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What is Ayurveda: Everything you need to Know


Ayurveda is an ancient health care tradition practiced in India. The three basic energies, or doshas — pitta, vata and kapha — are explained for good health. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What is Ayurveda: Everything you need to Know

Everything you need to know
- Presented by Maharshi Atreya Health Centre
Summary of Topics
Introduction What is Ayurveda Ayurveda for Your
Life Energy Doshas Ayurvedic Treatment
After too much of modernization when people are
fed up of artificial, they are again getting
back to the originals. Life has become so busy
that people dont even get time for their family
and friends. In fact they are ignoring mere
health as well for fulfilling their official
commitments and appointments. The immense
tiredness, irritation, anxiety and restlessness
brought the human body to a number of physical
problems, chronic diseases and to get rid of
this phase people are making their way to
ancient methods of healing and detoxification of
their body to get inner peace for their mind,
soul and body.
What is Ayurveda
Ayur Life and Veda Science or Knowledge
so, Ayurved means knowledge of life. Ayurved
is the part of Atharv Ved Samhita (the
knowledge storehouse of atharva?as, the
procedures for everyday life). The principles
of Ayurved are immortal. Ayurveda has its origin
in Indias ancient Vedic Culture that is now
well- recognized by all the leading spiritual
leaders, scientists and doctors all across the
world. Tibetan Medicine, Chinese Medicine and
Greek Medicine, all have their roots in Ayurved
and are based on the concepts described in the
classical text of Ayurvedic medicines from past
thousands of years.
Ayurveda for Your Life Energy
According to Ayurvedic Therapies, dead or alive
everything in the universe is connected. If your
mind, body and soul are harmoniously performing
according to the universe, your health will be
good. When this balance is disrupted, your body
feels the sickness. Natural sciences have
confirmed this concept of Ayurveda that every
human body is made of five elements in the
universe i.e. air, space, water, fire and earth.
They combine together in the body for the
formation of three forces or energies, called
tri-doshas. They have full control over the
working of your body.
Every human body is inherited by a mix of these
three doshas. However, one usually stays
stronger than the other. Every element controls
a different function of the body. It is believed
that when your balance of doshas disturbs, the
changes of getting sick and development of
health issues increase.
Vata Dosha
People engaged in Ayurvedic Therapy and practices
believe Vata Dosha as the most powerful one. It
controls very basic function of human body like
the division of cells. It also has a control
over your mind, heart function, breathing, flow
of blood and the ability of throwing out the
waste from your intestine. Hence, eating soon
after taking a mean, grief, fear or waking up
till late night can disrupt it. Vata Dosha is
regarded as your main force of life and is
responsible to develop conditions like asthma,
anxiety, skin problems, heart disease and
rheumatoid arthritis.
Pitta Dosha
This energy is related to controlling your
metabolism and digestion. It involves the
process of breaking down your food in the body
and certain other hormones that are linked to
your stomach and appetite. Eating spicy and sour
food and being in the sun for too long disrupts
your pitta disha. If it is your main force of
life, you will more likely suffer from heart
diseases, Crohns disease, infections and high
blood pressure etc.
Kapha Dosha
This force of life controls the body strength,
muscle growth, weight, stability and your immune
system. It gets disrupted when your sleep during
the day time, eat extremely sweeter foods and
eating or drinking things containing too much of
salt or water. Such kind of disruptions may lead
you to suffer from cancer, diabetes, obesity,
nausea, asthma or other breathing disorders.
Ayurvedic Treatment
You can simply get an Ayurvedic Treatment plan
especially designed for you by your
practitioner. The goal of the treatment solely
remains with cleaning your body internally
because of undigested food that can lead to
illness when stays long in the body.
Panchkarma the cleansing process is used for
reducing the symptoms of the illness along with
restoring the balance and harmony in your body.
For achieving this state, your Ayurvedic
practitioner relies over massage, blood
purification, herbs, enemas, laxatives, medical
oils etc.
Seeing Off-
Enabling everyone to live a healthy life is the
aim of Maharshi Atreya Health Centre (MAHC).
MAHC is a well- known centre for providing the
best Ayurvedic Treatment based in Vadodara,
India . Traditional Ayurvedic Treatments in
Maharshi Atreya Health Centre is clinically
proven and scientific. MAHC believes in curing
the diseases, preventing it and helping everyone
by guiding them to a healthy life by following
the right ways in Ayurvedic diet, Yoga and
Meditation, sleep, action, and thoughts.
Let's Talk!
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