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HRMS | CRM Software | ERP Softwares | Analytics | Artificial Intelligence (1)


NetRoots Technologies is a consulting company providing information technology services to the multiple industries. We provide information technology services and products to our clients for their digital transformation. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: HRMS | CRM Software | ERP Softwares | Analytics | Artificial Intelligence (1)

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SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization In
basic terms, it means to get organic or natural
search results from the search engines.
  • Increase Maintain Search Engine Rankings
  • Increase Organic Search Engine Presence
  • Increase Number of Visitors through Organic
    Search Traffic
  • Increase Return on investment

  1. Promotion/ Advertising and Brand Awareness
  2. Drive Traffic (Drive Users or Customers)
  3. Conversions/ Leads/ Sales

  • Search Engine Optimization, is the process of
    improving your website in a way that lets users
    find your business more easily in search results.
  • Without SEO, your newly designed website wont
    work to its fullest potential, because it will be
    hard to find online.

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  • Business Trends are changing with a significant
    use of internet around the world.
  • Almost 3.5 billion searches are performed
    everyday. The majority of all website traffic on
  • internet comes through search engines.
  • 72 of searchers stop with the top 10 search
    results, and 90 stop with the top 30 results.

SEO is organic advertising and is Long Term
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Main components of Google ranking Algorithm 2019
Benefits of SEO
Benefits of SEO
Website Audit
Keyword Research
On-Page Optimization
Content Writing
Off-Page Optimization
  • Check Websites Structure and Usability
  • Search Engine Friendliness
  • Website Usability
  • Link Popularity
  • Brand Engagement

Search relevant keywords using Google Keyword Tool
Make the Website SEO Friendly
  • URL Naming
  • Meta Tag Optimization
  • Alt Tag Optimization
  • Header Tag Optimization
  • Internal Linking
  • Sitemap

  • Produce Quality Content
  • Articles
  • Press release
  • Blog Post
  • Blog Reviews

Promote Your Website
  • Article Submission/Syndication
  • Press-Release Submiss
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Link Wheels
  • Blog Comments
  • Blog Post/Reviews
  • Forums
  • Video
  • Slide/Doc/PDF

SEO Trends in 2019
Why SEO is essential for small and medium size
  • Small business owners are often willing to try
    anything and everything to get their business off
    of the ground. But, they often underestimate the
    importance of search engine optimization (SEO)
    strategies. In fact, its estimated that half of
    small and medium businesses with an online
    presence do not engage in SEO. This could be
    because small business owners arent willing to
    invest the time or money into implementing SEO
    strategies. Its true that SEO is a financial
    commitment, but this investment will pay off if
    done correctly.
  • Still not convinced? Here are some of the many
    reasons why small and medium size businesses need
    to invest in SEO
  • Increase revenue
  • Long-term Investment
  • Brand awareness
  • More traffic on website
  • Builds Trust Credibility
  • Better User Experience
  • Increased Engagement, Traffic Conversions
  • Brings New Opportunities to Light

When Is the Best Time to Invest in SEO?
  • There are countless factors that can influence
    SEO development. And it all comes down to your
    personal decisions and ambitions. Basically, you
    can and should begin working on the optimization
    of your company as soon as possible. However,
    just like with everything else there are
    influences to consider. And there are good and
    better moments to get into this kind of project.
    So consider some of the following questions in
    order to determine what the best time for SEO
    truly is.
  • The best time for SEO is very dependent on your
    customer base. If you are selling your services
    or products to a mass/tourist population, online
    optimization has maximum influence. The reasoning
    is simple and logical. Tourists tend to spend
    that much time online via searching on google
    mostly. And so the chances of them searching for
    you online are maximum if you have a strong page
  • If you have a Halal-Food Restaurant in Toronto so
    there is a 70 above chance that many people
    would not know about your business as they are
    mostly tourists. Many people look to the
    all-knowing Internet to help them find the best
    possible ANSWERS. And this is exactly where SEO
    will boost you to the very top of this list.
  • Another example, if you have a clothing brand in
    multiple cities of Canada, people will make an
    online search with different keywords like (women
    shirts, boys t-shirts, ladies shoes etc.). And
    you know that Canada has a big footfall in
    summers. And so the chance of people searching
    with keywords is extremely high. If your website
    is ranked with multiple keywords then you will be
    placed in the top 10 results on the first page.
    This will increase your sales by having more
    footfall in your store and online sales as well.
    But remember that SEO is not a one day process.
    Its slow and steady but lasts longer.

SEO can an be defined when customers see your
Advertisement or Listing when they search.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective
    tool for improving the volume and quality of
    traffic to your website.
  • The process involves a combination of 5 Steps
    website audit keyword research on page
    optimization content writing and off page
  • Visibility in the search engines will drive
    traffic to your site that will potentially
    convert to sales, leads, downloads and purchase.
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