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How to Download Aadhaar Card?


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Title: How to Download Aadhaar Card?

How to Download Aadhar Card?
All About Aadhar Card
  • Aadhar Card is by far the most authentic
    identification ID recognized pan India. It has
    become mandatory for filing income tax returns
    and is also required to be linked with the PAN
    card. Whether it is electricity connection, bank
    account opening, or even loan application, Aadhar
    card is a valid KYC document.
  • The process of application of Aadhar card is
    simple. You can go to any of the Aadhar Enrolment
    Centers and get it made. Even children are
    required to have their Aadhar card made. This is
    again revised at the age of 5 years and the age
    of 15 years. Once you have applied for Aadhar
    card, you will get intimation on your registered
    mobile number. The card is issued within 14 days
    of application, and you can download it directly
    from the website.

Ways to Download the Aadhar Card
  1. Download E-Aadhar card with Aadhar number
  2. Download by name and date of birth
  3. Download by enrolment number
  4. Download E-Aadhar by Using Virtual ID
  5. Download Masked Aadhar Card
  6. Get Aadhar Card without mobile number
  7. Download Aadhar Card in Umang App
  8. Download Aadhar Card in Smartphone

Aadhar Card Download by Aadhar Number
  • The following steps will help in downloading
    Aadhar card using Aadhar number
  • Go to this link https//
  • You will see Download Aadhar option, or else you
    can directly click on this link https//eaadhaar.
  • Choose Aadhar option under the I Have a tab
  • Enter the 12-digit Aadhar number here you have
    the option of choosing Masked Aadhar. This option
    hides a few digits of your Aadhar number.
  • To download an electronic copy of Aadhar card,
    enter the captcha and click on send OTP. You will
    get OTP on your registered mobile number
  • Enter the OTP
  • Complete the survey and choose Verify and
    Download to download the e-Aadhar card. And you
    will have Aadhar card downloaded on your laptop
    or computer.

Downloading Aadhar card by Virtual ID
  • Virtual ID is the latest addition to the UIDAIs
    portal for Aadhar card download. You need to
    follow these steps for the same
  • Visit the UIDI online portal
  • Click on Download Aadhar
  • Choose the VID option from I Have a section on
    the portal
  • To download e-aadhar card through VID, you need
    to enter VID, security code, full name, and pin
  • Now click on Send OTP after which an OTP will be
    sent to the registered mobile number
  • Enter the OTP and authenticate the request
  • Once you have done this, download the Aadhar card
  • Once you have downloaded the Aadhar card, enter
    the eight digit password.
  • The password consists of the first four letters
    of your name and year of birth. For example, if
    someone is born in the year 1965 and has the name
    Raman Mehta, then the password is RAMA1965.

Downloading E-aadhar using Enrolment Number or EID
  • If you havent received the Aadhar card till now
    or you have forgotten Aadhar number, then you can
    download the Aadhar card using the Enrolment
    Number or EID. These steps will help you in this
  • Go to the official website by clicking on this
  • Now click on the download Aadhar option
  • This will redirect you https//
  • Enter the 14-digital enrolment ID, time and date
    of application of Aadhar card.
  • Enter full name, Pin code and captcha
  • Now click on Request OTP
  • Once you receive the OTP, enter this OTP and
    click on Download Aadhar option.

How to Download e-Aadhar from DigiLocker Account
  • Amongst the various ways to download the Aadhar
    card, this is yet another way to download it by
    using DigiLocker. The latter has collaborated
    with the UIDAI. DigiLocker is a digital platform
    used for issuing, storing and certifying
    documents and certificates in digital form. You
    can use the following steps to download the
    Aadhar card
  • Go to https//
  • Then you need to sign in using the 12-digital
    Aadhar card number.
  • Verify with OTP.
  • Enter the OTP and verify this OTP.
  • Issued documents appear on your screen you can
    download and save it.

Download e-Aadhar through Umang App
  • Umang App is one stop platform where you can
    access information like EPFO account, PF balance
    and also Aadhar card. This app lets you easily
    download the Aadhar card with these simple steps
    your work will be done
  • Download Umang App and open it
  • Go to the service tab and select Aadhar card
  • Click on View Aadhar card
  • You will have a form opened in front of you
  • Fill the form with complete details like name,
    address, date of birth and mobile number, etc.
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile
  • Enter this OTP and click on the Submit button
  • Your Aadhar will be downloaded in your smartphone

How to Download Aadhar card using m-Aadhar?
  • Go to Google Play store or Apple Store and
    download the app
  • After installing the app, you will have a page
    opened in front of you asking for creating a
    password before you import Aadhar card to this
  • Enter the password and remember it in the future.
  • The next phase is to add your profile in the
    mAadhar app. The following steps will help you
    with the same
  • Enter your Aadhar number or else you can scan the
    e-Aadhar QR code
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile
  • The app will auto feed the OTP
  • Click on verify
  • Now you have successfully created your Aadhar
    profile on your m-Aadhar app.

Linking Aadhar to mAadhar App
  • Once you are done with the above steps, you need
    to follow these steps that will link your Aadhar
    details to your mobile phone
  • Open the mAadhar app and enter the password that
    you had created earlier
  • You can create a profile using Aadhar number or
    the QR code
  • After this, you need to verify the details.
  • If the details that you provided a match, you
    will receive OTP.
  • Enter the OTP this usually gets auto-fed into
    the desired field.
  • Once the OTP is entered, you will be able to see
    the Aadhar profile. The appearance of that Aadhar
    card is the same that you would have using the
    ways mentioned above.
  • The only good thing is that with the help of
    m-Aadhar, you dont need to carry the physical
    copy of the card with your everywhere. With the
    m-Aadhar app, you can easily access the Aadhar
    card at any place and at any time. This is by far
    the easiest and the best accessible way to get
    your Aadhar card details.

  • I have lost my old mobile number, and I forget to
    update my email ID, can I still get my Aadhar
  • Well, you can do it online. Select the option of
    sending OTP to the non-registered mobile number
    and enter the mobile number that you are
    currently using. 
  • You can also visit the nearest Aadhar Centre
    along with your IDs and get the biometric test
    done. After the formalities, you will receive the
    Aadhar card at your home
  • How soon will I get the reprinted Aadhar card?
  • UIDAI will send the reprinted card within 5 days
    of placing the request via India Post.  
  • Can I download my Aadhar card without a
    registered mobile number?
  • Yes, now it is possible to download Aadhar card
    without registered mobile number. You have to
    select the option to send the OTP to the
    non-registered mobile number.

  • How many ways are there to download Aadhar card?
  • You can download e-Aadhar card from the official
    website of UIDAI or else you can install the
    m-Aadhar app and link your Aadhar profile to it.
    m-Aadhar is one of the easiest ways to access the
    Aadhar card. Its always recommended using the
    official website for downloading or accessing
    Aadhar card. You can also order to reprint the
    Aadhar card and sending it to the registered
    address. Aadhar can also be downloaded in the
    DigiLocker app and Umang app.
  • What is the password to open the downloaded
    e-Aadhar card?
  • Once you have downloaded the e-Aadhar from any of
    the above steps, you need to open the PDF. The
    PDF will ask for the password the password is
    first four letters of your name and then your
    birth year which is mentioned in the details of
    Aadhar card. For example, the user name is
    Sukhdev Sharma and the birth year is 1973, then
    the password will be SUKH1973. Remember, the
    password is the casesensitive and hence you need
    to write it in capital letters.

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