization and
residential treatment of mental health disorders
and addiction for men and women. Besides having
licenses from the Department of Social Services,
the centers are certi?ed by the Department of
Care Services. Their diverse facilities have
been a refuge for those who have experienced the
stigma and su?ering from mental illness and
addiction. The centers focus on addressing
minute details. As a
April 2019
Britten Devereux CEO
April 2019
Our mission is to reduce ER, ICU and psychiatric
unit load by providing the best trauma-informed
acute and chronic psychiatric care.
comfort that builds trust and engagement. Patient
trust is our most important pursuit, says
Devereux. Grand Canyon State University and
Arizona State University Alumni, Devereux, the
CEO of DAmore Healthcare describes that, Its
time to change the landscape of psychiatry. This
starts with screening, everyday courtesies and
education. An area that Devereux spends time
researching is the role screen time plays in
emotional dysregulation and relationships. Assort
ed Services DAmore Healthcare o?ers diverse
services, such as group work, conservative
detoxi?cation, exercise, nutritional assessment,
pain assessment, nutrition education, nursing
plan of care and psychiatric appointments as
much as needed. The centers also o?er one on one
therapy twice weekly, family therapy once
weekly. Primary modalities include DBT therapy,
CBT therapy REBT therapy and equine
therapy. Upon request, DAmore provides training
to hospitals or urgent cares throughout the
United States. The main goal is to share what
weve learned. Training topics include
frustration tolerance, customer service, informed
consent, crisis prevention, therapeutic
interventions, self- care, and human learning
and motivation. The center trains patients
dealing with relapse through education, prime,
prompt, and praise from the very ?rst day. Early
and often support is a key tenant of what they
call gracious redundancy. Exceptional Work
Over and Above In 2018, Devereux launched a
second company, Space
Before Change, Inc. to help patients identify
what they need and to increase self-e?cacy
through online coaching and counseling. Not
everyone quali?es for inpatient care, not
everyone can a?ord it. The stages of change for
any patient promise anxiety and resistance,
which can create danger or despair for most
patients su?ering from addiction, depression,
anxiety. Many patients need a practical guide in
habit development. Space Before Change helps
patient ?nd another layer of mental health
care. On asking her the way she coordinates with
the team members to guarantee patient
satisfaction, Devereux says, Our unique caliber
of patient care can be attributed to 3
non-negotiables checks and balances, compassion
fatigue workshops and how. How we deliver
support to sta? or patients matters just as much
as what we do. Envisaging a Content Future with
Optimism Our capital expenditures and community
linkages are about looking at the long term
health of families, stated Devereux. They wish
to work closely with Alaska and a handful of
other states to serve adults who cannot access
in-state sub-acute mental health services.
DAmore endeavors to unify others around a
vision to improve public health by treating
mental illness with extraordinary care. DAmore
Healthcare currently serves adult men and women
who are utilizing a combination of out of pocket
and/or insurance to ?nance treatment.
April 2019
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April 2019
Drug Addictions
April 2019
April 2019
Prescription Drugs
Aishwarya Nawandhar Editors
April 2019
A World-class Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment
Center Providing High-level Individual Care
Darren Lockie CEO
BThailand, Dara Thailand is a
of individual care. To this day, we answer every
phone call and inquiry ourselves. It highlights
how important customer care and attention is to
our vision. The center accepts only those
clients that want to join Dara, and do not
accept clients that are forced by family or the
court system. The center considers the client
community as a very important part of its
success. Dara creates a very optimistic
community and environment. Even the most
challenging clients understand that Dara
professionals are here to help every client on
247 which is a very powerful part of Daras
success. Distinctiveness at Its Best The clinical
program at Dara has a lot of content on relapse
prevention which is handled within the group
therapy portion and individual therapy. The
center strives very hard on discharge planning
with each individual, discussing the changes
they intend to make when they go home to reduce
Darren has been managing rehabs for the past 10
years. But, prior to that, he worked in a
variety of roles for Microsoft in South Asia.
The skills and discipline in working for
Microsoft highly assisted him in running the
business of rehabilitation and marketing for
Dara. Martin started his career as a Registered
Nurse and Certi?ed Substance Abuse Therapist
working in the mental health ?eld where he
worked since 1994. He has also worked in
Thailand for the past 14 years developing the
clinical and operational side of
rehabilitation. Daras Journey While asking what
in?uenced them to start the treatment program,
Darren and Martin said, With Dara, we set to
create a world class International treatment
program in an inspiring and beautiful location
at an a?ordable price. We always liked the idea
of staying small and focusing on the individual
and providing a high level
ased on the beautiful island of
Koh Chang in the Gulf of
boutique rehabilitation center that
treats clients with substance abuse and mental
health issues. The center accepts 30 clients at
once and is fully
licensed by the Thailand Ministry of Public
Health and sta?ed by International Therapists
from around the world. Dara Thailand provides
treatment for most substance abuse, including
drugs, alcohol and prescription medication. It
also o?ers a dual diagnosis for co-occurring
disorders and works with most mental health
conditions as well. Dynamic Pillars of Dara Dara
was started by the two founders, Darren Lockie
and Martin Peters. Today, Darren Lockie is the
CEO and runs the business side of Dara while
Martin Peters, another helm of Dara, is the
Program Director and manages the clinical focus
of the center.
April 2019
Centers to Watch

risk of falling into old bad habits. Dara also
o?ers weekly Skype calls with the Focal
Counselor. It has been intensely observed that
numerous clients continue the therapy for around
10 weeks after they leave. One of the most unique
features of Dara is that- Any client that
completes a minimum of the 4-week program can
visit the center every year for a 1-week
complimentary refresher program. With this, the
center fetches a lot of good data on what works
and the struggles they faced that help them
re?ne the program and content. It also allows
clients that have remained sober to sit in front
of current clients and share how they made it
work for them and how they stayed clean. That is
a very powerful part of the centers alumni
program to show what is possible with
commitment. Daras Compliance Requirements and
Ethical Procedures To be a legal rehabilitation
center for drugs and alcohol in Thailand, one
must be approved by the Thailand Ministry of
Public Health. This process takes around 18
months and every part of the business is
examined to ensure it meets the standards, after
which, it is reviewed on a yearly basis. Dara
At Dara, we allow
clients to focus
on recovery without being hindered by
deprivation or boredom.

April 2019
is fully accredited by the Ministry of Public
Health and is going through its CARF
accreditation from the USA to maintain its
position as the most accredited rehab in
Asia. Upon asking them how they follow ethical
guidelines, they said, We try to be as ethical
as we can and that is something that is
instilled to every sta? member in how they do
their jobs and relate to clients. The clients
deal with many parts of Dara and every single
person needs to understand the boundaries of
what is acceptable from clients and how we
handle di?cult situations or breaches of rules.
As an example, we have to be very clear and ?rm
on the rules of Dara. Clients will often push
boundaries and we need to handle these
situations diligently. Excellent Team Work
Creating Paramount Upshots One of the e?ective
ways Dara implements is, it tries to understand
the exact needs of the client by answering
every phone call to make sure that they are the
best option for that person.
They often speak to the clients families as
well to get more input on the clients needs and
to assist them ?awlessly. Additionally, the
center has sturdy and ?nest teams, be it the
clinical team, nursing team or even personal
training and operational sta?. The center hires
the very best and apt people, trains them in
what Dara does along with the responsibilities
of the clients and their family. Dara emboldens
consistent feedback from clients to stay in
equilibrium with the clients expectations and
goals of coming to the rehabilitation
center. Also, it continually makes improvements
in everything, right from food to clinical
programs and undergoes review process with the
respective teams to stay in sync by making the
necessary changes. Spreading Smiles and
Rejuvenating Lives Every client that walks out
of our front gates is a spectacular experience.
We get clients that are really struggling and
arrive in very poor physical and mental
condition. After going through detox process,
getting meaningful clean time, regular therapy
to deal with the issues and taking advantage of
good nutrition and physical training, some of
the transformations are stunning and very
rewarding to all of our sta? and we take great
pride in the work we were able to achieve,
expressed Darren and Martin. Some of the most
memorable experiences, which Dara Rehab always
cherishes, are the ones that come back for their
free Refresher weeks and have new jobs, new
partner or baby on the way, crediting Dara for
saving their lives. The center strongly believes
that these are the ones that make this
challenging business worthwhile. Website
April 2019
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April 2019
Rehabilitation Centers to Watch
Foundation Building Recovery with Effective and
Affordable Recovery Solutions
FFoundation is the ?rst non-
ounded in 1966 in Bensalem,
Since its establishment, Livengrin has developed
a network of eight locations, including the
original inpatient campus in Bensalem and seven
outpatient locations throughout the Philadelphia
region. The organization is licensed by the PA
Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs and
accredited by The Joint Commission. It is
committed to advocacy on a state and national
level through participation
in the Rehabilitation and Community Providers
Association (RCPA), Drug and Alcohol Service
Providers Association of PA (DASPOP) and the
National Association of Addiction Treatment
Providers (NAATP). The Ardent Leader David Blenk,
the President and CEO at Livengrin Foundation,
has been working at the organization since April
2018. Prior to this, he served as the Executive
Vice President of Corporate Planning Business
Development at Gateway Rehabilitation Center in
Pittsburgh, PA and its a?liate the Neil Kennedy
Recovery Center in Youngstown, OH. As a key
member of the senior leadership team, David was
directly involved in the strategic planning and
direction setting and in the organizations
business development activities. David has
worked with the management team of marketing,
evaluations/assessment, utilization, outpatient
Bucks County, Livengrin
hospital rehabilitation facility in
Pennsylvania to treat alcoholism, aiming to
bring stability to those struggling with the
disease. Livengrin Foundation, Inc., is a
registered 501(c) (3) nonpro?t that provides
treatment for substance use disorders to more
than 4,000 patients per year.

Our mission is to make sustainable
recovery possible through professional,
accessible, and successful treatment options.

April 2019
facilities, dietary, housekeeping, and
construction. On asking him about the inception
of Livengrin, David shares, Livengrin was
founded by Standish Forde Hansell, who purchased
the former private school campus in 1960 with
plans to make it a retirement home for men. In
1966, a friend recovering from alcoholic e?ect
alked to him about opening it as a recovery
center. World-class Recovery Services Livengrin
provides men and women with a continuum of care
including withdrawal management, short-term
residential and partial hospitalization. It also
o?ers intensive outpatient counseling general
outpatient, family counseling, DUI Education,
12-Step Meetings, free community education
seminars, aftercare and alumni services. The
organization has also developed support programs
to meet the unique needs of ?rst responders,
veterans and healthcare professionals. Livengrin
helps individuals recognize the early stages of
relapse in which the chances of success are the
greatest. The main focus of relapse prevention
includes cognitive therapy and mind- body
relaxation, which it uses to develop healthy
coping skills. Besides these services, Livengrin
addresses individual patient needs by assessing
life stressors and life experience. It has
developed support programs for ?rst responders,
health care professionals and emerging adults to
complement its core treatment model. Excellent
Co-ordination Bringing Grati?ed Clients To bring
in ultimate customer satisfaction, the
organization surveys each patient during their
course of treatment. This provides them the
opportunity to take the feedback and utilize it
for program or process improvement. It also
utilizes monthly meetings of directors and
managers in
David Blenk President CEO
addition to quarterly all sta? meetings to
increase communication throughout all levels of
the organization. One of the happy patients at
Livengrin shares an intriguing experience and
says, I was controlled by drugs and alcohol and
I was sel?sh in everything I did. I would
manipulate any situation so that I would reap
the bene?ts or avoid the consequences. My
motives and behaviors were always centered on
myself and getting what I wanted. While I was in
active addiction my thinking was so distorted
and delusional that I began to believe my own
lies as facts. My mother confronted me about my
drug usage and I couldnt hide it anymore. She
helped me to get into treatment by the next day.
I may not have been the most vocal patient while
in treatment, but
the one thing that I did was listen. I took the
suggestions provided to me. I knew that I had to
change everything in my life if I wanted to
grow. Although the fear that I felt was nearly
crippling at times, I so badly wanted to save my
life. I met my sponsor while I was a patient
and we got right to work. Working the 12 steps
and applying them into my life on a daily basis
has undoubtedly changed me for the best. Future
Plans Talking about the upcoming plans, David
says, Changes in healthcare laws have made
access to treatment easier and resulted in rapid
growth in the number of treatment
facilities. Livengrin Foundation will continue to
provide quality ethical treatment.
April 2019
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are Complex and Need
Biography of the Author
Udai Kumar, is the Chairman CEO of OHUM
Healthcare Solutions, is a highly successful
serial entrepreneur, mentor, and investor. He
brings almost 28 years of IT industry and
entrepreneurial experience. As the Founder of
OHUM and cofounder of QUINNOX, Udai has a deep
understanding of the global delivery model and
specializes in global business development,
human capital management, ?nance, software
development, Six Sigma, systems processes.
Udai holds a Masters in Business Administration
from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM),
Ahmedabad, India and a BS in Engineering from
Banaras Hindu University, India. He was engaged
in Sales, design, development deployment of
the three largest IT projects in India - Railway
Reservations, Bombay Stock Exchange Nhava
Sheva Port Trust. Udai is an active member of
the Health Information Network group and is on
the panel of Leadership Team at the Government
of India level for healthcare technology.
Udai Kumar Chairman CEO
April 2019
ISuch news is made even more tragic when India,
in stark contrast, claims to be the lowest cost
provider of the highest
Healthcare Management
n August 2017, parents watched helplessly as more
than 60 babies, diagnosed with encephalitis from
mosquito bites,
died due to lack of oxygen at a hospital in
Gorakhpur, UP, because suppliers bills of INR 68
lakhs had not been paid.
quality care in the world.
Post such an event, questions get raised and the
usual causes get ?ogged in public corrupt
administrators, low government spend, poor
sanitation, incompetent or absent doctors,
inadequate supplies, etc. After an appropriate
period of ennui, the nation moves on until the
next tragedy that is inevitable and
imminent. Gross negligence and such obvious
causes, though di?cult to digest, are easy to
understand. Our real quest, the Holy Grail,
should be to eliminate any and all errors that
prevent us from delivering the best modern
science has to o?er and delivering the same to
all. Anticipating and correcting or preventing
the errors created in healthcare delivery systems
is a larger systemic challenge. The healthcare
system is characterized by several major factors
that are enlisted below.
Many agencies have recommended that the
government spend of 1.1 of GDP be increased
immediately to at least 2.5 and eventually to 3
of GDP. Each year over 55 million people go
bankrupt due to healthcare expenditure, most of
which is due to the cost of medicines. Before we
get the increased spend we need to be prudent
and pragmatic in how we spend rather than how
If we take a systemic view of healthcare and
improved it from ?rst principles with a strong
foundation on education, sanitation, primary and
preventive care, we could stretch the healthcare
spend to reach millions more and lift the nation
to a higher global standard that each citizen
truly deserves. In order to reduce the
complexity, narrow the variability, increase the
availability, improve the know-how and complete
the gaps in information at the point of care, we
need to invest more in digital health tools than
increasing beds or doctors. Ayushman Bharat is a
welcome program designed to ?x the twin
challenges of a?ordability and access to 10 crore
families across India.
Information is at a premium when the time is of
essence. But it is often the least available
when most needed. Latest lab results, adherence
to current medication, a detailed symptomatic
history, past medical conditions, genetic
pro?les, latest best practice evidence. Most of
the time the healthcare provider is working with
less than the full picture.
April 2019
First, there is the science of medicine. There
are estimated 10,000-30,000 diseases known to us
that a?ect humans, of which only a few
(500-1,000) have a known cure. There are over
4,000 diagnostic lab tests, over 400 imaging
tests and interventions, about 12,000 drugs,
approximately 600-1000 procedures. Medical
practitioners build up their skills over 60 main
specialties and several hundred subspecialties.
This knowledge base is constantly updated and
modi?ed so fast that even the best practitioners
?nd it very hard to keep up.
Then we have the complexity of the vulnerable and
disease-prone human system that is designed to
die from the moment it is born. Over 100 billion
cells, 78 organs (11 complex large organs) and
12 interdependent systems make the human body -
ever- changing, continuously monitoring,
detecting, and self-healing. The National
Institute of Health, USA now estimates that over
400,000 people die unnecessarily each year in
the US alone due to medical errors making it the
third leading cause of death.
Many-to-many A typical healthcare intervention
consists of a 4-day admission into a 400-bed
hospital during which stay you get managed by
over 40 di?erent persons across 175-200
encounters. This takes place across multiple
specialties, multiple diseases, multiple drugs,
procedures, and tests. None of these result in
absolute guarantees. A reasonable large variance
in each encounter can result in the same event
being interpreted, acted, and monitored in
completely di?erent ways by di?erent persons
(the knowledge and competency of and tools
available to doctors, nurses, technicians,
management, ward boys, pharmacists etc.) Finally,
there is the inherent lack of congruence on
motivation on the part of the patient (the
consumer) and the rest (the payer and the
provider). E?ciency vs. e?ectiveness, today vs.
tomorrow, cost vs. pro?t, need vs. greed, and
the strange but compulsive desire by all humans
to outsource their mistakes and seek a free ride
on someone elses goodwill.
Hospitals operate 24/7 but are not fully
functional at night or weekends. Patients, on
the other hand, need urgent instantaneous care
(be it advice, ?rst aid, trauma, or acute pain).
Patients often commute for 1-24 hours, wait for
15-45 minutes, only to see a doctor for 2-15
April 2019
What gets measured gets improved. The complexity
that arises in healthcare leads to an enormous
list of metrics all which claim to improve health
care Beds per 1000, doctors per 1000, cost of
an inpatient stay for each procedure, toilets per
family, nets in mosquito-friendly regions, lab
tests per person, out-of-pocket spend, Healthcare
spend as a percent of GDP, infant mortality
rates, and maternal mortality rates. The 910 bed
Bokaro General Hospital (BGH) run by SAIL has one
of the best neonatal care facilities in Asia,
but has one of the worst records for neonatal
deaths. Just 10 minutes away is the Sadar
Government hospital that had the best record for
neonatal deaths ZERO. The entire result can be
attributed to the well-meaning, Good Samaritan
intervention of the rickshaws near the government
hospital who nightly transfer high-risk women in
severe distress to the better facility at BGH. A
few get saved, many die as it is too late but
the government hospital manages to keep its
record intact. What can be counted doesnt always
count, and not everything that counts can be
Last, but not least, we have the environment
viruses, fungi, and protozoa. Add to this diet,
sunlight, exercise, nutrition, stress, sleep,
road accidents, murders, and natural
calamities. This vastly-complex intersystem of
medicine, the human body and environment is also
both dynamic and fast changing. The human body is
subject to more stresses, less rest. The
environment is more toxic, the air more polluted,
the food more arti?cial (with high sugars and
high hormones), medicine is more segmented and
intrusive. All of this creates the market
conditions for supply and demand of healthcare.
We are willing to pay for the right to live a
little longer. Sanitation, vaccinations,
antibiotics, heart surgery, wound management, and
healthier diets and environment have helped us
raise our life expectancy from 30 to current 78
years. But this is neither uniform nor
guaranteed at an individual level. Modern
healthcare seeks to remedy this through practiced
carefully prescribed established best practices
that deliver near-zero errors for all aspects of
healthcare preventive, diagnostic,
interventional, progressive and palliative. The
System Of Profound Knowledge (SoPK) propagated
by W. Edwards Deming lays the foundation for any
large complex system in four parts System,
Variation, Knowledge and Motivation.
Healthcare systems have a vast multitude of
parameters with a range of possible values that
create an inevitable variation of results built
into the design, interpretation, intervention,
and prognosis.
April 2019
Frank Cid Owner, Founder CEO
Life Centers
An Accredited Facility Rendering Spotless Rehab
and Detox Services
Eaddiction treatment provider.
stablished in 2009, Royal Life
About the Zealous leader Frank Cid, the Owner,
Founder, and the CEO, is passionate about
addiction treatment and a master at organizing
resources. In September of 2009, Frank Cid vowed
to change the face of the substance abuse
treatment industry, which gave him a kick-start
to launch the center. In an area of healthcare
where quality care was not the standard, he
began opening expertly sta?ed, state-ofthe-art
facilities, where those seeking recovery could
heal and transform their lives with dignity. In
2015, he began expanding his endeavor to change
the facet of treatment and recovery by merging
of his facilities together under Royal Life
Centers Florida, Arizona, Washington, and
Indiana. Frank initially started his work as a
result of living in the area and watching
friends and loved ones succumb to the insidious
issues. Frank has a strong passion to help
others. To follow his passion, he formed Royal
Life Centers to ful?ll the gaps in other care
settings and thrived as a result. In addition to
in-patient and residential settings, Frank
created family accommodations to ensure that the
family is actively involved throughout the
treatment process and can visit
Centers is a renowned
Today, Royal Life Centers high-
quality addiction treatment and aftercare can be
found at eight locations across the country.
They specialize in substance abuse, speci?c to
alcohol and other drug addictions. Its full
gamut of care is comprised of inpatient
detoxi?cation, residential treatment, PHP, IOP,
OP, Sober Living, and aftercare/alumni
programming. The centers have speci?cally
designed its program and service delivery
around the continued care necessary for staying
April 2019
Rehabilitation Centers to Watch
their loved ones in extended care. Astounding
Services and Facilities Royal Life Centers o?ers
services as a multi-level treatment provider
with a family of facilities (detox, residential
inpatient, partial hospitalization, intensive
outpatient, and outpatient), for adults 18 and
older, desiring to overcome Substance use
disorders and co-occurring conditions. Its
program utilizes evidenced-based behavioral
health modalities and additionally it o?ers
Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). The centers
provide trainings for their sta? including but
not limited to the following HIPPA Privacy and
Security Training, Non-Violent Crisis
Intervention, Ethics and Boundaries
certi?cation, Cultural Sensitivity Training,
SMART Treatment Planning, Suicide Prevention,
HIV/AIDS Orientation, Blood Born Pathogen
Universal Infection control trainings, Health
Safety training, ADA
training, and provision of First Aid/CPR
Trainings and food safety. Each of the centers
facilities is a perfect blend of honesty,
respect, humanism, and treats its guest as a
?rst priority. It upholds the highest standard
in substance use disorder treatment and guest
care. Regarding it, Frank says, Guests
well-being and successful recovery is our
priority, Because We Care,. At Royal Life
Centers, guests can receive a comprehensive
treatment program at every level of care detox,
residential treatment, inpatient treatment,
outpatient treatment, aftercare, extended care,
and sober living. The guests and their care are
always the top priority of the centers. Royal
Life Centers takes no shortcuts when it comes to
providing activities, resources, amenities, or
any other type of support for our guests.
  • Awards Accolades
  • Royal Life Centers facilities are all dual
    accredited with both CARF (Commissions on
    Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) and
    TJC (The Joint Commission), the leading bodies
    for regulation drug and alcohol treatment
    centers. The centers are also veri?ed with
    Psychology Today and LegitScript as a leading
    provider in the industry, who exceeds all
    standards for providing care. It has acquired a
    number of awards and following are a few of
  • Recognized from Miami Childrens Hospital for
    its spectacular contributions of electronic
  • The centers have received accolades from many
    families for its Elliot Bag Program.
  • Happy Clients of Royal Life Centers
  • Our most spectacular client

April 2019
Guests well-being and successful recovery is
our priority, Because We Care.
experiences are transformative, asserts Frank,
while speaking of the valuable client
experiences. Royal Life Centers has had several
clients who came in broken, despaired condition,
while some of them were homeless. The centers
have radically transformed their lives. Today,
Royal Life Centers clients are its current
employees and are working dedicatedly to help
those who are st
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