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This blog contains step by step procedures and is really efficient to gather the data related to company registration guidelines in Ahmedabad and Pakistan. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Company Registration guidelines in Ahmedabad and Pakistan| Corpstore

Company Registration guidelines in Ahmedabad and
  • Company registration guidelines have an important
    bonding according to every entrepreneur.
    Moreover, the company incorporation is the
    registration of a particular company under its
    jurisdiction. Registration strategies are
    different in the country vise. On the other hand,
    democracy also has a great impact on this
    registration scenario.
  • Simultaneously, Pakistan is a South Asian country
    and it is the 6th most populous country in the
    world. Significantly, foreign investment in
    Pakistan is higher compared to other countries.
    It has certain unrevealed facts.

Company registration-causes
  • Main factors are higher population, day to day
    incrementing the economy, and low competition.
    Particularly, Pakistan democracy does not impound
    foreign investment. Apart from the rejection, it
    invites foreign currency. Accordingly, this is
    because of the negative international reputation
    over the country. This welcoming start begins
    over a year ago.
  • Overall, importing an element does not need any
    importing license in Pakistan. In case of
    shareholders in the company incorporation, the
    shareholder must be any nationality except the

What does u think about the minimum requirements
of their share capital?
  • There are two capitals in Pakistan. Namely, share
    capital and authorized capital. These two
    capitals are declared in the article of the
    association after the company registration. For
    instance, the share capital is the total amount
    of money that the company received from the
  • Share capital is the total amount of share
    capital that is permitted to its shareholders.
    Subsequently, here in Pakistan, there is no
    limited capital amount in case of the private
    limited company.

There are vast varieties of legal entities in
Pakistan. Do you have any prior experience about
The foreigners consider Pakistan as a market for
the Investment. Year wise foreign investment is
increasing couple by couple. In 2020 the
investment growth is expecting to increase as
17.2 of the current growth.
1) Private limited company
  • The foreign owners can build the
    foreign-own private limited company. In that
    case, the minimum number of shareholders
    limitation is two. Anyone can be the part of this
    foreign limited company except people, who are
    coming from Israeli.
  • For this reason, PKR 100,000 is considered to be
    the minimum capital requirement. Eventually, the
    company addresses using for the registration must
    be in Pakistan.
  • Approximately, it takes 6 weeks to register a
    limited liability company in Pakistan. The
    application form of registration must be forward
    to the Board of Investment. Basically, the
    applicant should get clearance of the form from
    the Ministry of Interior.

2) One person Company (Single Person Company)
  • The shareholders should be one person and who
    should not be an Israeli citizen. Conversely, we
    can register the OPC in Pakistan with the minimum
    capital amount of PKR 100,000. Registration takes
    up to 4 weeks and the registering address should
    be in Pakistan.

3) Public Limited Company
  • Generally, the share capital of the public
    limited company is offering to the general
    public. Those capitals are limited with certain
    liabilities. The public, as well as the trade
    share market both, can acquire the share capital.
    A public limited company is categorized into two
    types. Listed and Unlisted.

Take a look at the variation of listed and
  • Apart from that, the permission of foreign
    ownership is 100 in both listed and hidden.
  •  Capital amount is PKR 200million is listing and
    PKR 100,000 in private.
  •  The stock exchange is applicable in listing and
    not applicable in Unproved. A minimum number of
    shareholders is 7 in Listing and 3 in unlisted.
  •  Both get 6 weeks to incorporate.

Attaining the company name as registered
  • Significantly, the company name registration is
    important and the major step in Pakistan.
    Choosing a unique name for the company is
    difficult. The unique name places your companys
    identity as settle. You must note that the
    company should not contain any prohibiting words.

Document Submission
  • Basically, once the name gets approval, the
    document should be submitted (The incorporation
    documents) to the Securities and Exchange
    Commission of Pakistan.

Registration Certificate
  • After the submission of the registration
    documents the Pakistan SEC check and find its
    validity. The National Institutional Facilitation
    technology grants the digital signature and it is
    handover by SEC Pakistan. Probably, they provide
    the certification of the registration. Companys
    presentation also needed, and it depends on where
    the company gets started.

Share Deposit
  • After the registration of the company, each
    shareholder should deposit their shares to the
    companys bank account.

Tax registration, Income registration, and Sales
  • Here, in conclusion of Pakistan company
    registration guidelines, the last step includes
    the allotment of national tax number with Federal
    Board of Revenue (FBR).  If applicable, the sales
    tax registration number is registered.
  • Company registration guidelines in Ahmedabad is
    doesnt have any special difference with
    Pakistan. The company can be crafted according to
    the business that the person is going to take.
  • For example, if the person is going to start any
    agricultural company then he has to register as a
    producer based one. Additionally, Out of the
    registration he has lots of other categories
    include trademark registration, logo, etc.

Suppose, the person wants to start a particular
company as a solo person. He should aware of the
company registration guidelines. We can choose
the companies from the below list.
   Agricultural Company Registration  
Entertainment Company Registration       
Architecture Company Registration Film
Production Company Registration       
Automobile Company filing        Manufacturing
firm Registration         Pharmaceutical
organization Formation        Plastic company
manufacturing Registration      
Real Estate entity Incorporation       
Software Company Registration        Travel
Company Filing         Transport Logistics
Company Incorporation
We can use the MCA portal for the selection of
the company name and it cost Rs.1000. The
selection of name can be done through RUN
service. If the name got rejected again we have
to change and confirm by paying additional
1000/-.Reserved name is valid for 20 days from
the date of approval.
What are the forms that can be applied from
single form SPICe?
  • 1.        Name availability-RUN application
  • 2.        DIN application for Directors
  • 3.        ROC registration
  • 4.        PAN/TAN application of the company.

The registration of a company is an important
factor according to our current jurisdiction. We
can register our company wherever we want
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