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Public limited Company Incorporation | Corpstore business


In this article we mainly focused about the incorporation of public limited company registration with step by step process – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Public limited Company Incorporation | Corpstore business

Public limited Company Incorporation
Public limited company incorporation is formed
for the separate legal existence. The company has
at least seven members as its total team. There
is no limitation in the maximum number of the
Steps for Public company Incorporation
  • For the booking of a name, an application has to
    make through Reserve Unique Name in the
    MCA(Ministry of Corporate Affairs)website
    with public company registration  fee worth
  • The given fee have to pay for every submission.
    If the application is not submitted within15 days
    of re-submission when it occur any error or
    correction, the application may get rejected by
    the registrar, central registration Centre.
  • The client must notice that the chose name is not
    similar with the name of the existing company.
    Some cases like the name is identical with the
    existing or any other the provision of the
    company rule get concern.

Validation of Names
  • Likewise the suggested name should be validating
    by clicking the button available in the RUN
    Service. Among the collection of names choose by
    the applicant, the first name within that list
    have more preference and focus. All other names
    have some sort of partiality.
  • For instance when a name need any approval from
    the NOC or Sectorial Regulator, it is mandatory
    to attach related documents and no objection form
    regarding the Companies Rule.
  • The rule include that there is only one copy of
    document is necessary to upload as an attachment
    and it should not exceed the limit of 6 MB.
  • When the document is multiple pieces, we can scan
    all the documents into a single copy without beat
    the maximum limit and can upload.

After the successful submission of the document
along with the fee an automated challan get
generated showing the details of the fee paid by
the client to the company registration.Similarly
the user can apply for two planned names and one
re submission forms though the unique reservation
of the names in the RUN Web service.The name
applications are handled by Central Registration
Centre under Non-Straight-through processing
(STP) mode. The planned name may undergo a wide
check by the CRC and there after decide the name
for rejection or approval.
Verification Process of Public company
  • Each notification regarding the company
    registration application sent via Email to the
    Applicant. To decrease the chance of rejection
    each applicant is advised to refer the Companies
    rule and each applicant have to check the
    availability of the name and trademark as their
  • Consequently the notification mail with the
    documents attached by the applicant sent to the
    applicants mail ID when an application get
    rejected or approved.
  • The Rejection letter is created on the basis of
    the rejection code of the Ministry. The rejection
    or approval letter sent to the applicant with the
    E-Form is signed digitally by the Registrar.

The ROC reserve a name within 60 days from the
day of application based upon the documents and
data created with the E-Form Application.For
the Public Company Registration an application
also has to file with the registrar having
authority of the place where the Registrar office
is located.If the name availability application
is submitted through RUN Service then the SRN of
the RUN service must enter in the Spice
Form.Wherefore the company registration
 requires some documents like the company to be
registered with Reserve bank of India or the SEBI
or any other documents and these documents have
to submit by the applicant when the time of
What are the documents need to submit with the
Application form of public Company Registration?
  • 1) Draft Memo of Association
  • 2) Draft Article
  • 3) Feedback from the 1st applicant and directors.
  • 4) Evidence of the Office address
  • 5) Copy of the expenditures.
  • 6) In particular the Copy of approval from
    Central government if the name contains any words
    which have to take permission.
  • 7) Approval from the trademark owner for the
    registration office.

8) NOC from the particular person/director/existin
g company for the public company
registration process.9) Concerned regulators
In-principal10) Determination of the company11)
NOC from the existing company12) Address proof
of applicant No.1, 2, and 313) Address proof of
the nominee and subscribers.
What are the basic steps to follow when the
applicant for the Public Company Registration
dont have any Digital Signature Certificate?
  • Conversely to get a digital signature certificate
    make an application to any of the authority and
    also make the application with the promoters or
    subscribers to custom a secured online
    interaction with MCA .
  • Generally ,create an application for the
    allotment of Director Identification Number for
    all directors within the form No-DIR 33.The
    company rule states that no person get allotted
    as director unless he is selected in the
    allotment process.

Detail explanation about the Payment process for
public company Filing
  • Methods of payment
  • Credit Card
  • Challan
  • Online banking
  • 2) For example the Payment through credit card is
    little bit easier than others. So almost all bank
    provide such type of transaction for making MCA
    for payment. All types of Visa and Master cards
    issued in India are accepted.

In the MCA portal the given banks only applicable
for the payment through Net banking.Punjab
National BankState Bank of IndiaUnion Bank of
IndiaIf you choose the Challan mode for payment
for the company registration fee an automated
service request form is generated and it shows
the date, type of the bank you chose for the
transaction and amount that you paid for the
filing.Accordingly, if you processed the challan
related transaction then take the printout of the
filing from the MCA 21 system and then approach
authorized bank for traditional payment like
demand draft, cash or local cheque.The above
mentioned branches are selected banks for the MCA
payment. If any branches behalf of MCA which is
not authorized then the transaction will get
MCA Portal
  • Probably, if you choose the credit card option as
    payment transaction then MCA system provide a SRN
    and make payment to third party and its call the
    payment gateway.
  • After redirecting to the third party site as
    payment gateway you requested to fill up the
    options like your card number, expiry date, CVV
    number extra for smoothening the payment
    transaction for Public Company Registration.
  • After completing the above step the gateway
    provide the successful message with transaction
    amount that you paid, Reference id, SRN date and
    time etc.
  • As a result generating the information the MCA
    provides the status as paid for the corresponding
    SRN to the private company registration.
  • Cases like the card number entered is not valid
    then the transaction become failing and an error
    message will display with the payment option. So
    you can restart the method through the error

What are the steps to follow for the Digital
Signature Submission?
  • Click on the provision provided being the
    signature fixing icon on the said E-Form against
    your role to digitally sign it.
  • Service to sign the E-form opens where you select
    the intended certificate to digitally sign the
  • After selecting the certificate, service
    digitally signs the E-Form with the certificate
    and the certificate get embedded in to the E-For

Steps to follow after the submission of Digital
  • Submit the company registration E-form after its
    been digitally signed by clicking on the submit
  • The applicant must authorize to sign and submit
    the application. The applicant should contain an
    authorization letter from the promoters of the
  • After the submission of the E-form in the web
    portal of MCA, there is no way to update it
    further. One time submission is permanent. So we
    have to be so careful about this.
  • The payment process and the completion of the
    E-Form filing a work area get generate based upon
    the existing regulations to each and every
    subscribers on the MCA web portal.

After the completion of all the process areas an
automation mail gets sent to the applicants mail
ID.If the name is not made accessible by the ROC
in the E-Filing company registration ,he will
inform you about the exact reason of denial via
Email and he request you for further resubmission
or he may call you to speak about the query.When
the ROC not found the name as proper after
completing the submission and resubmission he
will reject it.Then for further application
applicant have to find some unique name and also
have to pay further fee for pubic company
registration.By the way if the company
registration is not yet made then the existing
name get cancelled and the person who make
application get penalty up to 1 lakh.
Other Relevant Data
  • State the address of the subscribers and the
    existing public company till the company gets
    affiliated by the registered office.
  • Within 30 days of the company registration file
    the proof of the address document in the
    specified form.
  • The specific proofs such as surname, father name
    address, nationality along with their proof have
    to be submitting along with the form to the
  • If the subscriber is a body corporate then he
    wants to declare the appropriate document for the
    pubic company registration.
  • Attach the valid signature and recent photography
    verified by the bank directory in the form.
  • Obtain the certain documents of the
    1st directors name, residential address,
    nationality, Director Identification number
    including with their form in the particular
    Registration form.

The filing of the Company may be mad4e in the
form No.INC7.Ensure the payment towards the
stamp duty to memorandum and Article based upon
the state where the company is filed.Particularly
depending on the capital budget of the company
we want to make the payment offline to memorandum
and article. For this, we want to take the
printed copy of the pre-filed challan for
the pubic company registration.
NoteThe public company registration is not a
long process. We can make our operations in a
simple way by taking advices in a legal manner.
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